11 thoughts on “Indiana is Right: We Do Trust You, God

  1. Aisha & Joel Buxton (and 3 great-grandboys)

    This proves that the present is not just doom and gloom! Although our country faces much distress, let the church arise! Yes, in Arizona, in California, in Nevada…

    (Also want to let you know what wonderful grandparents you and Pappy are. Joel and I are blessed to be able to claim you as ours! You are always apt to say beautiful things about others, and naturally so, with your talents in writing and speaking… your words are like “apples of gold, in pictures of silver”… as Proverbs puts it. We thank you for embracing and being a living example of God. You are both the sweetest, smartest, coolest, and bestest 🙂 With a debt of gratitude, we love you both very much!


  2. Good morning. I just found out that you haven’t posted on your other blog in a while. I don’t get around as I once did. Without a doubt this is a victory. When the machinery of democracy works, it’s an admirable thing. I fear that we are in a limited time frame from a prophetic perspective, but every victory in any arena is one to praise God for.

    I’m just wondering. Indiana has about four different plates from which their residents can choose from. If they were to add one that read “In Evolution We trust” would their be an outcry from those same groups?

    Have a blessed weekend in Jesus.



  3. I don’t know how they could have decided anything else! It amazes me that this is something that made it all the way to a court of appeals! Crazy.

    Right decision!!!


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