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McKay Hatch Receiving Death Threats

It seems that 15-year-old McKay Hatch of the “No Cussing Club,” has so infuriated people that he and his family are now receiving death threats. I have written about this remarkable young man before, and have received more negative and vulgar comments concerning this subject than about any other I have addressed.

It is very sad. Again, I want to say how proud I am of this fine young man. He may have many vocal critics, but there are multiplied thousands who are cheering him. Please either here or on his site, let him know you are supporting him.

A South Pasadena boy who created the “No Cussing Club” is getting worldwide attention, and death threats.

McKay Hatch, 15, started his anti-profanity campaign about two years ago when he and a few friends got fed up with the foul language they seemed to hear everywhere.

The club now boosts more than 20,000 members.

But not everyone supports his cause.

The pro-cussing crowd has sent false pizza deliveries to his house along with pornographic magazine subscriptions. Hatch says his phone rings all the time and his email inbox is overflowing with profane hate messages.

He and his family drew the line when the death threats started coming in over the Internet. They promptly contacted police, who confirm an investigation is underway.

The teen’s father says one death threat in particular crossed the line.

“I was at the hospital with my wife, we were visiting family, and some guy had called on my cell phone said, ‘I know you you’re gone, you’re not there, and I’m in front of your house and I’m going to kill your family,” McKay’s father Brent Hatch said.

Hatch says police arrived within 30 seconds since they were already on alert because of the situation.

Detectives are examining the threatening emails, said South Pasadena police Capt. Richard Kowaltschuk, adding, “If someone threatens your life that is a violation of the law, whether it’s done verbally or over the phone.


By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

16 replies on “McKay Hatch Receiving Death Threats”

I really have no understanding of why people would send death threats because someone started a no cussing club. If they want to cuss then ignore the club but to send death threats is so far beyond anything reasonable that my mind hurts trying to comprehend it.


I’m proud of you, Mckay. There are enemies foreign and domestic, usually ignorant people who are limited in their vocabulary so much so that they can’t conceive cleaning up their language because it would eliminate the majority of their communication. Maybe their parents are deficient in their abilities as parents to teach basic language skills.


Obviously death threats blow the situation out of proportion. However, what’s really amazing is how people act surprised at the negative feedback. It’s not necessarily that some kid is speaking out against profanity. One’s views on free speech is irrelevant. It’s his pretentious, self-righteous attitude that really irks people. He acts like all his friends turned on him, and he had a knife held to his neck for the sole purpose of supporting the usage of shady parts of the English vocabulary, and that’s really not what probably happened. Not before his first case of melodrama anyways.


here’s an interesting point… all these folks want tolerance… they want people to tolerate their freedom to cuss or not… but the very definition of tolerance means there must be something we disagree about… this kid disagrees and that is ok.

he doesn’t want to hear it… as much as a person has the right to say foul words (although I can’t see a need to) mckay has the right to not want to hear it…

funny how tolerance is only supposed to go one way… and he isn’t trying to ban language or make it illegal… just trying to encourage people that they shouldn’t use it and if they still choose to… don’t use it around him… this is no different than a don’t smoke campaign or a don’t drink or a recycle campaign… it is just encouraging people to make smart choices and for that I say good job young man… keep on…


I’m a member of the cussing is alright given certain conditions (stubbing a big toe, smashing a hammer on my thumb, in the privacy of my own home and with only certain members of my family) never around children, work, or indeed anyone who doesn’t appreciate it – (but I do love a good swear word!)

Threatening this young boy, who i think is actually a role model for positive action and community participation for young people (whatever you think of a no-cussing club) is totally wrong and evil. I would say though that the threateners are other 15 year old boys trying (attempting and not succeeding…thanks Bekki) to make themselves feel big!


It’s hard for me to understand the mindset of someone who would make death threats at someone for having a non-cussing club. Would the person(s) making the death threat possibly feel convicted by the reproof of McKay’s club against a bad habit of cussing that they probably have? It seems like quite an extreme reaction, but as I read this, I thought of Stephen in the book of Acts. It seems pretty extreme to take someone out and stone them to death because you don’t like what they are preaching. I guess human nature hasn’t changed too much since then. Anyhow, I am praying for McKay and his family.


The people who say he’s inhibiting freedom of speech miss the mark by a long shot. He’s not trying to ban profanity. He’s trying to encourage people to make better choices about what comes out of their mouths.

Why don’t McKay’s critics get this upset at people who promote healthy eating? I find what McKay is doing comparable to someone who encourages people to quit eating fast food. It’s not an issue of banning fast food or inhibiting someone’s “right” to eat a Big Mac; it’s about motivating them to make better personal choices.

People who do that get their own television show. People like McKay Hatch who target profanity instead of obesity get… well, death threats, I guess. How sad.

I find his campaign inspiring on a personal level. There are some bad words that have become way too much a part of my regular vocabulary and I’m working to clean up the way I talk. It was reading his website a few months ago that made me decide it’s time for a change.

Not only that but, I *love* to see young people who are passionate about something take action and make a difference in the world. While I would understand if his parents urge him to throw in the towel for the family’s peace of mind, I hope that they all stick with it despite the adversity. The world needs more people like McKay Hatch.


So Helen….. are you a member of the “Cussing is O.K. Club””? Or the “Cussing is Socially Acceptable Club??? Or “Cussing is my thing Club??” Inquiring minds want to know…


The “No Cussing Club” itself was total non-news. But it is wrong when a kid can’t do his thing on the internet (a thing that hurts no one) without being threatened.

Helen, while I am not clear about your speaking of “total non-news,” so I can’t intelligently respond, I so agree with you about the threat aspect of this. It really is a shame.


This is actually the first I have heard of this ‘club.’ It’s great! I love the idea.

When I was in High School (I was in public school from Kindergarten until the day I graduated from High School), I had a definition posted on my folder all four years that said this: Profanity: the act of a feeble (weak) mind, attempting (trying and not succeeding) to express itself strongly. It made my friends think, and inspired them to improve their vocabulary.

Since High School, my co workers know that I do not cuss but I have never, ever chastised them for it. It never fails though, that they watch their language around me, and I am thankful for that.

With that being said, I am shocked to my core that someone would threaten this young man and his family for trying to make a positive impact on his community. This is NOT acceptable in any sense of the word. It’s appalling to me that someone can justify themselves in threatening a teenager and his family when we are forced to put up with the atrocities that they want to force on us. It’s my constitutional right to curse, but I choose not to. And if this family wants to encourage others to take the high (INTELLIGENT) road, of not using profanity, kudos to them.

They are in my prayers.

Bekki, thank you for your support of McKay and his family.


This is absolutely ridiculous. I can not comprehend people being so up tight about this young man starting his club or not wanting to listen to cussing. What is the deal with these people? If they want to cus or don’t like what he is doing, then they should just ignore him. I wonder what makes them so upset? I think he is a fine young man.

It has been hard for me to understand this, since as you say, no one is being forced into the club. The “man on the street” is free to cuss and fume as much as he wishes.

I wonder if it has to do with evil in the world furiously attacking that which is holy.


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