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An Unbelievable Airport Scene

You will howl with laughter as you watch this. Anybody flying today? Don’t take airport behavior lessons from this lady. Promise, now.

The video starts with the screaming woman running towards the departure gate and bouncing off a female security guard, after she learned that her flight has been closed.

She then starts banging a desk before collapsing to the floor and rolling around, while maintaining a high-pitched wail.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

27 replies on “An Unbelievable Airport Scene”

Dean, Are you saying it okay for him to make nonsensical leaps (instead of looking for the correlation I had intended) because he’s a “man of God” – that thought is not really required on his part – that the burden’s all on me? Get normal. Everyone is a “man or woman of God.” Preachers, pastors, gurus, etc. have no special privileges when it comes to thinking things through. I’m old enough to have heard a preacher say just about about everything there is to say. I cannot and will not back down to a preacher’s stupidity or nonsense. He said I asked a stupid question. There are no stupid questions. He’s the one out of line. Ordained or not, all people say things that aren’t true. No ill will, just a search for the truth.


“Some times I’m sorry I comment ton(sic) the same blog as you do, Oh Holy One that I may not disparage”.

My comment to you Helen was in reference to your comment to Rev. Webb. The scriptures cited referred to others who insulted or showed disrespect to a man of God. I don’t believe you meant any ill will, I do feel you should proof read before hitting the button. The final question in your last statement is nonsensical.


Dean, I am NOT “mocking the ministry.” I am a fervent Christian. I am trying to point out how actions can be misunderstood. And something that might appear funny might be done for a very different reason.

What on earth did I say that made you think I was “mocking the ministry”? Why do I need to read chapters from the Old Testament to have mercy on a woman who is clearly upset. Why is the reaction of laughter better than that of prayer? How “mockingly unChristian of me. 🙂


In my opinion, the airport scene was totally uncalled for. Many of us have faced dire circumstances but I doubt we reacted in that manner. She seems more like an individual who tho’t. throwing her little tantrum would get her on that plane. Forgive me if I sound judgmental. This is just my perception. She’s an adult. If the news had been the loss of a husband or child, I could have understood a tad bit better. . .but missing a flight that she picked up later in the afternoon?? It was a little over dramatic, in my opinion. I wonder if she even stopped later to consider how ridiculous she really looked.
What your husband said while in the hospital is funny. I understand perfectly the humor in the midst of the crisis. Doesn’t the Bible say laughter does good like medicine. For medicine to be needed there must be a sickness. In many situations laughter is what helps us in dealing with the situation at hand.
We read your book about your husband’s accident. It was awesome. We have come to love and appreciate your husband through the many visits to SW Louisiana and SE Tx. visiting his brother and sister, who were both members in our church. God bless you and yours.
By the way, I read about the questions regarding your grandson’s piano lessons. I play piano. Took only 1 to 1 1/2 yrs. of piano when I was 5 yrs. old. I remember why I didn’t continue. But thankfully, God has blessed me with a tremendous ear for music and I have played now for over 45yrs. I can read music, tho’ limited. I played the alto sax in school which help to strengthen treble clef note reading. Bass clef is slower. . . but we can do it. lol I have been asked numerous times through the yrs. to teach piano, and I currently am teaching. I am limited but I love it so that whatever I can do to help others, I will. What I haven’t figured out is how can you teach, effectively, something you weren’t taught? I’ve had many, many adults who have wanted to learn regretting their missed opportunity as a child. Soooo, I decided MY daughter was going to learn to play the piano. I taught her 2 or 3 songs, not as lessons, per se, just doing it to “wet her tastebuds.” She took for 2 maybe 3 yrs., max. I reluctantly let her quit after her much fuss about it. As an adult, she has told me her regrets of not applying herself and continuing in piano. As a pastor’s wife, she has been called upon to play music. She has an alternative way of providing music for their church. I admire her for what she is doing and understand this will not hinder her in being a good pastor’s wife. . . but, IF ONLY. Nathaniel has a wonderful opportunity. I loved Ron’s comments. Playing music is truly therapuetic.
I didn’t intend for my comment to be sooo long. Enjoyed your blog. Tell your husband the Orange’s, from Tx., said hello.
God bless.

What a treat to hear from you; had Jerry sit right down and read every word you have written. I quite enjoyed your remarks.

We’re in Texas as we speak! Sure would love to see you.

Blessings always.


Helen, We all find humor in different things, but I find no humor in your repeated mocking of the ministry. Read 11 kings chapter 2,23 &24. Peace


Hey Shirley, yes I have come across people who felt that way – and no doubt you will have experienced how hard it can be to break that thought in a persons life. In fact I am convinced that logic and proof texting will never break the power of that belief -only an encounter with Jesus can convince someone that thay are truly loved and forgiven – much prayer involved.


Brother Webb, There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. Now, don’t go accusing me of saying your answer was stupid, because that’s not what I said.

I am familiar with the glossolalia. That is what what you meant, right? I thought maybe you could make the connection, but apparently not.
Now don’t go accusing me of saying you’re a bit dense, because that’s not what I said. (I did think that, however.)

My point is, point of view and place make difference to the interpretation of what one sees. We weren’t there and don’t know what went on before or after this scene.

The woman is in airport yelling and throwing herself to the floor. She is upset because she cannot get on her plane. So let’s all agree that laughing at this woman is appropriate, okay. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sometimes I’m sorry I comment ton the same blog as you do, Oh Holy One that I may not disparage.


Don’t make light of the Holy Ghost or speaking in tongues. You may be guilty of blaspheming.

I knew you’d say something I could disagree with!

I take it you are referring to blaspheming the Holy Spirit (BTHS) in this remark?

My understanding of the charge of BTHS is that it would require tyou to be calling the works of God the works of the devil and ardently persauding others that that is so.

It is a very seruious charge Brother Webb – one that apparently results in eternal damnation as it is ‘THE’ unforgivable sin. This is certainly not a charge you should throw around lightly.

Hi, Greg. I have been discussing this matter of blaspheming the Holy Ghost in recent weeks, as a young lady I am working with is convinced she has blasphemed the Holy Ghost and that there is no hope in Jesus Christ for her. I’ve tried to help her understand what an extreme case is blasphemy against the Holy Ghost and have endeavored to help her see that she probably would not feel drawn to church and to godly people had she indeed been completely cut off from God, had she indeed committed the unpardonable sin.

Have you ever met anyone who believed they has been cut off from God? Have you known anyone who seemed to have committed such a sin?


I think that was a stupid question. in the first place the lady was not at the altar babbling in another l;anguage. She was creating a scene at the airport.

What you called babbling in another language
other words you mean speaking in tongues. This is the initial sigh of the Holy Ghost. When a person receives the baptism of the Holy Ghost, they do speak in tongues. That is the initial sigh of the Holy Ghost baptism. Don’t make light of the Holy Ghost or speaking in tongues. You may be guilty of blaspheming.

Brother Webb


I’m sitting in McCarran airport in Las Vegas awaiting our flight to Hobby airport in Houston, Texas. I’m peering sharply, right and left, but thus far I don’t see anyone seemingly agitated because they may be missing a flight, although on the long walkway outside, I did see a young man running at high speed.

This is an interesting discussion, and I can see some validity in those who are amused at this scene (as am I) and those who believe that laughing at such a scene is cruel and uncaring.

Many years ago my husband was involved in a serious accident that left him in the hospital for many months. At first it was suspected that Jerry would not live, and believe me, we didn’t do much laughing. Several weeks out, though, when he was still extremely critically ill, we did laugh. He hallucinated dreadfully, and once when several of us were gathered about his bed in the ICU, he opened his eyes wide and said, “Shiny hiney.” We snickered right there, but did our best not to burst into guffaws. Believe me though, when we escaped into the hallway, we roared with laughter.

Now, we were not making fun of Jerry. He was critically ill and in a pitiful shape. But what he said, his expression, the setting was very funny…and we laughed.

Laughter is good for the human being.

When I laugh at this video, I am not making fun of the lady, but her actions are hilarious and their inappropriateness adds to the humor. And the men; they appear so sweet, kind, understanding and bewildered. All strikes me funny.

One more thing. If the lady were mentally incompetent, it wouldn’t be funny at all, but would be terribly sad. That doesn’t seem to be the case, here, as she seemingly was flying by herself from Hong Kong to San Francisco.


It is an international rule to be at least two hours ahead of time to your flight,she was late and suffered the result of her indifference. By the way: she was booked on a flight later that day.AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Brother Webb,

RE: “People needs to learn to laugh at themselves.”

Of course, we do. We are often too serious, too filled with worry and stress. People are funny. We hust ourselves when we do not see how silly we are. But to laugh when we do not know the circumstances seems cruel.

What would you say to someone who thought a person who fell weeping and blabbing in another language at the altar was funny because that’s not what people do in many (no, most) churches? Would place and point of view matter? Or should people grab some footage and post it on YouTube for entertainment?

I think I know your irritated answer.

We must give people the benefit of the doubt.


There are different strokes for differeent folks. People of different cultures have different imotions and different reactions. It is their culture to over react sometines. We that live in the United States have a more reserved culture and react differently.

But what the lady did is indeed comical. I found it imusing. But does anyone have a sence of humour? People needs to learn to laugh at themselves.

In my travels I have missed my flight a few tines. I have been to Jamaica a few times and everytine I miss my next connection because of going through customs I had to reschedule my flight to the mext one going out. One night I missed the last flight in Miami from Jamaica. The airport put me up in the Hoiday Inn and scheduled me for the first flight going from Miami to Los Angeles where I live. My wife was concerned about my being late and enquires at the desk to find out that I would be on the first flight in the morning. Things like that happens and it did happen but it is not our culture to act crazy.
Brother Webb


Hilarious! I certainly can empathize with her– Air Canada has made me want to throw myself on the floor too! And sometimes I wonder if that’s what I’d have to do to get their attention! AGH! It’s extremely frustrating to fly sometimes!
I couldn’t help laughing every time she seemed to wind down though, it sounded to me like she was out of breath and needed to catch her wind before going on!


Oh my! This act is surely exaggerated but I honestly pity her. Her over-reaction is funny but we never know the reasons for such behavior…We’re just human beings & there are times we get carried away by our emotions that leads to absurd behavior. I can’t tell an instance that I have reacted this way but I surely don’t like to be laughed at:-( I don’t think anyone does.

Hi, Donna. Of course no one likes to be “laughed at” in a negative, derogatory manner. But if in a public place we act in such an absurd way, I think we can only expect the people who watch us to have a reaction to such a display.

By the way, glad you’ve never acted so. 🙂


Personal opinion! We witnessed a sad commentary on the human being. NOI I did not see or read much humor, a lot of sadness to see where we have moved. To see a member of the human race become so deeply distraught over missing a fight? Yes, I have missed more than one flight in my travels through life.

Just my thought;

Well, it strikes me as funny, but I must agree with you that it is also sad. Aren’t those two men commendable for their attitudes? They seem so patient with her.


Sister Buxton:
I watched the video in you tube,.The lady put on a good act. I doubt if she even had a tear in her eye. Personally My wife and thinks it is pitiful and hilaroius

Brother Webb

I’m with you. She seemed angry, not tender and tearful.


Helen and anyone else who is interested. I have found a young person who has interpreted the woman’s words.

djchoongjae posted a translation:

“@ Uaedaien, here’s a translation, subject to inaccuracy because she was extremely high pitched, added to the fact that her voice resembles a squawking chicken didn’t help:

a. The plane hasn’t left yet, I HAVE to leave, it hasn’t left yet!
b. I SAID ITS POSSIBLE!!! Why [can’t I get on]?!?!
c. AIYAH THE PLANE IS LEAVING! How can it leave?!
d. This is insane/ unjust/ ridiculous. The door wasn’t even closed and you wouldn’t let me on.
e. How can this be?
(This is around when she stands up and leans on the the counter and sounds like her volume is being turned off)
f. I was late to arrive at Sum Chun but usually I’m not late! I said this can’t be. *something about the car she took didn’t leave on time* what does this have to do with me? *bangs table*
g. What does this have to do with me?! I don’t know, I don’t know! How could this BE! The plane hadn’t even left and you won’t let me in. This is insane, the plane hadn’t left!
h. Damnit what am I supposed to do now? (To the employee in suit) What do you say I should do?
i. You say fly directly to New York, then I’ll fly directly to New York. Change the flight to NY, right? THEN CHANGE IT TO NY! (she starts getting heated up again)
j. You should’ve let me in the gate first! (Man in suit: But I had to check your documentation) YOU SHOULD’VE LET ME IN! (Man in suit: You couldn’t’ve gone in!)
k. *inaudible… something about letting in one person is no different from letting in two…* What a dunce you are! Just let one in!

All the while the male voice you hear tries to calm her down by saying (in a professional tone) “please don’t react intensely, we will arrange you on the next possible flight. There’s no problem, please don’t overreact”

I’m slightly ashamed of her behavior, but as I’m Cantonese-American I don’t really relate to why she had to throw a fit. Actually, as a human being, I’m not too sure why she had to roll around on the airport floor. I’m hoping she had a good excuse (like a close relative or friend’s deteriorating health and her arrival was essential and mattered down to the minute)… but I guess we’ll never know.”


I looked for more information and didn’t find any. But this struck me as anything but funny. My first reaction was that this poor woman (whose language I don’t understand) was grief-stricken and probably sleep-deprived. Perhaps she was trying to get to the scene where her child had died. Nothing can console her. She MUST get to that child who needs her, perhaps even in death. Of course, she is irrational. Who wouldn’t be? I’m not laughing but rather praying for this poor woman.

Some idiot filmed her, put her on YouTube, as though grief were a joke. It isn’t. We are truly a people who do not care about the pain of others.

Helen, a couple of thoughts:

1.The gentlemen in the video appeared patient and caring, and from their facial expressions it did not seem as though the lady was indicating the death of a child or similar emergency.

2. It is true that we all respond differently to crises in our lives, dependent sometimes on our culture and sometimes on our individual emotional constitution. However, nearly all adults learn to somewhat control their behavior in public places.

3. This incident happened more than a week ago, and I strongly suspect that by now if the death of a child–or similar traumatic experience–had prompted this behavior, someone around the world would have let us know that by now.

4. I agree with you that grief is not a joke, but I disagree that “We are truly a people who do not care about the pain of others.” I believe most people care deeply when another person is in pain.


I hope it wasn’t that flight to Buffalo that she missed.

Can you imagine how she would have acted how she been on that “miraculous” flight! The video was shot in the Hong Kong airport. She had been scheduled to fly to San Francisco on Cathay Airlines.


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