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Beloved Nona Freeman Under Hospice Care

This message from our beloved Nona Freeman was posted today  by “Kneemail” in the comment section of one of my other pieces. (There is a video of Sister Freeman in that piece.) I’m taking the liberty of making it a separate post so that these beautiful words may be read by more persons. Sometimes we wait until after persons have gone to tell them how special they are, and how much they have blessed our lives. Let’s not let that happen with Sister Freeman. After you read her letter, if she has ministered to you, please tell of it in the comment section. I will let her family know of this column.

Through the years, Sister Freeman has been a tremendous source of inspiration to me. Now in her waning days, I want her to know that I love and respect her, and that her books, stories, sacrifices and messages have surely enriched our entire Apostolic movement. It won’t be long now, Sister Freeman, until together we will bow before that majestic throne of Jesus, our Saviour, the one who has saved us, and has made us brothers and sisters in Him. Happy day! What a happy day! Come, Lord Jesus.

Dear Friends and Fans of Nona Freeman; December 8, 2009

Greetings in the name of Jesus. This is just to update everyone about my condition. The Lord has blessed me to live 93 wonderful years and as the lyrics record truly, ‘I Don’t Regret A Mile I’ve Traveled For The Lord.’ God has been my constant love and keeper. I marked my 70th year in the ministry April 12, 2009. My life has been one amazing blessing and miracle after another. I had a loving childhood; married a man that I still love to this day and God blessed me with five amazing children.

We were called to Africa but long before we got to go there our hearts were there; then 41 years later we returned to the United States. After the death of my beloved husband ‘E.L. ‘Bug’ Freeman in 1999 my wonderful daughter Sandra Freeman has devoted her life to seeing I have been able to continue my ministry that God called me to when I was but a child. I am blessed to still enjoy the benefits of my new computer my supporters blessed me with for my 70th ministerial anniversary that I am sending this message to you on.

I am sorry but I am no longer able to continue my schedule due to my health from sickness I suffered in January 2009. God has blessed me not only with a wonderful daughter to see I can carry on my ministry but wonderful aides that devote their time to see the work of Nona Freeman; my ministry, my books and messages can still go out.
I am sorry I am not nor have been able to take personal calls as I desire and have done so in the past; my energy just does not allow it now.

For a few weeks now I have been under the care of hospice that comes to my home. Please bear in mind; I am in no pain but I am ready for God to take me. I am getting weaker. I have fought a good fight; I have kept the faith and I have traveled the world in obedience to Gods call on my life to answer the call God placed on mine and Bugs heart to carry this Jesus name gospel. Our ministry has been our life. I have the greatest family a person could ever have but I am ready to see my Jesus, my mother and my daughter Marla now gone to be with the Lord; many other loved ones, prophets and apostles of old. But next to Jesus my heart is so longing to see my ‘Bug’. I miss him more every day.

I am honored for every prayer that has been prayed for me and ask your continual prayers in the days ahead. May all of my precious supporters have the best holiday and my prayer is not only for 2010 but the rest of your lives be filled with the blessings of Jesus. Please remember me and the name of Jesus I have and will always uphold. Until we meet again, Sister Nona Freeman

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 84 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

16 replies on “Beloved Nona Freeman Under Hospice Care”

I seen sister freeman about 3 times and heard her preach what she preached has never left me. I think on it daily and it has helped me through so many trials that I faced especially when my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer given only 4 to six weeks to live. Her message was on giving God praise and thanks in every situation and I now praise him in every storm. because my husband continued to live a year and a half because of the prayer and praise. I know we bring down strongholds with our praise. Im so thankful for that lifes lesson. thank you sis freeman


April 25, 2010, Excerpt from ‘POTHOLES IN THE SKY’ by Nona Freeman Book Sales -Angels Unawares- Turning back to express my heartfelt gratitude to my benefactor, I found he had disappeared in thin air! Cold chills skipped up and down my spine as I realized who had helped me-one of God’s mighty, versatile fleets of angels! [228-497-4396]

Hebrews 13:2-Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. KJV

‘Be sure you get to the airport early,’ my love said and I did, only to hear them announce my plane will be two hours late. As I looked around me, I wished for the new airport Lagos planned to build. Everywhere masses of people surrounded by their belongings in plastic bags, boxes and dilapidated suitcases either perched on broken seats of sat on the filthy floor.

I dragged my suitcase and carry bag until I finally found a section of the wall smooth enough to lean on. I wearily parked there and prayed, ‘Lord, give me grace and strength to stand here for five hours or however long it takes to get on that plane.’

About half an hour later, a neat looking young Nigerian paused in front of me and courteously asked, ‘Madam, would you like to sit down?’ I answered, ‘Oh, I would love to sit down, but I can’t find a place.’ He picked up my suitcase and said, ‘Please follow me.’ He walked so rapidly I struggled to keep up with him and stopped in front of a door with warning signs all over it:


‘Go in, Madam.’ He said as he opened the door. Only the assurance in his voice gave me courage to enter the room. He led me to a comfortable over stuffed chair opposite a desk where three men engaged in serious conversation and did not appear to notice us. With gratitude, I noted an air conditioner and a clean floor. When I hesitated the young man said, ‘Sit down, Madam. When you plane comes in, I’ll take your tickets, check your bag, and get your boarding pass for you. You are safe here; no one will bother you.’

I soon realized the office I am in did a brisk business issuing agricultural permits. A steady stream of people came in and out for the next three hours but no one looked my way and no one spoke to me! Each time the door opened I shivered at the sight of twelve long lines of yelling, pushing people at the counters trying to bribe officials for boarding passes until I realized, ‘God has graciously given me a cool and comfortable place and time to work.’ Happily, I pulled out the manuscript of the moment, scanned my research and lost myself in scribbling, while one part of my mind enjoyed my first experience of becoming invisible. Knowing the horror of the facilities, [if they still existed] I took only a small sip of water now and then and held each drop in my mouth as long as possible.

The young man came for my tickets, passport, and suitcase saying, ‘Your plane has arrived, though they haven’t given a departure time yet. I’ll start working on your boarding pass.’ Over an hour later he returned my tickets and passport with a boarding pass and said, ‘Stay here; I’ll tell you when it’s time to start through formalities to board the plane.’

Two hours passed before he stood again. ‘It’s time to go. I’ll carry your carry bag to the gate of the departure lounge; that’s as far as U can go.’ Checking my resources, I found I had seven Nira, then worth fourteen dollars. I put a twenty dollar bill with it for a tip and wished I had more to give. When I tried to put it in the young man’s hand at the gate, he pushed my hand away with a broad white toothed smile; ‘No, no, just have a good trip.’

‘Are you a passenger, lady?’ the guard behind me barked. I looked at him briefly and said, ‘Yes.’ Turning back to express my heartfelt gratitude to my benefactor, I found he had disappeared in thin air! Cold chills skipped up and down my spine as I realized who had helped me-one of God’s mighty, versatile fleets of angels, posing as a Nigerian!


Nona Freeman 2-DVD set available of Home going Memorial Service and photo slide show detailing life as Foreign Missionary and ministry; $30.00+postage. While supplies last will get a complimentary copy of program for Nona Freeman Memorial Service.


Dear Sis Freeman~~
I have been BLESSED for over 45 years by yours and Bro Freeman’s ministry. . I believe that every message and every inspiration I gleaned from those times have done more to shape my life than any other experiences to date. I read your books and followed your travels, and I will never forget your wonderful story of your dear Mother, in “Shouting on the Hills”. I love and appreciate you and every sacrifice you made for the kingdom of God. My heart is full today just knowing that when we take our own trip to the sky–you will be one of the first to welcome all God’s children Home. I love you and will treasure your books I have and especially “This is the Day”–it changed my life forever, when I needed to know that God had not forgotten where I was! Thank YOU for a Life Well Lived!!! Our prayers are with you and your sweet family today.
Love, Doretha Fields


I was honored to have met Sis. Freeman when she visited our church in Mo.She is such a beautiful, God-filled woman.Her life has been spent leading others to Christ.She was truly an inspiration to me.She will receive her reward but, we will never forget her.


What a great woman of God!Lives have been touched ,changed .challenged and inspired by Sister Freeman’s tapes,books and preaching dating back to the early 80’s when she was in AFRICA.Her testimonies were such a blessing.Jesus must be looking down on her with joy ,one who has touched so many lives for her friend[Jesus] as she used to call Him in her books and messages.She used to visit and preach to us whenever she came to Zimbabwe at Abundant Life Tabernacle and at the camp meeting in Queque [now Kwekwe]. We love you Sister Freemaman.


Never had the honor of meeting Sis Nona Freeman but her books have been delightful and inspiring to me and my family. Just pulled out “Pot holes in the sky” a few weeks ago and read it again.
Truly an amazing life, well lived for the Lord. What rejoicing in Heaven when this precious saint walks in!


Sis Freeman is a precious jewel that continues to be a blessing. She means so much to us all; however, just think how much more she means to the Lord, for she has unselfishly worked in His fields all these years.


Dear Sis. Freeman, Not only have you blessed my life and I have enjoyed the days spent with you & the Latta’s in Madisionville, but recently I reread the book you wrote about your Mother and you have no idea how much I needed that word at that time! As I read it I thought of the story in the Bible where the dead man was put into Elisha’s grave and he became alive again. There was one more miracle from that dear saint and In “Shouting On the Hills” I also felt renewed and received strength and thought how this life she lived is also still blessing! God does good work thru those who serve Him. I am thankful to know you and Sandra and you both are in my prayers. Marlene Riggle


Dear Sis. Freeman, I just finished listening to your message The Place of the Skull. I have been suffering in my mind and Jesus has spoken to me. I receive my healing now! You have blessed me with other sermons you have preached. Your writings have also blessed me greatly. Thank for your example! You’ve shown it can be done through Jesus! He is the greatest and has shown me many mercies! God bless you in Jesus name. P. S. I do hope you have the opportunity to read this.


Thank you for the love you have always shown to mankind from every walk of life. You have truly been an example of “what would Jesus do”.
I have been priviledged to hear you speak many times, read your wonderful books, and on several occasions speak with you. There has always been a special annointing that has spoken to my heart every time. I know this annointing did not come without a price being paid. Thank you for paying that price that we might all profit to be more like Him. I truly love love you.


Dearest Sis. Freeman,

Thank you for the messages, the books, your words of encouragement, and for living a life that has taught us in more ways than my words could ever express. Thank you for accepting the invitation to be with us in the Colorado district in 2008 to speak and be a part of the drama “Nona”. The young man that played the part of ‘Bug’ in the drama is now serving on the mission field in Japan. Many lives are forever changed because of your ministry. I will never forget the anointing of Jesus that flowed from your hands, as you laid them upon my head. You are so very much loved!


I first heard you, Sis Freeman at a Ladies Retreat in Mt. Hermon California. You preached an awesome message on GOING FOR THE GOLD! What an annointed message! I have read many of your books Sis Freeman. You have been such an inspiration to us all. I pray God’s blessings on you today! You have fought a good fight! Love you much.


Although I have only had the priviledge to meet Sister Freeman on one brief occasion, she has blessed my life in many ways through her writings. Sister Freman, you have been and continue to be a shining example to me. Thank you for a life well lived. I love you!


Your love and your ministery has always inspired me. I will never forget the times you and Bro. Freeman spent in our home many years ago. As you would set in our home and talk about our wonderful Jesus, I would pray, God give me that spirit of love for You. This was in the 50’s and 60’s in Strathmore, Ca. I’m so thankful I am still serving God and love Him now more than ever before.
Thank you for every book you have wrote. I have all of them. I have shared them with others and continue to reread them.
God bless you richly.

Virginia Tredway Claark


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