Family and Friends in Texas

He stepped off the scale yesterday and emerged from the bathroom solemn-faced. We’ve paid the price for the bounty of southern celebration food in which we indulged last week, Jerry and I have, and the digits on our bold and unflinching scale glare an accounting of the flagrant, culinary indulgences.

Of family and friends last week, a distinctly different tale is told, for of nothing save gold and dazzle are those memories. Diamondesque is their shape, exhilarating is their scent, and sweet is their taste. Of generosity, pamper and beauty was formed the atmosphere during those days in and around Houston, Texas last week.

I gazed at the stunning beauty of my great-nieces.dsc_0032_21

…and visited with friends one afternoon in the lovely home of Tommy and Ann Jackson. Down one of the halls was the guest suite where we stayed from Thursday to Monday. dsc_0108

…and listened to Jerry’s beautiful, 86-year-old sister who came from Louisiana

…and rejoiced again with this dear lady, now 97, who last year when Jerry preached received the Holy Ghost. dsc_0067

…and watched as an intense presence of God swept over the children in the Sunday night service. (I will write extensively of this later.) dsc_0064

2 thoughts on “Family and Friends in Texas

  1. Nita

    Just had to post about Mom being spunky. Last year or year before, my memory fails me, I visited Mom and she was in the hot sun working in her garden. I said to her, “Mom, let me help you with that”, to which she replied, “Oh honey, you can’t do this”. What a great laugh we had because she was absolutely right. I am not much of an outdoor person. It was the look on her face of the very idea that I could keep up with her. LOL Wish I could have been with you but could not find anyone to manage my shop. I am sure it was so wonderful. Love you much, Nita

    Nita, I would so love to see you. And yes, your mom is amazing.


  2. sharon

    Oh Aunt Shirley,

    It sounds like ya’ll had a wonderful time. I so wished I would have known that you would be so close. Let me know next time so I could see ya’ll. Aunt Mildred looks great!!

    Hi, Sharon. We did have a great time, and I really did not think of your being close enough to Houston to drive over; definitely I will let you know when we are anywhere in Texas, for I sure would love to see you too. You did come over last year didn’t you.

    Mildred is amazing; spunky, healthy and cheerful. Beautiful too.


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