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“Granny, Don’t Take Our Picture.”

It started a few weeks ago, when we asked Rebecca’s parents if they would like her to go to the senior youth camp here in Arizona. Yes, they would like that, so church people pitched in and helped with her tuition, her mother began getting appropriate clothes together, we made phone calls and got all the paper work started. We

DSC_0031 by you.

decided early on it would be a good thing if she had a friend to go with her, so we called Andrew and Shawnna to see if Chloe could go also. She could, so we met in Yuma which is half way between Lake Havasu and San Diego, spent a couple of hours with all of them at Cracker Barrel, and brought Chloe home with us.

On last Monday, we drove the 350 miles to Camp Shadow Pines…where on the first night, Rebecca received the Holy Ghost! and where the girls had a tremendous time. We had heard of the mud-pit from Zac, and Rebecca and Chloe said, “We’re not going into that,” but when we visited the camp on Thursday afternoon, one of the first sights we saw was Rebecca, soaking well, having recently emerged from the pit and having been hosed off.

DSC_0016 by you.

Someone’s hair looked like this:
DSC_0022 by you.
Shaving cream helps clean it all up.
DSC_0026 by you.
DSC_0020 by you.
We picked up the girls just before noon on Friday morning, and as we pulled away from the camp, I noticed it was quiet in the back seat. I turned around and both of the girls were crying–tears running down their cheeks.
“What in the world is wrong?” I asked.
“We don’t want to leave. We don’t want to leave camp.” They were literally sobbing.
“Chloe, do you cry like this every time you leave camp?”
“No, Granny, but I know everyone at the other camps. These are all new friends…and I won’t see them again for a long time.”
Those girls cried so much, that I started crying, then Jerry said, “Stop all of you or I will be crying myself.”
They had a glorious time at the Arizona Senior Camp, those two girls of mine–Chloe, my beautiful granddaughter, the eldest of Andrew and Shawnna, and Rebecca, our “adopted granddaughter”, the eldest child of Dustin and Misty.
I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who works in our camps, and who contribute so much to the lives of our young people. I know it is hard, exhausting work, and that at the end of the week, you are completely wrung out. But I want you to know it does not go unnoticed, nor unappreciated by us–the parents, grandparents and friends of these youngsters.
When my own children were the campers, and now when it is my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren I have never failed to be amazed at the dedication and love of you–the  leaders, preachers, counselors and other workers at our church camps. Again, I thank you. Without question, there will be people who make it to Heaven because of your tremendous efforts and loving contribution to their lives.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 84 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

8 replies on ““Granny, Don’t Take Our Picture.””

Oh, so many memories about camp at Frazer Park. What an awful dirty place to have camp. Kids today have it so good compared. My Mom was camp cook for a couple of years. I know how hard she worked. And no air conditioned kitchens. Remember how hot it got? Bobbie and I got in trouble one year. Nothing serious but I remember Bro. Layne getting on to us and I was genuinely (spelling?) afraid of him.


So thrilled to hear the great news about Rebecca recieving the Holy Ghost. Awesome. Absolutely nothing like camp. Nothing. Some of my fondest memories. You and Dad are amazing. Still taking kids to camp after all these years. So cool. Love you.


How wonderful to hear about Rebecca receiving the Holy Ghost! I’ve been able to help in a few Jr. camps, was dog tired afterwards, but it was well worth it to see God moving in children’s lives. Thanks for sharing this good report.


I love going to camps- So fun! So happy to hear that Rebecca recieved the Holy Ghost!!

My favorite meeting of the year is district family camp! Absolutely love it when the entire family is together for camp meeting!


I love camp! I was a camper for over 15 years (junior and senior) and received the Holy Ghost at Youth Camp 35 years ago last month. I have also been a staff member for many camps. There is no greater reward for the exhausting work than watching a camper receive the gift of the Holy Ghost for the very first time or watching a teenager make a new commitment. It’s worth it!

What a great testimony to the value of youth camps. Thanks for sharing this. Thank you, too, for the years you gave of yourself in this tremendous ministry.


Martha, it is so true…and they all work so hard. It is downright exhausting work…but year after year so many are involved. I am sincerely grateful for the positive influence church camps had on my children and on my grandchildren.

Good to hear from you. Speaking of camps–will you be attending camp at Santa Maria next month?


I can’t tell you how important those camps were for my children! – the guidance they received, encouragement & life-long Christian friends! (I know that they are living for God today because of that influence!)

God bless all those wonderful people who carry a burden for the souls of our children!


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