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Josef Fritzl Guilty! Elizabeth Appears in Court

Guilty! So said the jury responsible for handing down a verdict concerning Josef Fritzl, the dungeon monster. In a surprise move, Elizabeth appeared in the courtroom as her video was played.

Guilty of all charges, including the murder of his son, whose little body Fritzl tossed into a furnace. Full story here.


I’m sick of sin! I’m sick of seeing families torn apart and ravaged by sin. Sick of seeing them stumble blindly through a lackluster semblance of life without Jesus Christ. I’m sick of Satan’s deceit and his abysmal devices, his chains, his filthy lies. My mind and soul are wrenched as I watch innocent children systematically destroyed. I look at mothers and fathers as they cast about with no direction–not a clue–while children grab pointlessly at the pant-legs of their daddies and the skirts of their mothers, pleading for a line, a course, a way. Instead they are met with vacuous and witless stares. Too many despairing parents take up another needle, gulp down a numbing pill, or pour one more shot. I look at my world and weep.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

4 replies on “Josef Fritzl Guilty! Elizabeth Appears in Court”

RE: “I think this would be a nice place for twelve young strong men, a pile of nice stones and one TARGET!!”

And maybe one Savior who invited the person without sin to throw the first stone, before He bent over to write in the sand?

May God have mercy on us, sinners all.


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