The Eggs and I


Jerry went on to park after I got out at the main entrance of the store: I hadn’t many things to buy and he would wait in the car. I had placed a few items in my cart as I whipped through several grocery aisles, and now I stood before the eggs. We don’t eat many eggs–Jerry and I–and I do only a small amount of baking in our motor home these days, but we had only one left in the fridge, so I should buy a carton of the fine contributions that chickens make to the food chain.

Usually I buy the large size, but the container where my hands landed was stocked with medium-sized ones, and I thought: Medium is good enough, maybe even a little better. One or two less calories and a slightly reduced cholesterol dose. Besides that the carton was pink and pretty, and the price seemed okay: $2.29 for one dozen.

I knew a clerk was standing beside me for there was a stock cart close, and I turned my head now and saw that the young man was looking at me. He had blond curly hair, and he smiled.

“We have these on special, Ma’am. One ninety-nine…for 20 eggs.”

“Oh, good, I’ll take those.” I replaced the pink carton, and he handed me a large, flat container of 20 extra-large eggs. I smiled.

Know something! People are really nice. They’re pleasant, helpful, and caring. As I walked toward the check-out counter, I thought of the small–perhaps to some inconsequential–interchange that had just evolved, and I must tell you it warmed my heart. A young man, perhaps barely a tender beard, had seen a short little-ole lady checking out eggs nestled in a pink Styrofoam container, and knowing he could save her a few pennies, had acted on the thought.

Neat, wouldn’t you say.


16 thoughts on “The Eggs and I

  1. Chickens came before eggs, of course…unless God created eggs along with the animals He fashioned.

    But what of dinosaurs and the ark? Once I read someone’s theory that God did exactly that: created dinosaur eggs. Hmmm, indeed.


  2. Dean:
    Sometimes I wouldn’t find all the eggs and they would hatch and we would have a bunch of baby chicks; some hens and some roosters. When the roosters got big they ran the old rooster off and he had to spend the rest of his life at the barn while the young roosters dwelled in the front yard or had access to the whole place. So the old rooster was not the king of the roost anymore because the young roosters took over. That/s like some folks, When these young bucks get big enough they want to run off the elders and they take over.
    Brother Webb
    Brorhwwr Webnbn


  3. dean

    I heard turkeys were very protective and maternal where their offspring are unhatched. Unlike chickens, who lay and run!! Not economical to market turkey eggs. Free range eggs are awesome! Must have something to do with their breeding. Chicken or the egg……???


  4. Sister Buxton:
    When We wefe back in Indiana we lived on a farm.We had several hens and a rooster. The hens were free to run about. They laid their eggs here and there. When we found them, there would be like 20 eggs in one pile. I noticed that the yoke in those eggs were a deeper yellow than the ones you buy in the store.
    Brothr Webb


  5. I feel that we hear and read about so much bad and evil, Grandfather from $%+@, that we feel that it an oddity when someone good, decent and just plan ordinary crosses our path. Sort of gives us back some hope and faith in and for the human race.



  6. Eggs are good. Eggs are bad. Eggs are good. Eggs are bad. Egg researchers are schizophrenic. The latest word is that they are good for you:

    “…many in the fore-front of anti-aging research believe that moderate egg consumption of one per day should be an integral part of a complete anti-aging diet.”

    (and yes… people can be very kind! Glad you shared this story. If this young man only knew you thought so much of his gesture to share it with the world… what a compliment!)


  7. dean

    Ever eat a turkey egg? Ever wonder why they are seldom found in grocery stores? How about a infrared oil less fried turkey? Full of questions , aren’t I?


  8. Esther

    Well Sis. Buxton, it’s a good thing you got all those eggs. You have to cook for those beautiful grandkids. Lucky you. Shawna can bake something too. She is good at that. I envy you having them next week. Give them all some hugs from their Nana.


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