Praying for Death in the White House

“We need to talk to you, Pastor,” Jay and Holly said to Jerry on Sunday morning. In the ensuing conversation, they told of seeing a preacher on TV, and that the pastor was praying for the death of President Obama. They were stunned as they listened and watched. “Is that right, Pastor?” they asked my husband.

Of course it’s not right; it’s terribly wrong,” Jerry had told Jay and Holly.

I was shocked when Jerry told me of the event, and when I read the details myself I was saddened, and a nebulous feeling of unrest struck me. What a terrible condition our world is in when a pastor will pray for the death of our president, ask God to strike him with brain cancer, and to hope that he dissolves away as does a snail under a pouring of salt.

“I’m gonna pray that he dies and goes to hell when I go to bed tonight. That’s what I’m gonna pray,” he told his congregation.

I for one as calling on Pastor Steven Anderson to recant and to apologize for such preposterous remarks. Reports are, though, that he is standing by his sermon.

I am disgusted with President Obama and have deep worries about the direction in which he is taking our country, and truly hope he is a one-term president. But I would never want anything untoward to happen to him. On the contrary I wish him health, wisdom and direction from God.

Be wise, people. Be very wise.

7 thoughts on “Praying for Death in the White House

  1. wynona

    How very, very sad:
    That these words should come from the mouth
    of any man—much less the words from the
    mouth of a so-called man of God??

    How brief the fame, so long the shame!!

    No wonder Jesus wept over Jerusalem!!


  2. Shirley-

    It is apparent that the world is definitely not short on supply of idiots in this world. There are a few people in this world I’d love to get ahold of and give them a piece of my mind, but having the smote??? WOW….just plain crazy.

    If you can’t defrock the pastor, maybe you can impose some sanctions on him to keep him from getting a congregationally paid for cadillac?


  3. dean

    Dear Lord….. Don’t Kill him….he is not worthy of martyrdom. Just my opinion.

    I believe the pastor made it clear he didn’t believe in killing; he wants God to strike down President Obama. Almost unbelievable. (Awhile back I would have said unbelievable, but during these confusing days, almost anything can be expected to happen somewhere.)


  4. arm5

    I would never pray for Obamas Deathh. God put him in for a reason. We should pray that he would make the right decisions.

    Yes, we need to sincerely and frequently pray for President Obama and all our leaders.


  5. While I am not a fan of Obama I pray that his heart be softened to the leading of God. That he may be wise to discern good advise from folly. I can’t imagine any Christian praying that someone would die and go to hell none the less.

    I don’t know just how defrocking works, but I can’t see how a preacher that wishes a person would go to hell is fit to be called a man of God.


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