Camping Out at Granny and Pappy’s

Jerry picked me up at the Ontario Doubletree in the early afternoon of Saturday; crouching down and trying to hide was Nathaniel, Rebecca’s son.

“Hey, what’s this?”

He grinned and said, “I’m going home with you, Granny. Pappy said.”

“What about school, Nate?”

“Spring-break, Granny.”

And so he’s here in Lake Havasu with us. He’s a 12-year-old bruiser now, wearing size 12 shoes. Yep, size 12. He brought a sleeping bag and his pillow with him, and on Saturday and Sunday evenings, he flipped out the sleeper-couch in the motor home, threw down his bedding and slept well.

He and Chloe, Andrew and Shawnna’s eldest, text a lot, and once on Monday, she told Nathaniel that Gentry,  Andrew and Shawnna’s second-oldest, was coming with his dad. Work has been scarce for Andrew in San Diego, and at times he has been forced to travel out of town to have work. Mike has lots of work here in Lake Havasu, so Andrew was scheduled to come in on Monday and work the rest of the week for Mike. Now, Nathaniel was telling me that Gentry also is coming…Recall that we live in a motorhome.

Come to find out, Gentry’s coming was supposed to be a secret from us, and a few hours before Andrew arrived Jerry called and asked him, “Are you alone?”

“Me and the desert,” was the reply.

But when we opened the door around 9:30 Monday night, right behind Andrew was  11-year-old Gentry. Happy semi-surprise. Soon though, it was bedtime. Hmmm…. Worked out fine this way: Andrew sleeps on the couch; sleeping sideways on the floor with lots of cover is Gentry, lengthways on the floor in his bag, sleeps Nathaniel. Looks like this in the mornings when they have stashed their things in the driving area of the rig.


Rebecca is coming tomorrow for our anniversary services which begin Friday evening.

She is NOT sleeping at our place, though. Enough is enough; she’s planning to beg a bed from her brother, Michael. 🙂

Several years ago when I was visiting with my friends, the Flowers, and we were having a discussion about families, he mentioned how he loved visiting with his children. “I’d rather sleep on the floor at my kid’s house, than have to stay in a motel when we visit them.” I’ve never forgotten his saying that, and generally speaking, I concur, knowing too that sometimes there just is not enough room and other arrangements must be made.

Come to think of it, Rebecca could probably stretch out on the dash. It’s nice and padded, and then, too, the kitchen floor has enough room to throw down another sleeping bag.


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4 thoughts on “Camping Out at Granny and Pappy’s

  1. Hi Sister Buxton,

    My husband was just asking me if I knew if you had gotten your carpet yet. It sounds like you were supposed to get it last Friday, but it didn’t come in. Will it be in for the anniversary services?

    Carol, see new post! Pray!


  2. Hi Shirley, Sounds like everyone is having fun.

    Well, mostly, Helen. Jerry and I are spending much of our day at the church leading up to our special services starting tomorrow night. The boys have at times become a little bored. Right now, one of them is playing a game on the church computer; the other is playing one of the keyboards–with a headset on.

    In the church office where I’m working now, are two keyboards; the church auditorium is stripped of furniture because our new carpet was supposed to have arrived last Friday, and the keyboards landed here. A couple of days ago, I let both the boys play them at the same time–with no earphones. No one else was here at that moment, and they had a blast. I didn’t let it go on very long, though. Too jarring.


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  4. If my grandparents were living I’d be happy to sleep on the dash just so I could be near them! I bet your family feels the same way. Family….nothing like it!

    Tracie, you are absolutely right; there is nothing like family.


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