To Experience the Presence of God

To some who read this, it will be foreign, a language unknown, whose intonation and cadence fall on heavy ears, and who, despite rigorous effort, are unable to distinguish its kernel and essence. The subject is of such consequence and point, and of such depth, as to closely approach the state of being unutterable. Certainly, it’s core and spirit defy human understanding. I write today of being in the Presence of God.

But are not we always in the presence of God? will logically respond the thoughtful and honest person. Is He not everywhere? Does not He fill the universe? And I, thoughtful and honest person that I am, will respond; Yes, God is everywhere, and thus in the strictest sense we are always in His presence. David confirms this when he said…”Though I make my bed in hell, lo, You are there….”

Yet I persist in my weak way to tell of a particular time of being in the presence of God; the telling is important to me, for that is my way. Such experience seems too profound to keep, while at the same bit, I am aware that the rarity and nature of such experience lends impossibility to a conclusive description, except that those who have spiritual understanding, or the one in whom such inner and holy leanings are surging, will know. Even their knowing will not wholly arise from my telling, but will come as a fix between my account and their own similar experience, or will derive from rare spiritual inclination and deep desire.

During the Southern California Women’s Conference, Thursday evening to the early afternoon of Saturday, I truly sat in “heavenly places,” although the literal location was the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, and, actually,  I didn’t see fluttering angels about, nor had I glimpse of other celestial beings. Yet, there it was; a sublime, startling encounter with God and with the heavenlies; undeniably was it so. Such a gather, such a summons make clear the need for us to have transformed and fully changed bodies when we go to heaven, for in this physical state, when such Presence comes, a feeling of weakness and breathlessness often occurs, and with Paul we say, “It is joy unspeakable…”

Extraordinary is such Divine Visitation even among those who have been blessed with a knowledge of God and His Word, and who have opened themselves to receive the Holy Ghost. I never cease to be amazed when God so touches me: Think about it! The God who created the earth and all therein, the One who flung stars and a moon into the heavens; He who scooped out and watered-up a hundred seas and who carved valleys and pushed up mountains and fashioned camels and parrots and language and thinking…That One visited me…showed me His glory. Amazing.


Excepting a few, I took no pictures. I snapped this shot as I was going from the ballroom on Saturday, for I had to leave early since we had such a distance to drive to our home in Lake Havasu. Take a good look at those festivities, where hundreds of women were “having a blast” at our celebration brunch. This leads to my final thought concerning the Presence of God: Such an experience not only enriches in the spiritual sense, but enables one to more fully enjoy life in all its aspects.

5 thoughts on “To Experience the Presence of God

  1. What excellent thoughts on experiencing the presence of God. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Thank you for the compliment and for visiting here at my site. I hope you will visit again, for I’m honored to have persons here who have your outlook on life and on the church.

    Frankly, I was puzzled when I read your name, but after visiting your blog, I understand its timely significance.


  2. Oh, my! Sis. Buxton, you are trying to get me in trouble! On the other hand, it might get me out of being master coordinator. LOL

    Oh, Jana. As master coordinator with your conference mere days away, you are probably feeling quite a little stress. Relax. You’ve all done your best; now whatever happens is just life. I’m eager to hear how everything goes.

    Love you


  3. dean

    Sounds like CAMP MEETING TIME!! I would love to return to Frazier Park and see if that old building is still there. Wonderful Post!!

    Those days at old Frazier Park were delightful…but so are our camp meetings today.


  4. michael

    I truly thank God that I completly understand what you are saying.I think the most tragic event of any one’s existence is to not know the presence of God. I thank God for his mercy and grace every day.

    Our family has been markedly blessed.


  5. And I missed out! It just doesn’t seem right that I have been sent to the “north.” I’m a southern girl at heart.

    Jana, I think you should make some picket signs and march around the Doubletree in Sacramento demanding a secession from the north. We’ll be waiting to take you in the south!


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