The Birthday of Rebecca Jean

She was full-term, but tiny; 5 lbs 8 ounces 18 1/2 inches long, when on October 19th, Rebecca joined our family, rounding us out to five now. Her birth was before the days of routine sonograms, so I didn’t know the sex of the new baby, and having thus far only male beings around me, I was hoping for a daughter. Jerry and I had decided her name would be Rebecca. In the delivery room, slightly hazed from drugs, I heard my baby wailing, and the doctor said, “Mrs. Buxton, you have a baby girl.”

“A girl?”

“Yes, Mrs. Buxton, a girl.”

“Are you sure? Are you sure it’s a girl?” I remember feeling warmly foggy, and asking this question, which didn’t seem at all extraordinary to me.

The doctor chuckled, then spoke again, “Mrs. Buxton, I’ve had lots of experience telling boys from girls, and this definitely is a girl.”

The nurses and doctor did their work, then they handed me my daughter. Rebecca. Little did I know at that moment what a precious person had been given to the earth. Today is her birthday, and with all sincerity I say there could be no better daughter than my Rebecca. She loves God, is a remarkable mother, dotes on her dad, looks after me, cares about her siblings, is kind and tender-hearted, beautiful, fair, intelligent and strong. DSC_0021She’s had many rough breaks in life. Severe, life-threatening health issues have battered her about, knocked her down, and ravaged her. Inevitably, she rises, and with rare courage and gutsy strength, she walks again.

Friday, we met for lunch, then while Jerry got a haircut and picked up Nathaniel from school, she and I went to Barnes and Noble and the World Market where we prowled about for a couple of hours.

I am most blessed to say I am the mother of a truly remarkable, beautiful person–Rebecca Jean. And at this moment, I wish her a very happy day…and the kind of future she deserves.

11 thoughts on “The Birthday of Rebecca Jean

  1. Dale White

    Happy birthday Sis. Rebecca! I’m inspired by, and greatly admire those with the faith and fortitude to face life’s toughest obstacles head on..and forge ahead. God bless my friend!


  2. Happy Birthday Rebecca! “Surprise” daughters are a blessing. After my 2 boys I didn’t want to hope for a girl and be disappointed so I picked boy names and they picked girls. And she came!
    I join with you Sis Buxton by faith for good health.


  3. Michael

    I couldn’t agree more about the woman you described.My sister has more guts and backbone than most men I know. I sure wonder sometimes why some people have to go thru what they go thru,but I guess God knows. In the words of Elvis ” Happy Birthday Hunka Momma”


  4. Happy Birthday to Rebecca! I remember being stunned too, when I had my daughter, for I was certain I was going to have a boy. The doctors couldn’t tell the sex of the baby from the ultrasound, but a nurse from our church at the time said she definitely felt like this was a girl, and I believed her. For a long time afterwards, we teased her about being a “false prophet.” Anyhow, girls are special, and I’m glad we’ve both been blessed with wonderful daughters.


  5. Very sweet! She sounds like a very wonderful person. If she’s been through that much and still gotten up and stayed sweet, she’s a remarkable person. So many people don’t do that. Happy Birthday, Rebecca!


  6. I just spoke with your incredible daughter, Rebecca Jean, and am blessed to call her friend! Such a beautiful spirit and loving nature! She calls me and mine for all our birthdays singing us the birthday song. So, I called her on her natal day to wish her a wonderful day…alas, due to bronchitis, I had to refrain from singing to her! 🙂


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