Yes! A Muddy Boot

Merely a few days before Christmas, here I am in the desert, craving winter weather, for, in my opinion, cold and rain and snow should be connected with winter–especially with the Christmas holidays. Not appropriate are balmy weather reports, frosty pitchers of pink lemonade on a front porch, or red slabs of watermelon served under a shade tree. No, it’s time for hot cocoa, roaring fireplaces, mittens, boots and heavy coats.

But as I say, here I am in the desert–not a high desert, where one might rightly expect some inclement weather–but a low level desert, where a few days ago, people were out jogging in shorts and skimpy tops. Guess what, though. We’re having winter! My boots prove it.

A couple of nights ago in a drizzling rain, I drove the two miles to our local Dillard’s store to finish up my shopping, and when the next morning, I looked at my boots, dsc_0004I saw they were muddy. I was happy.

Occasionally–maybe once every ten years or so–it actually snows in Lake Havasu, and when at the church last night, we were shrieking about the cold and the rain that had softly fallen throughout the day, Mike said, “It might snow tonight.” I grinned. This morning, I peered out a window, looking for the white stuff, but saw none; instead I viewed lowering clouds that hid the distant mountains.

We will be having a white Christmas, anyway, for Sunday after church we’re driving to our home in Crestline, where at the moment it is 29 degrees and where our place is covered with snow. Our neighbors who live across the street sent a picture to Jerry’s phone yesterday–it’s a winter wonderland! Can’t wait!

Breaking news: In Las Vegas–of all places–the city is practically shut down because of a rare snowstorm, which, so far, has delivered 3 inches.

4 thoughts on “Yes! A Muddy Boot

  1. Can’t wait for the photos of Crestline and all the festivities. Please post a lot, on Flickr is okay, and make me feel like I’m there with you all. Have a safe trip home. Love you!


  2. Linda Buxton

    Aunt Shirly & Uncle Jerry,

    Just a short note to let you know that Jennifer has delivered micro premeeies.
    She has started a blog,


    Linda, what a surprise–a pleasant one. I certainly will check out Jennifer’s blog so I can look at those babies.

    Congratulations to all of you. Have a wonderful Christmas.


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