In Celebration of the Godair’s 40th

Last Sunday was the 40th wedding anniversary of our dear friends Dean and Dede Godair. Jerry had married them in our church in Garden Grove and when dsc_0001Dean asked her what she would like to do to celebrate this significant anniversary, she said, “I’d like to go see the Buxtons.” They flew into Las Vegas where they vacationed awhile, then drove up to Lake Havasu to spend a few hours with us. It was a precious time.

After church Mike and Mel joined us as we indulged in a fine and lengthy lunch at Shugrue’s (probably my favorite restaurant in Lake Havasu). We laughed and joked in celebration, and dsc_0016once I said, “Dean, do you know how lucky you are to have found such a true and lovely wife as Dede?”

He instantly teared up, revealing (what we already knew) that his burly body houses a tender, loving heart. He spoke of his adoration of his wife and soon we were all tearing, and finally after about the third time of such emotional talk, I said, “No more! I don’t want to cry again.” dsc_0023He and Mike reminisced of their childhoods and of old friends and escapades; of life lessons they had learned, of the comforting  long road they were taking back to their early training.

The delicious meal over, the complimentary cake and ice cream eaten, we left the restaurant and stood about not wanting the time to end.


And so I say to this dear couple, Godspeed and congratulations. From all the Buxtons best wishes for long lives and many more wedding anniversaries.

Thank you, Dean and Dede for the respect and honor you exhibit, and for the love you show to each other, to Jerry and me…and to God.


8 thoughts on “In Celebration of the Godair’s 40th

  1. What a delight it was for me to see Dean and Dede here on your blog celebrating their 40th anniversary! I haven’t seen them since I left Garden Grove years ago. Just last week I was thinking about them. You have blessed me with great memories.

    We need a Garden Grove reunion. 🙂

    I clicked on your link; your website is beautiful.


  2. Lori (Nalley) Blackwood

    Sis. Buxton, What a wonderful tribute to Dean and Dede. They are my cousin’s by marriage and I nowlive in Dallas, Texas but we don’t manage to see each other. It was great to see the current pictures. I remember when Dean and Dede went to your church in Garden Grove. 40 years ago unbelievable! God Bless you all.

    And God bless you, Lori. It is unbelievable that 40 years have gone by. How is your life? Married? Children? I’m sure. Tell me about it.


  3. Congratulations on reaching 40 years – I am always amazed and blessed to hear about such longevity in marriages, especially in this day and age of easy separation and divorce.

    I also think it telling of a real man to be able to speak loving words and show deep emotion in public.

    God’s grace blessing for all the rest of your years together.

    Shirley – more fruit of yours and Jerry’s ministry.

    Greg, thank you for the thoughtful, kind and insightful words.
    Please check my response here to your invitation to Australia. 🙂


  4. Larisa Franklin

    Hi, Sis. Buxton…

    You don’t know me but there is something I would ask you about via email. It’s not something I really would want to ask you about openly for all to see. I didn’t see a place where I could email you…I promise, it’s not bad!

    Hi, Larisa. I’ve sent you an email with my address on it. Please be sure to tell me who your pastor is. 🙂


  5. What a wonderful lesson…one of your final thoughts was about the “comforting long road back to their early training.” I am comforted knowing that I am doing right by training my children to love God and follow the Bible. If I obey Proverbs 22:6 and “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Your example shows that he may depart but with God’s grace he can and will follow the road back home!

    I encourage both your son Mike and your friend to just keep on walking towards God…He will meet them and carry them through their journey of restoration.

    My brother and aunt have been experiencing this in the last few weeks. My brother has stopped smoking and is going to church again. My aunt was blessed to be renewed with the infilling of the Holy Ghost while sitting at my Granny’s bedside the day before she died. God is SOOOO good! I am rejoicing that through my Granny’s illness and ultimate healing my brother, aunt and other family members are returning to their early training!

    Jana, what a precious story of restoration and the love of God. How grateful I am for mercy, for I know that daily I need it, and that without it, I have no hope of salvation.


  6. Nita

    Congratulations to the Godairs! I remember going to the Godairs home when I was in Garden Grove in your home. I believe his sisters name is Janie – is that correct? Goodness but I am starting to forget names. How does that happen! LOL Wonderful memories of Garden Grove.

    Yes, Dean’s sister is named Janie. Last week in Texas a beautiful young lady introduced herself, “I’m Janie’s daughter-in-law.” Amazing, how the little children in my life have grown up, have become mommies and daddies and now are grandparents. Astonishes me.


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