Work hard. Be dependable. Be upbeat.

Those traits are important to me, as I suspect they are to anyone who is busy, and who is responsible to one degree or another to see that multiple tasks are finished on schedule, and that they are accomplished in an excellent manner.

Matters not the relative importance of the job, nor the pay, nor the ambience of the workplace. Matters not the age of the worker, nor accrued skill, nor gender, nor genetic configuration–for none of these affect the expectation that once a person has taken on the job–one that both he and his overseer know he is capable of seeing through–the person should work hard, be dependable, and be upbeat.

Don’t whine.

Most people don’t appreciate whining. Nearly everyone’s job or situation has a negative component or two, but truth be known, your co-workers, your family and your friends are not likely to gaze lovingly into your eyes as you often speak of negative issues.

Instead, be upbeat. Instead, be positive. Instead, smile.

On a talk show a couple of days ago, I heard a gentlemen tell of a time in his childhood when he was a waver. Yep, a waver. Really he told this story in passing as it had little to do with his emphasis, but as I heard the words, their importance struck me.

“Troop trains came through our town, and our job–we children and youth of the community–was to wave to the servicemen.”

I was a waver, he said. I waved at the troops.

In 2010, I want to be a waver–a good, vigorous waver. I want my small jobs to take on added significance and enhanced allurement because of the attention I pay, and the care I take, and the attitude I show as I work through my day. I plan to be a waver.

And that whine that threatens to escape from my throat? I’ll deny it. Instead I will gulp, swallow hard, and surely turn my mouth upward until it forms a smile. Then I’ll lift my little hand…and wave. 🙂

How about it? Want to make the pledge? Down with whining! Up with waving!

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