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To The Highest Bidder–Her Virginity

It’s an auction; an unbelievable auction; an auction for her virginity; an abysmal auction where the top bid now exceeds $3.7 million dollars. This disgusting business is going on down in San Diego where 22-year-old Natalie Dylan has notified the world that her virginity is for sale–up for the highest bidder. Why the sale? To fund her advanced degree in women’s studies.

Were Natalie looking toward a career in the basest of strip-joints, or lewd television production or in X-rated theatrical productions, it might be a touch easier to understand her actions, though even then, it would be most repulsive and shocking. But 22-year-old Natalie has much higher aspirations: She is going after a degree in family and marriage therapy. This story is so unbelievable as to sound fictional, but I assure you I am not making it up.

According to the London Telegraph, Natalie Dylan, a 22-year-old San Diego woman, said she got the idea for the auction after her sister was able to pay for her college education after prostituting herself for three weeks.

She told the Telegraph that she doesn’t think she’s the only one who will be benefit from the auction.

“I think me and the person I do it with will both profit greatly from the deal,” Dylan told the paper.

What a staggering, almost unthinkable, world we inhabit. A world whose morals and self-respect are handled with such casual regard and with little solicitude. A world dominated by money, greed, and self-gratification. A world raked with uneasiness and fear, for God created man to live on a finer plane. How quickly, and deeply, though, we have fallen.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

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I will repeat what I typed in the other link plus a little extra regarding this subject. Here goes…

Hey, I fell in love and got married when I was a virgin and received way more millions than she is being offered (plus a mansion here and there, properties around the world and all sorts of luxuries) and most was a wedding gift that I had no idea I would be receiving. Although I had feelings for him before marriage, I was chosen and did not have to auction myself nor have sex before wedlock. He formally asked me and my parents for my hand in marriage after I graduated from college with several degrees. We are still married, still in love, share the same beliefs, and pray together as well. I treat him like a King because he came to me as one and valued my dignity as a real lady.

Nowadays anybody can have hymenoplasty surgery and later claim they are virgins and possibly have this claim backed by a medical exam. There are plenty women out there who lose their virginity in Wedlock and receive way more than the figures she is being offered. This null the prostitution definition in my opinion. When this lady’s money is all spent she could have serious issues with finding a man willing to stay with her for the long term and not be embarrassed being with the famous lady that most will label as the Sl%$t that pimped herself. I would not want that on my arm.

Believe it or not, there are plenty naive virgins out there who sadly give it up for free to anyone willing to sleep with them.

It is shocking how many young females out there that do not have a clue to the word “Hymen”. Some would ask, “What is that?” So in addition to not protecting their dignity, some don’t know that they have a HYMEN. Living in a free society does not mean raise your daughters to be ignorant. Thank God for my parents.
Question Section…..
How come prostitution is illegal in most states and legal in Nevada? Guess they are not such United States after all. And How come some political officials are said to have visited that Bunny Ranch? What if someone kidnap your children and pimp them in Nevada, if they are legal age for sex in that state, would the criminals not get prosecuted? WHAT THE HELL? CITIZENS OF NEVADA, STAND UP AND kill this disease wretched practice. I’m sure sinful sex is going to happen no matter what but don’t open hell’s gate freely for an all out epidemic. Just gross. For all the married people, you better increase the spice in the bedroom and not be a dud because I’m sure a few married skanks out there are bidding on this lady who appears to be Not So virgined as the title says. I don’t like labeling anyone but when all the money is gone she will be viewed as another broke W&0re in Nevada. She can have way more potential as a respectable lady than doing this garbage. But then again, probably not.

Thanks for coming by and leaving your remarks.

I agree about Nevada. They should be ashamed of themselves.


Sis. Buxton, I just heard on the news today that there is a TV show called “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”. It made me think of your post here.

Wikipedia says this about it:
“ I’m very high class, which means I charge by the hour, and I charge a lot. ”

— Belle


Belle is a graduate living in London and for the past few years has been a high class escort. She is witty and independent, always claiming she is happy being single. At work she is completely professional but her personal life is much more complicated.


Ben is Hannah’s best friend and ex-boyfriend from her university days. Ben is the manager of a London bar and his relationship with on-off girlfriend Vanessa is made complicated by his relationship with Belle.


Alex is a doctor who Belle mistakes for a client. They begin a relationship, however Alex is unaware that she is actually a call girl until Belle is caught with a client and they split up, he only agrees to see Belle again if she quits her call girl job.


Stefanie is the Madame, who like Belle was once a call girl. She is rich, glamorous, has a cutting sense of humour, and is very cynical. Actress Cherie Lunghi said about her character; “There’s a maternal aspect to her.” She reluctantly looks out for Belle and gives her advice and help.


Bambi is a naive wannabe escort who is being mentored by Belle. Bambi is fun-loving and wants to be an escort for one reason only – money.

This world doesn’t look at sin as it really is. So much of it is justified and made to look okay.
As the world moves further away from God and righteousness, that is a sign for us to move closer to God and righteousness. God, help us stand for what’s right, no matter what!


Hi Sister Buxton,

I came by and read this post earlier, and it has been on my mind all day. I’m concerned not only for this young lady, but for the impact her actions will have on other young women. If this behavior gets a lot of publicity from the press, you know it will be duplicated. I remember reading a book a few years ago by Francis Schaeffer, and in it he said something to the effect of “what was once unthinkable for one generation becomes the thinkable for the next.” It seems that I have seen that played out in so many things that once were considered shocking and outrageous, but now people hardly bat an eye. We really need the Lord, and we need to be sharing Him now more than ever.


This says so much more than what has been posted already. It says what a treasure she is to be a virgin. And, what men will pay to de-virgin her. (Made-up new word). It used to be (not so long ago) that MOST young women were virgins when they got married. Now, it is almost unheard of. By the way Sis. Buxton, Joel is coming to Mississippi to do some hunting with our pastor’s son, then he is preaching for us Sunday. It will be good to see him.


I think that is what stuns me the most – she is 22 and has managed to remain a virgin that long (which unfortunately is long in our day and age) and then suddenly become so casual about giving it up? I don’t know, something is really weird to me about that.


I am so sad that we are reading about the base element of the social fabric and of our culture being breached. Having completed my degree in the same field of study, having listened to instructors, having read the books and sat through more than one socking lecture on what are morals or what is accepted and by whose standard. The bottom line is that there is NO moral, social, cultural or religious, bad word and though process, to judge by. There is NO right or wrong, you as an individual equate your own right and wrong. There is NO instruction as to what is right or wrong.
I have endured and had several meeting with instructors over this though or philosophy and the errors that are intertwined with the NO rules ideology. NO rules! Then we have people who are teaching, guiding, counseling and on we go who are giving out the dogma of there is real right or wrong. There is no real need to here, listen, grasp or put credence to that little voice you hear at night. That’s OK just a few more visits with the counselor and that voice will be taken care of.


I we need to hear and give credibility to that small voice at night. It will it has guided man / woman to do what is right for a long, long time.
It is a game it is a plaything the core fabric of our society is being ripped apart one principle at a time. We have come to that point where a portion of our social group see’ nothing out of place by selling her most precious gift. Just to get a lot more confused. HOW! That’s all right hom you didn’t do anything wrong we, women, have be doing it for years. Your OK, the operation is just a small procedure it will only last a few moments then it is all a memories. MEMORIES?
Options. Student loans, grants, personal loans, FAFAH just to name a few. Then should she choose to practice her learned skills, whichever one, should she locate in the right social economic area the large part, up to 95%, of her loans will be forgiven.

My hand hurts and I have been far to long.

The end!


This is appalling. There are no other words for taking something so precious and turning it into such a horrifying debacle.

What happens if the ‘highest’ bidder infects her with an STD? All that money would be worthless if she contracted HIV.

This is definitely not ‘healthy’ psychological behavior, neither is her sister’s. My heart goes out to them, because something had to have made them this way.

In our world, to make it to 22 as a virgin is a virtual miracle, so why would she throw that away now?! My prayers go out to her.

Bekki, I appreciate your loving attitude and concern for this young woman. I, too, considered the fact that up to this point, she has kept herself virtuous. Why–surely not merely for the money–has she now decided to put herself at such risk.


Unbelievable…I can’t believe this isn’t against the law or something! And she’s going to be a family/marriage Therapist?!?! How convoluted can people become? I certainly wouldn’t want her to counsel anyone!
I think Heaven must be right around the corner, and I can’t wait for us all to get there! This world is crazier every day.

Hi, Janell. I truly grieve for our families…and those with whom I have contact, and with whom I have any bit of influence, I do my best to point them to Jesus–our eternal, unwavering Hope!


Sis. Buxton,

How sad! Basically sounds like an attempted intellectual, philosophical, self-justification for prostituting one’s self to me. The lengths people will go to in their attempts to justify their actions never ceases to amaze me. Sex for pay is and always will be prostitution in my book. No matter how educational or technical one attempts to make it sound.

I worry for this young lady and my hope would be that she change her mind. What a tragedy this is. However, what a greater tragedy it would be should her highest bidder turn out to be the cause of a horrific demise. This is pure foolishness….


Hi, Anna. It’s a sad story in every direction. Think of the men who are bidding for her–wealthy men, I would take it. Should they have this girl’s welfare at heart, it seems they would attempt to have a normal relationship with her to see if they even like her, to see if she is someone they could love, and in whom they wish to invest millions of dollars. Strange days, these.

Bless you and your family.


What a sad commentary on young women today. I’m not pointing fingers because at 22 years old she should be responsible for herself, but where have her parents been? What does it say about the role parenting plays on these kinds of situations that both she and her sister turned themselves into commodities? Very, very sad.

Hi, Katie. I too was startled to hear that she had gotten the idea from a similar behavior from her sister, and I concur with your thought that there is indication of a lack of skillful parenting. It is reasonable to conclude that had there been teaching on morals and self-respect, those girls would not have fallen to such depth.

However, I have four grown children, and I know some of them have engaged in activities against which they were soundly taught.

What a job is parenting–perhaps the most difficult in the world. God bless every mom and dad today. And God help us all to be moral and upright people.


I can believe it. She has probably grown up watching unsupervised television. (not that there is much difference between supervised and unsupervised tv) After a while or maybe even in the beginning how can your conscience tell a difference between fiction and reality, then the lines between right and wrong become blurred. I totally believe it. We are living in a conscience free world.

Hi, Lynda. Would that documentation could be drawn of the damage to our society from television. No doubt it would be numbing.

And now our challenges are even greater, for on the internet is everything that is available on TV–and much worse. God help us to keep our minds pure, and to persist in training our young people to guard their eyes and their thought processes.

Bless you and your family.


Indeed a shocking “auction”.

Shanti, I believe it is a blessing that we can be “shocked.” Too many in our world are jaded, hardened, and completely oblivious to the shame of such action.

Thank you for your comment.


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