Of Earth and Space…and Critters

Interesting. A few hours ago Earth Day ended here in Lake Havasu, and as I relaxed on our sofa, I read on my computer screen that an Apollo 14 astronaut is insisting that the existence of space aliens is factual, and that there is strong evidence to prove so. He is calling for the government to reveal its information concerning visitation to the earth by these space creatures..

An Apollo 14 astronaut told a group of UFOlogists Monday that aliens are not a myth and called on the government to disclose its findings, The Washington Times reported.

“It is now time to put away this embargo of truth about the alien presence,” Edgar D. Mitchell, who made the longest moonwalk in history, told those attending a conference in Gaithersburg, Md., set up by the Paradigm Research Group.

more here.

Are there really alien, space creatures? Ever seen one? Read any reports you believe? If there are, who made them? God?

9 thoughts on “Of Earth and Space…and Critters

  1. Refired Parson

    I go away for a couple of nights, speak at a men’s conference, and my wife gets all spaced out. Watch Mama, Mike!!!

    I’ll try to regain my sanity before you return home!


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  3. Kris Keyes

    My question is…..is there intellegant life ON earth???

    Uhmm…here and there. I would have thought your part of the earth is teeming with such life.


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  5. If I could I’d like to add another question. If there is inteligent life outside earth would that effect your faith? Would we need to witness to “people” outside our own planet?

    Hello, Jay. No, learning of intelligent life outside earth would not affect my faith.

    Would we need to witness to them? I haven’t a clue. 🙂 well…maybe if they were brutal and sinful….I don’t know. Your question is too hard.

    I have heard the theory presented that there are many other worlds–all created by God–and that only on the earth was there a fall. Pure conjecture, I believe. In that case, though, the creature would not need a Saviour…if he hadn’t fallen, and had remained in a perfect state.


  6. Hmm I’m not too sure about that one. I just can’t imagine anything else living out there. It’s a weird thought…we have enough strange creatures down here as it is! 😀

    Jen, I’m warning you…Stay away from those strange creatures!


  7. I think it may be a bit arrogant of us to assume we are the only ones. God is great and great big too. Its possible. I dunno? What do you think Sis. Buxton?

    Any time this subject comes up, I always think of people of earlier generations who would be astonished to know about radio waves, electricity in the air that can make light appear, technology that shows pictures on my computer screen from around the world, and that let’s me talk with you today…amazing.

    So, without my ancestors knowing it, around them–in the atmosphere–there were these natural phenomenon that did exist. It’s quite a leap, though, but could you and I be the same? Just ignorant of something that does exist? I just don’t know, but we do hear more and more reports. I’m eager to hear what will become of this story.


  8. dean

    Intelligent life in space?? I wonder often if there is any such life on earth!

    Maybe they’re smarter in the beginning than we are. Think so?


  9. Kris Keyes

    Hmmm….Uuhhh…I don’t know Sis Buxton….although I have met a few folks that I am pretty sure were not born on the same planet that I was…

    Not to worry; I’m sure they go to the church down the street. 🙂


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