A Look Back at Mothers Day

Nathaniel slid into a chair across from me. I stared, for Nathaniel lives four hours away, and then I sensed someone behind me, and it was Rebecca, my daughter. I yelped, “What’s going on here?” And knew then it was a surprise, a delightful surprise for Mother’s Day. Rebecca and Nathaniel DSC_0086had sneaked into town and she and Michael had set up this dynamic dinner at Shugrue’s for me. It was wonderful, a total shock.

Again, on Tuesday, Rebecca and I spent rare time together, prowling about the Mission Inn area of Riverside, then eating lunch in the open brick-floored court of The Upper Crust. We shared a sandwich and a cup of soup because we were scheduled to eat with Jerry and Nathaniel before a couple of hours would pass and we wanted to be hungry then. (Actually when it was time to order food at Mexico Restaurant, neither of us was hungry…ate a few chips dunked in fresh salsa, while the two guys ate gigantic burritos.)

I love my sons. They are three, all quite different from the others. They are exceptional and godly; each is immersed in the work of God. I enjoy particularly being with these men, for they are kind, fun, complimentary, interesting and gracious. We certainly don’t always agree on everything, and have experienced serious splits in mind and opinion. But we’re still in love, and for this past Mothers Day I received from each of them a dear gift.

One is the count of daughter. Only one, and I don’t know how it worked out this way, but God blessed us with the finest when He gave Rebecca to Jerry and me. And so, while I DSC_0059adore those boys of mine, it was a special few hours last week when Rebecca and I strolled about; talking, admiring scenery and architecture, and eating lunch in that cool little place.

God has been gracious by giving me both sons and a daughter, for in the mother/child kinship is easily noted a distinct difference as regards the relationship of a mother and her son and the relationship of a mother and her daughter. So while I love my sons fiercely and believe I would give my life for any of my children, there is something a little different about my daughter. About Rebecca.

And so, gratefully, I look back to Mothers Day, and remember the flowers I received and the delicious meals I ate and the touching message I received that made me cry, and the cards and the other gifts. And etched in my mind are those glowing hours with Rebecca as we tramped around downtown Riverside sharing food, sights and our hearts.


Lots of pictures of that day here.

10 thoughts on “A Look Back at Mothers Day

  1. Such a blessing to have these wonderful adult children.

    The Lord did bless me with one son, now almost 20. While I wanted at least three, the Dr. said no children would be possible, but God said yes, and am blessed to have him.

    Of course you are blessed. My daughter also has one child–a son. One day, she will probably have a beautiful daughter-in-law. Blessings always.


  2. How Fun! My sisters and I use to love to surprise Mother like this. Rebecca doing it to you brought back some good memories for me. I love the pic of you two. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your day with us. Love you!

    I am not easily surprised, but definitely was this time. It was unforgettable. I hope Mothers Day was not too sad for you.


  3. Renee

    You do have quite the wonderful daughter! I have come to love and appreciate her dearly…and of course she feels the same way about you. It shows in that beautiful smile when she talks of you

    Thank you, Renee for coming by and leaving this compliment for my exceptional daughter.


  4. What a beautiful post! I didn’t have any daughters until our two sons married and now I have them! I’m thankful everyday for the “girls” God gave to me, and now the FOUR granddaughters! I am blessed beyond measure! I love to read your “heart”. You’re great! Glad you could have a “special time” with your daughter, Rebecca! Love you!

    Love you too, Linda. Glad you finally got some girls.


  5. Awww thats soooooo cool!!!! It must be sooo awesome being a mom!!!
    Its good to be connected with you and Face book!! If you have a chance come check out my latest stories on my sight. One I wrote for the book Sis. Abbott is working on. Did you ever post that story about the bus? Thought I may have missed it!!!
    God bless!!!
    Mary!!!! =)

    Hi, Mary. Went over and read your latest story. Very well done. No, I have not yet posted that account you asked about.


  6. Helen, I have a very dear friend, a few years younger than I, married to a preacher who lives in the Seattle area, who has two children, but like you has no grandchildren. Her son has never married, and her daughter was married and is divorced, and now is “in a relationship.” My friend desperately wants grandchildren, and the very sad thing is that in recent months she has had a recurrent of ovarian cancer…a tough one to lick. I pray for her often–for her healing and that grandchildren will come to her.

    …and for you, I wish also a couple of little grand ones.


  7. Rebecca

    Oh my word, Mother, you are beyond incredible. The best Mother ever…

    Now, Bek, simmer..don’t get carried away. Kisses and hugs. I hope you follow the link and see the beautiful pictures of our special day. Love you dearly.


  8. Shirley, Neither son is married. I don’t have any grandkids either. 😉

    Oh, Helen. I’m sorry. Those grandkids are the greatest. I wish you a few. (Come to think of it, when I have a gaggle at them at our house, and they get a little rambunctious, I may call you up and send a few your way…just for a day or two, of course. 🙂 )


  9. After years of infertility, drug therapy, surgery, and a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, I feel so blessed to have three children. My wish was to have four very close together but God had other plans. Seven years of marriage and Bryce arrived, 18 years of marriage and then came Blake, then 22 years of marriage and the princess, Bryn, arrived. WOW!!! Life has been amazing!! Their births were in three different decades. God really does have a sense of humor. His ways are far above ours. Being a mommy is the best job He ever gave me.

    You are a blessed woman. Hope your day is happy.


  10. Shirley, Since I have only sons (2), I can only imagine. But what I imagine is good.

    And you’re imagination is very right. But those daughters-in-law can be precious, also. I know mine are, as I expect yours are too.


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