Nail-Biting Time in Lake Havasu

Countdown: Our 2nd anniversary service begins in 5 hours from the time this picture was snapped. You are looking at the auditorium section of our church. What? you say!dsc_0019

The backstory is this. The carpet for our church was to have been delivered last Friday. It wasn’t. Finally, two days ago, we came to the conclusion, since the carpet still had not arrived, “We can have church with or without the carpet.”

However, the carpet salesman insisted we have carpet as promised. He intercepted the truck in Las Vegas this morning, drove like the wind to get it here, the carpet layer was waiting, and now less than five hours before the announced beginning of the service this is how we look!

Pray saints!


3 thoughts on “Nail-Biting Time in Lake Havasu

  1. Aisha Buxton

    Wow! I would have never known it was cutting it sooo close, you all didn’t seem a bit frazzled either. It was all so beautiful!


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