Stunning Billboards

I don’t know if it is so in other places, but in many southern California locations where I have lived most of my adult life, there is a limit on the size and placement of billboards. While I quite understand that the prevention of a cluttered look is no doubt the reason for these restrictions, I must confess that I really enjoy looking at billboards, especially when they are well done, as is demonstrated on the site I have linked here.

I’ve brought over a couple, but please go to that site and look at all of them. They’re amazing.

Jumbo Muffins Billboard

The Economist Billboard

A bulb goes off on this billboard, triggered by a motion sensor. [link]

The Economist Billboard

Woodland Shoes Billboard

Creative billboard that is hard to miss. [link]

Woodland Shoes Billboard

4 thoughts on “Stunning Billboards

  1. woundedlily

    The only neat billboard I’ve seen around here is one where they have actually mounted a real tractor trailer on top. Most of them are just blah. I enjoyed looking at the ones you have found. Very, very creative.

    Makes me wonder if our churches could spruce up the bulletins.

    Lily, I believe you have spoken an important word: Certainly as churches we need to make our places as attractive as possible, so that those who pass our way will desire to come in our doors.

    Once they are inside, we need to have powerful, God infused services that meet the needs of the people.


  2. Interesting link. We have a young man in our church who graduated with his master’s degree from the premier art school in San Francisco. His mind thinks “out-of-the-box” much like the creators of these billboards. He has done commercials, ads, etc. Currently, he is in New York interviewing for a new job. I always wonder what triggers his mind to think so extreme. He did a commercial for Chipotle and had a ninja master requesting a burrito. When the order was brought to him it was missing something and the ninja master started throwing chips as if they were ninja stars. It was great!

    Oh, Jana. Sounds as though this is a young man you will hate to lose from your church. What a tremendous blessing he must be to you.


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