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Javelinas On the Boulevard

I had planned the day so that in the early evening Jerry and I could drive to the island where I wanted to take sunset/lake pictures. Around 7:00, I gathered camera gear including my tripod; Jerry drove and I chose the route, saying, “Turn here. Stop. A bit further…etc.”

The days are long so that the sun was still too high for what I had in mind, I thought, so we pulled into the spectacular Refuge DSC_0014Golf Course, and I prowled around a bit there. Elusive birds fluttered in the trees, bunnies bumped along, their tall ears aflame with the lowering sun, and a black long-legged bug skittered in the parkway. I poked my camera his way. Jerry patiently waited in the car.

We had gone from the golf course and were driving down London Bridge Road, when ahead of us on the side of the road was a group of what appeared to be pigs. People had stopped on the other side of the street, their attention directed to the animals. “Turn around, Jerry. Turn around.” Obediently, Jerry made a u-turn and pulled in beside the people who were watching the animals from the opposite side of the street.. They smiled at us. “Never seen anything like this,” one lady said. “I’ve lived here in Lake Havasu for years, and I’ve never seen these animals come into town.”

I was enthralled, had my camera in hand, and being the adventurous soul I am started across the street. “Wonder if they’re friendly,” DSC_0020I had said when we first started talking, and the man said, “Yep. I walked up real close to them. Here I’ll walk with you.” Their lack of fear and seeming tameness was amazing. They would have crossed the Blvd. except DSC_0024for people shooing them back into the undergrowth. Between their weed and cactus munching a couple of the babies nudged into their mom and had a bit of milk to wash down the prickly stuff.

By the time we arrived at the island, the light had gone and I couldn’t take good pictures, but I was happy; I had met the Havalina, and had pictures to prove it.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

12 replies on “Javelinas On the Boulevard”

ahh.. well whatever they are they sure are cute. I especially like the bunny with sun kissed ears.

P.S. It seems as though your assistant photographer has been highly trained.

Hey, Bek. I’m still working on him, but you’re right, he’s pretty good.


We have a lot of javelinas around Safford….in fact I have had them next to my yard many times….but although there are rumours of feral pigs here, I have never seen any….


As has been mentioned those are feral pigs….

I like this part… “Turn around, Jerry. Turn around.” Obediently, Jerry made a u-turn …..especially the obediently part….


Adventurist, you are my kind of photographer. I have had many adventures and misadventures with a camera in my hand, dragging a full camera bag being trailed by a tripod.


Hi, Mervi. Keep dragging that tripod!


Awwww…so cool that you had a lucky moment…with camera in hand. That’s why I always carry my camera with me.

I know you were planning on photography, but still, you were prepared for the unexpected. And to a photographer (like you and I 🙂 ), it’s a delight.

Hi, Tena. Sometimes I get tired of wagging around my camera, but I’m always afraid if I don’t, I’ll miss something! That was sure a lucky moment.


Actually what you saw were the descendants of pigs that escaped from a train wreck near where the I40 now crosses the Colorado River several decades ago. I’ve only seen the feral pigs on the California side of the river, and never that close. How lucky you are!

You’re not teasing me, are you.


Was that a Javelina ,or just an ole’ black sow and some pigs? Jerry

After looking a couple of times at this video and our pictures, Jerry and I now are not sure these were Javelina, although they don’t seem to be regular pigs. Their tails are furry, as opposed to ordinary pigs who have slick ones. Are there other pigs with furry tails? Both Jerry and I agree that the animals we saw were bigger than what is reported on this video. Any ideas?


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