Ben Underwood Dies

A little less than a year ago, I wrote of Ben Underwood, the amazing young man who can “see” even though he is totally blind. In an edit, I wrote of his again being attacked by cancer. I regret to say that this morning, Ben Underwood died. A compelling slide show is here.

Life is definitely not fair, I tell you, it is not. But even though Ben Underwood was dealt repeated blows in life, his story will encourage and uplift you. More here.

During this great time of loss, I pray comfort for his family–especially for his remarkable mother.

20 thoughts on “Ben Underwood Dies

  1. Anonymous

    Today is JUNE 7,20014 I was thinking about Ben and decided to look up something about him on the internet. I watched a documentary on him, and today I wanted to finish watching, but as I typed I saw where he had died years ago. As I read, my eyes begin to fill with Tears.My prayers go out to the family especially Ben’s mother. Cynthia W.(Lynwood,IL)


  2. Anonymous

    I thank God for leading me to discover such an amazing story of the chosen one, Ben was a instrument of God, through him. We saw God’s Glory. Mum had a great Faith sustained by the one who sent Ben on the earth. well done mum! We know for sure that we are going to meet Ben in heaven. As his life was so short and had a unique skill and knowledge to see with his ears. Amazing, Astonishing and wonderful testimony to show God’s powerful to the entire world


  3. Haruna jogbojogbo

    This is a very compelling story! It is a great lesson in power of human inner strength and perseverance . May he find everlasting peace and rest in bosom of the lord.


  4. Melissa

    This is really sad, Ben Underwood should of not died. He was such an amazing person. He inspired me to keep going, to never give up.
    I really do feel for bad for his family.


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  6. Anna Baker

    Wow, I am floored. I just read about Ben a year after his passing. I am greatly saddened and shocked. My prayers go out to his family. He was an incredible young man. Truly a gift from God. He taught us what strength was, and perseverance. Ben didn’t waste a moment of his life, wondering “Why me?”, he grabbed life and held on. 🙂 That young man did better on wheels and on foot than the rest of us with sight! He’s in a better place now. With our Father!

    Thank you for your post, Anna. I’m sure you were a good friend to Ben. No doubt your life has been enriched having known this exceptional person.

    God’s blessings on you always.



  7. Thanks to everyone for responding to the story of this exceptional young man. I especially am grateful to hear from you, Aquanetta, the mother of Ben. How kind of you to write this beautiful paragraph concerning your precious son.

    I wish you peace, joy, and love.



  8. Aquanetta Gordon

    WOW! I wish I had known all of these sites were on the web with people responding to Ben’s life and death. My name is Aquanetta the mother of Ben. I must say Yes Ben was definitely a child of the king, as a matter of fact Ben saw spiritually. I believe Ben saw heaven and was excited to go. God has and had given me so much peace that when Ben took his last breath I looked up to the Lord and said, “Ok Lord what do you want me to do with this” you see Ben’s life wasn’t for me nor was it for Ben. Ben’s life was for God to show his glory through. Through Christ there is hope, love, peace that surpasses all understanding. I know I will see Ben one day, but in the mean time I must complete my journey Ben did his.


  9. Melissa

    I shed a tear for you, Ben. You were amazing. Your mother is so strong. I hope your family gets through this knowing you’re in a better place. R.I.P.


  10. Thank you Amber for sharing these kind and thoughtful words about Ben.

    You’re blessed that you knew him, and you would pay him great honor by fashioning your life in such a responsible and marked way.

    God bless you.


  11. Amber Glenn

    Today was a truly sad dayyy.
    i walked the campus of sheldon high school the school ben attended. i remember when he walked the campus, people around didnt knoe he was blind just looking at him. He was a truly remarkable person. Everyone misses him, the school mentioned him on the announcements in 2nd period. and during both lunches at the high school they had a huge paper that said rip ben underwood and another quote. and people who went to the school could sign it. He was a remarkable boy and we will all miss him on our campus sheldon wont be the same with out him.


  12. Ben Dude, I hope you can see the sea like your mothers told you! i know about you today, one thay before you dies! and i cant believe this happen! good luck on the sky men! R.I.P

    David, I too hope Ben can gaze on the sea.


  13. shawna

    I was deeply saddened when I found out about Ben’s death. My heart is heavy for Aquanetta and the whole family. We don’t have the capacity to understand why God allows certain things to happen. We just have to continue our faith and trust that he is in control. I pray for God to give the family comfort and strength through this difficult time and Ben we will see you again on that great day God comes to lift us up. You are suffering no more.

    Shawna, you are so right. We must keep our faith in God…be sure we are ready to meet Him when He calls us home.


  14. Our full concern to Aquanetta and all others of the family.
    Ben- much love to you in your heaven place. we will see you at the time we have to go from this world! You have given this world so much!
    You will never be forgotten.

    Ingrid, I believe your expression of love is a source of joy and strength to Ben’s remarkable mother.


  15. mike

    Bens story was nothing short of a miracle. He inspired me and those whom I shared his life story with, once I had learned of it. God bless Ben, his memory and of course, his amazing faimly.


  16. I remember when you posted about Ben and sharing his story with my kids. May God be a comfort to the family and friends he has left behind.

    Oh, Carol. I feel so for his mother. I cannot imagine losing a child, especially one such as Ben who had been through so much…and had made such a success of his young life.

    God be with her.


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