Values and Principles

“The moment you give up your principles, and your values, you are dead, your culture is dead, your civilization is dead. Period.” — Oriana Fallaci

In a western region of the United States the teacher stood before the challenged couple, the young mother holding their newborn child. “You need to get married now, be good parents, make a home for your baby.”

“But I don’t want to get married,” the teenage mother said to the teacher.

The teacher was plainly not expecting that response. “Well, your baby needs a mother and a father.”

The mother’s smooth, matter-of-fact response spoke to her having given extensive thought to the situation. “Oh, she has a mother and a father.” She nodded her head to the boy who stood mutely beside her. “Just not a husband and a wife.”

The exceptionally beautiful baby lay asleep, oblivious to the difficulties and deprivation she will suffer.

Recently England churned out this scene:

A British school was blasted Friday after kids as young as 11 were told to shout obscenities during a lesson in swearing.

Expletives like the f-word and c-word were written on a blackboard before a teacher explained their meaning to 30 seventh graders.

S.t Laurence School in Bradford on Avon, Wilts, claims it was part of a sex and relationship education program to “dispel” the myths of swear words.

But parents say they were not consulted by head James Colquhoun about the class and say kids were left “deeply upset.”

Some pupils claim the teacher told them not to tell parents about the lesson.

More here.

Frequently now,  I feel as though I have stumbled into a rabbit hole and have entered a strange and bewildering land where ordinary principles and values evaporate as does steaming water from a heated kettle. Shame is rare. Common sense has disappeared. Moral standards that were widely accepted in recent years are disdained and mocked.

In 2006, for the first time in U.S. history, a majority of all births to women under age 30–50.4 percent–were out of wedlock. Nearly 80 percent of births among black women were out of wedlock.

From Hub Pages

It is against school regulations to hand out aspirin to students, but a girl may legally have an abortion without her parents being notified. “Sexting” is wide-spread among teen-agers and young adults. “Gay” couples demand their unnatural unions to be declared legal marriages. It’s a world gone mad.

Each of us occupies a small stand of ground, we’ve been set as guard at a compact circle of people; a few children and young people turn to us for wisdom. Though our sway may be less compelling than we wish, and our rank notched on the lower end of the scale, let our fist stay tight, let our grip stay firm on those values and principles that lie at core of Christian values. For if such go…I fear for our existence.

17 thoughts on “Values and Principles

  1. dean

    Rachel, I am convinced that you exude a spirit that makes others want to do right. What a wonderful gift to others! Loved your website! Peace

    Perceptive, you are, my dear man.


  2. Sis Buxton:

    It is discouraging to hear people use profanity, especially those who are young and female. However, there is hope! People who use quite a bit of profanity often tone it down, completely cleaning up their act around me. They come up with creative ways around swearing simply out of respect.
    God Bless

    You are to be commended for your positive influence on those around you.


  3. Nita

    I must comment on Values and Principles. About a week ago I was in a grocery store parking lot when I heard the most profain and screaming voices coming from three young girls. When the manager would not let them enter the store they began shouting everything corrupt at him. When I left I was in tears. These young girls could not have been more than 14, 15 or 16. My stomach was in knots and all I could do was pray for them. That night I lay in bed and it was if God was showing me the comparison between light and darkness, God being the light and the devil being darkness. I became aware of how I felt such darkness when hearing them and was reminded how the presence or God is light and such joy. I hate the blinders that satan has put on so many today. I am thankful that we can bind together with love and pray that eyes are open to see just how much God loves everyone and wants to give joy. We must tell everywhere we go of His love and the hope that He brings.

    Nita, this is a powerful response. Thank you. Makes me happy to hear such ideals and wisdom from younger women coming up behind me. The church is in good hands.


  4. Kris Keyes

    In response to Helen….yes it is just as wrong for a man to curse as it is a woman….but it is much more disgusting (and it is all disgusting) to hear a woman open thier mouth and let loose with a stream of profanities.
    I have heard the prettiest women say things that would as Ray Stevens put it…”make a sailor blush with shame”…and it seems much worse coming from a womans lips.

    Brings to mind the words of the writer of Proverbs….

    As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.

    Rather graphic picture there in Proverbs; I can see it now–a hog with a gold nose ring! Not too pretty.


  5. Michael

    We as conservatives have sat back and expected the “other people” to teach and educate our youth on what is moral or immoral and teach the overall proper life with christian values.The sixties and seventies are long gone and the moral decline and decay that was introduced thru those years has steamrolled into all the institutions that were the “other people”. Meanwhile other agendas have been put in place and have seduced society to the point it is. I pray we stand strong and continue to stand strong in the face of this world.

    Michael, you speak much truth here. We must maintain our resolve to press for righteousness within our society. We can’t solve every problem, but surely, within our own circle of influence, we can make strides toward maintaining Christian values.


  6. I think we’re seeing the fruits (or should I say weeds?)of our schools, our nations and our world having booted out God and His Word from which we get our principles and values. May God help us to be a light as you spoke of to those in our circle of influence.

    Carol, I agree that we are seeing the results of noxious seeds that have been planted.


  7. Darla

    I have to disagree with you, Helen. Yes, sin is sin whether a man or a woman commit it. However, it’s because the nature of a woman is to be a LADY (more gentle, softer in nature, which is preordained by God) that cussing is even less attractive coming from a woman.

    Hi, Darla. See my response above. 🙂


  8. There are very good reasons to grow up, get married and have children in that order. But to say a “garbage mouth” is “worse when coming from women” is just wrong. This is NOT a man’s world. It is God’s world.

    Both men and women need to be held responsible for all of their actions. Women do NOT sin greater when they swear than men. Christian values do NOT allow men to swear and prohibit it for women. This entry was mostly about losing Christian values, not about the differences between men and women, of which there are many but the access to swearing is not one.

    First, Helen, this afternoon I received the book of poetry I ordered from you. It is beautiful. Please tell Bill how much I admire the cover…and I’m sure the poems inside will be as delightful when I am able to read them.

    Agree and disagree with your response here. Yes, sin is sin, no matter the gender of the person indulging in the filthy mess. When a man swears, he is as guilty of an infraction of God’s principles as is a woman. The difference lies in our perception of the nature of a woman…and the Bible does seem to confirm the thought of gentle femininity. The men? Brawny and courageous! (with clean hearts and mouths, too!)


  9. Kris Keyes

    The other day I was sitting in my living room when I heard the young man across the street fire up his car stereo and it was spewing out the most vile words and trash you could imagine…and as loud as he could get it for the whole nieghborhood to hear…I gave it about 2 seconds and stepped out and yelled “Shut that stuff up….”..which he did and hasn’t done it again. They love thier filth and want to share it with the rest of the world….to which I say “No Thanks”

    It encourages me to hear that among us yet are those who are willing to speak up against evil. Thank you.


  10. Each of us occupies a small stand of ground, we’ve been set as guard at a compact circle of people

    Pastor just preached yesterday about how after Peter was converted he was to *strengthen the brethren*. Your last paragraph there reminds me of this principle.

    This world is upside down, but our God is still Holy and still on His throne.

    Yes, CM. We must not lose our focus nor our faith in the Almighty God, who is holy and righteous.


  11. The thing that so decimates me to hear young ladies and the way they us the English Language and its mass of four letter words. I cannot get over watching / hearing a attractive young lady us the “F” word, the “S” word and the “B” word, to just list a few. This is done in the framework of everyday talking and conversation. I can tolerate a male garbage mouth. But from a woman? That is a different and sad commentary on our society, Personal opinion.


    I’m not fond of listening to anyone’s “garbage mouth,” but I agree it seems worse when coming from women.


  12. Bro. and Sis. Buxton,
    Just a note to let you know that we lost mom (Sis.Tredway) quite suddenly tonight. Please keep us in your parayers.

    Virginia Clark

    I’m sorry to hear of this. Her death of course is a great loss for all of us–but a heavenly gain for her. What comfort we take by this understanding.

    How old was she?


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