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President Obama Sworn in Twice!

I wonder if they were grinning when Chief Justice and President Obama took another (successful one this time) stab at the oath of office.

In a rare do-over, President Obama took the oath of office for a second time Wednesday after Chief Justice John Roberts and the new president had stumbled slightly over the oath’s language on Inauguration Day.

Some constitutional scholars had suggested that Obama re-take the oath just to be on the safe side. Obama did not substantively change any language on Tuesday, but after Roberts flubbed some of the wording the new president used language different from that prescribed in the Constitution.

The chief justice and the president handled the matter privately in the Map Room on Wednesday night. It took 25 seconds, and when Obama repeated the oath Roberts told him, “Congratulations, again.”

The oath as written is: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States….”

But on Tuesday Roberts said, “I will execute the office of President to the United States faithfully.” When Obama stumbled in repeating the line, it may have been because he knew the way it was supposed to be said.

White House counsel Greg Craig said Obama took the oath again merely out of caution.

“We believe that the oath of office was administered effectively and that the president was sworn in appropriately yesterday. But the oath appears in the Constitution itself,” he said in a written statement. “And out of an abundance of caution, because there was one word out of sequence, Chief Justice Roberts administered the oath a second time.”

from Fox News Politics

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

20 replies on “President Obama Sworn in Twice!”

I now note that Shirley is suddenly silent. Perhaps she now realizes that Obama’s critics are not quite as misguided as they appear.


Considering that Obama’s first swear in was not right and they had to redo a few days later, doesn’t that make Obama’s first executive order (to seal his records) invalid, since it was done before he was LEGALLY sworn in?

Jus wonderin???

Oh and check out my latest video of Reid and Pelosi demonizing the Union Thugs!


I agree with Dean…inquiring minds want to know..where is the Bible in the second oath?

Obama continues to confirm my suspicions.

Hi, Michelle. What are your suspicions?


Hi, Michelle. Welcome to my site. Hope you’re here often.

I’m curious about your statement, “Obama continues to confirm my suspicions.” What are your suspicions?


“let those persons address the world in their rude, misguided way”.

Shirley, Good Morning to you!
If we look up “rude” in the dictionary we will see the it was the wrong use of words(won’t hold that against you/anybody).

Rude as per Websters is………..
Please fill in the blanks being as I do not know what form of “rude” you are referencing.

Misguided as per Websters : led or prompted by wrong or inappropriate motives or ideals
I do know what people look like when they are high and again this was simply my “take” at the point in time in which I made this observation. I did not say that “he was high” it just looked that way to me.

In the world that I live in it is OK to make an observation with out repremand, being as it reflects my oponion which I believe is still part of the Second amendment. I could say the same thing of you (but that would be rude/misguided of me being that I do not know about you and your ideals), or would it?
You do reflect the mainstream with the way you responded to my comment so your casting of dispersions at this point is permature and does represent a certian amount of ignorance.
Thankyou for all of your time and efforts.


There was no Bible- heard that on NPR at anyrate. But to rewind to the start, I meant no respect to Mr. Obama; I was only pointing out my distinct impression.If you want to think that the likes of Desh and myself are dastardly miscreants merely for suggesting our new president might have had something to smoke, I’d like to say that at times even the emperor may way wear no clothes. I abandoned a pot habit decades ago, but I know what someone looks like when he’s had something to smoke! Many respectable folks have smoked it, and many continue to, whether we like it or not.


Lou (Linda) I think you have it right. I didnt watch the inaugural, some one in my shop had to work, but I heard it was very Lincolnesque. Comparing himself to Pres. Lincoln sounds like the title of a book….The Audacity of Hope.


I think Dean is saying there was no teleprompter there for the oath, and thus the tongue-tiedness.

Well, usually one doesn’t need a teleprompter for so few words. I’m asking, though, about the teleprompter for President Obama’s speech. I’m sure he had one. Where was it? How does it work? I couldn’t tell he was looking at anything.


On Yahoo Answers, someone asked whether or not President Obama used a teleprompter for the inaugural speech. The following was the chosen answer:

He used two teleprompters, one on each side of the podium. Watch his eyes and you can see where he looks at them. They are the grey lucite panels held on an angle, so you don’t notice them unless you are really looking.


Mr. H. Obama feels much more comfortable and looks much more believable when he is reading off a teleprompter. Seems to get really tongue tied otherwise. Needs to get a few lessons from Hillarys peeps!

Hi, Dean. I’m curious about the teleprompter. Where was it? How does it work in the open air that way?


Desh and Vetter,
Such disrespect of Mr. Obama and Justice Roberts! However, you have the freedom of speech protected by the same Constitution that Mr. Obama and Justice Roberts were ensuring was followed to the letter.

In this day and age of litigation happy America, it is a shame that because one word was out of place the President was nervous that someone could sue and say he hadn’t truly become the Commander in Chief. What would happen then? Biden would take his place? Taking the oath again is wise and now every “i” has been dotted and every “t” crossed…

I did not vote for Mr. Obama but I pray that God gives him wisdom to deal with the things our country is facing.

Thank you, Jana. I started to delete those comments, but decided to let those persons address the world in their rude, misguided way.


Ya know, that I too thought the Obama looked high (bug eyes)but just thought maybe it was me. In some ways who would blame the man, after all he has the fate of the “free world” on his back so if a little “help” was needed then that is cool with me.


As I watched Obama get sworn in, it appeared to me that he was high on marijuana. I do realize that he may well have been tired from quite likely having been up all nite previously due to the excitement. Now that I know he was sworn in twice due to a stumble in his words, it makes me wonder anew if some smoke had not had an effect on him.


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