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President Obama Will Not Read Sarah Palin’s Best Selling Book

I find it interesting that, according to an interview covered by CBS News, CNN and Fox news, President Obama has said he will not read Sarah Palin’s best seller, Going Rogue. Any ideas as to why.


By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

14 replies on “President Obama Will Not Read Sarah Palin’s Best Selling Book”

Obama Hussein won’t read it but he’ll be “deeply concerned” about it. The White House will describe his refusal as “unprecedented”.

Yep, those are both catch phrases that his army of political consultants love to use. He needs to appear grave and thoughtful and “deeply concerned” when he’s doing nothing (like ignoring Iran’s fissionable uranium, or sending only 30,000 troops to Afghanistan). And when that fails, they can claim his every action is “unprecedented” (usually un-“true”, unless you consider all of his actions to be completely new just because he’s black).

Obama is a horrifying, total disaster. It’s small consolation to watch the liberals who voted for him suffer with the rest of us.

Your kids will face a 90% marginal tax rate, 30% social security tax, 20% inflation…and a government that can’t service its debt. You can tell them you voted for “hope”. Maybe they’ll tell you they’re “deeply concerned”.

Thank you, Bob, for your comments. I share you grave concerns.


Because he has people on his staff that can read Going Rogue, pick out anything that might be useful for future reference and that (word deleted by blog owner) thing is going to be available in large numbers at second-hand bookstores across the country by this time next November.

Plus, Obama wrote his own books. He didn’t need to hire a ghostwriter to get his points across clearly and coherently.


Does he know how to read?

Of course he knows how to read. He’s bright and well-educated.

I think it is fair to say though that he is lacking in the resolve to make decisions. Wasn’t it in late September that General McChrystal asked for 40,000 troops for Afghanistan? The general has made it clear that the troops there will suffer if support does not arrive. Still, I believe, President Obama has not announced a decision.


I would imagine that Obama is quite busy and will allot his time to reading things that he agrees with.

I tend to read books that agree with my worldview….but some of the best reads that I have had were books that were diametrically opposed to what I believe…they challenged me and got the old noodle to working.

Obama may not want to read Palins book but it might be beneficial to him.

I find it wise to read widely. As you have pointed out, there is benefit in studying views that are in opposition to our own.


I will say that I like Sarah Palin quite a bit….I dont believe she was ready to be the VP candidate, but she did get a crash course in cutthroat politics and may be just a wee bit more prepared next time.

I dont think the Katie Courics of this world are going to be blindsiding her with inane and needling questions like they did before.

It was disgusting how the mainstream media gave a pass to Obama and yet threw everything they had at Palin.

2012 will be interesting….personally I would like to see a run by Huckebee…but if Palin was on the ticket that would be alright with me.

It is safe to say that Sarah Palin is not perfect; indeed there is none perfect among us. She made mistakes during the campaign, and she acknowledges that she let Katie Couric “rattle” her a bit. She is widely appealing, though, refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot day. She appeals to me because of her political and moral views. Not to say I think she is the best Republican candidate for president…but I feel quite sure she will be considered.


Here are some possible reasons for Obama’s unintention to read Palin’s book. We could probably think of more if we brainstormed for awhile:

1. He’s a Democrat; she’s a Republican
2. He has a number of other reading priorities
3. He doesn’t read much at all
4. He perceives little value in its content

The question carries a connotation of concern and suspicion. I think the referenced interview presents two other indicators of Obama’s presidential quality that should concern Americans far more than whether he intends to read Palin’s book.

First, does he read much at all? His exact quote when asked whether he would read Palin’s book was, “You know, I probably won’t. But I don’t get a chance to read a whole l – things other than briefing books very often these days, anyway.” He doesn’t get a chance to read a whole lot? As 43rd POTUS, George W. Bush read up to 70 books per year! Literacy and quality reading are important components of leadership development and knowledge expansion. If Barrack Obama is not pursuing this type of development, that would be a conern to me.

Second, when asked whether he would be a candidate in 2012, his response was, “You know, I don’t think about 2012 right now; I think about next week.” Granted, he was dodging a dicey question about his own political intentions, but Americans should be concerned if the man shaping the nation’s future is not thinking beyond the next seven days!

Frankly, reading Sarah Palin’s book will not make Obama a better or worse president. Concerned Americans would do better to focus on more substantial concerns, of which I would suggest there are many.

Hi, d (suspect you have a more distinct name and email address 🙂 ) Glad you’re here; hope you return often.

The question carries a connotation of concern and suspicion. I think the referenced interview presents two other indicators of Obama’s presidential quality that should concern Americans far more than whether he intends to read Palin’s book.

Agree here of course, for in my raising the question, I definitely am indicating concern. I am very concerned about our president and the direction he is taking our country. Though we learned of his leftist leanings during the campaign, I am shocked at the openly socialist path down which he is attempting to lead our country. Stunning sums of debt have mounted, he has taken over our banking system and the automobile industry, foreign-born terrorists are being given same constitutional rights as every American, our troops are neglected, and preposterous health reform plans are being shoved at us. It’s frightening.


If the book were on the teleprompter and Hussein Barack Obama read it, and proclaimed it as his, the blind mice followers he feeds would accept it. I’ll let you know how I like her book.


Greg, according to, Sarah Palin indeed had extensive help in writing her book. “Palin’s assist came from Lynn Vincent, a writer for the Christian news magazine WORLD who has co-authored several other books,” they say.

Of course it is far too soon to predict who will be on the docket in 2012, but from the wide, positive public response to Mrs. Palin, I find it certainly in the realm of possibility–perhaps even likelihood–that she will at least be considered.

I know President Obama is very busy, yet I continue to be curious as to why he does not plan to read her book.

Cheers to everyone.


I think it highly unlikely that Sarah Palin will be running against President Obama. I think he has far more important things to do than read her book (which really she probably had ghost written anyway!)


I’m still curious as to why President Obama is not planning to read Sarah Palin’s book. Has anybody read or heard his answer to this question…or has it even been asked of him?


Ted Kennedy’s book is not on my wish list, but if one came into my possession I wouldn’t be adverse to reading it. I think if I were president and a person who very likely could be my opponent in 2012 and that person had published a best-seller, I would want to read it. Wouldn’t you?


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