Dungeon Dad, Josef Fritzl, Charged with Murder

Breaking news is that Josef Fritzl, the dungeon horror dad, has been charged with murder of his son/grandson to whom his daughter Elizabeth gave birth while being held captive by her father.

VIENNA, Austria —  Austrian prosecutors say the man accused of imprisoning his daughter for 24 years and fathering her seven children has been charged with murder.

The state attorney’s office says it has charged suspect Josef Fritzl with homicide because one of the children died in infancy. Prosecutors say experts believe the infant might have survived if Fritzl had arranged for proper medical care.


As I have written before, this is the most sickening, horrendous case I have ever heard. I wish Fritzl justice, but I ask you: What is justice for such a being? Life in prison? Death? A mental hospital bed? Supervised probation in the name of forgiveness and tolerance? Freedom with an ankle bracelet?

28 thoughts on “Dungeon Dad, Josef Fritzl, Charged with Murder

  1. This post, along with the comments really stirred me. You know I have posted a lot on the subject of family violence. After reading the comments it reminded me how easy it is to point the blame in one direction or another. It’s not so easy to take those emotions and turn them into actions to prevent this type of abuse from happening in our community. The stats don’t lie and family abuse knows no socio economic bounderies. Thank you for posting this.


  2. Everyone, everyone. Please forgive me, I did not mean to hijack Sis. Buxton’s blog. As I read Dean’s last comment, I thought, “you know, I have never had the pleasure of hearing this elder man of God preach” like so many of you have. I can understand why my comment might have seemed disrespectful in light of this.

    Hopefully we can move on from here and you can all forgive me.


  3. It appears as though this blog has been hi-jacked from the original post. LOL

    Darla, just for the record, I understand what you are saying. There have been times Sis. Buxton left comments on my blog with her name. I refer to her as “Shirley” when I respond to her comment. I do the same for Sis. Hopper when I refer to her as “Karen.” In no way do I mean disrespect to these dear women and when I see them face-to-face, I will always address them as “Sis._______.” Blogs do seem to be more familiar than formal. My husband has been a licensed minister for 33 years, is degreed, and is usually called “Pastor,” “Rev.,” “Mr.,” but on his blog, he is just Brian. This is probably because of his age. Bro. Webb is from what we often refer to as “old school.” His generation always used proper titles. Maybe understanding the differences in generations can give you a better perspective. It’s all good!


  4. Brother Webb and others,

    If anyone read that I thought Brother Webb might be snooty, please accept my apology. I agreed with his position. I just don’t see the need for the use of such formality on the internet. It sounds exclusive (like the ones of us who don’t use it aren’t Christians, which isn’t what you meant at all) or as though your comments are somehow better researched (or whatever), due to seminary, which I doubt.

    But this is a personal blog of a woman who is clearly both pentecostal and inclusive of other Christians. Her attitude is that of love toward the saved and unsaved alike. I hope Darla knows that her comment brought us to common ground and understanding. She wasn’t disrespectful to ask Brother Webb to explain himself. I didn’t mean to be either, so if I was, I am sorry.


  5. dean

    It has been many years since I heard Bro. Webb preach, but I can assure everyone on this blog, he was not a snooty preacher!! Fire and Brimstone! And saving grace of Jesus Christ, as it should be!! Wish I could hear Brothers Buxton, Henry Moore Sr. and Brother Webb preach again!


  6. Brother Webb: Please accept my apology. It really was not my place to address this on a public forum.

    Sister Buxton: I am sorry for raising this issue on your blog. I’ll try to make better use of my brains in the future.


  7. Darla:
    Let me add that most people outside our ranks refer to me as Mr. Webb or Robert. However since this is a Christian blog, I can feel free to address myself as Brother Webb. If Helen wants to refer to me as Robert then she can feel free to do so.
    Brother Webb


  8. Bro. Webb, Bishop Webb, Pastor Webb, Dr. Webb, The right Rev. Dr. Webb, I love it and please, Bro. Webb, don’t change it. Heaven knows and for sure hell knows that it is more than a prefix.


  9. Darla:
    Thanks for the up lifting coment. I think that people outside our fellowship will respect me just as well. There is a lady from another religion, when she calls me to ask questions about the scriptureas , always asddress me as Pastor Webb.
    With love and respect Brother Webb


  10. Brother Webb: This comment is written with the utmost respect, please understand.

    I come from the same apostolic/pentecostal fellowship as you. I understand what the Word of God says about the ministry and have nothing but the utmost respect for that office. I call my pastor, Pastor ______, and at no time do I address him any other way. I also call ministers, when I have the chance to address them face to face, as Brother and their last name, like yourself.

    However, my pastor, being a great example of this in my life, does not expect others outside of our fellowship to address him as Brother _______. He works a job outside of pastoring and, in fact, does not let it be known that he is a pastor except when the time is absolutely right, because he believes it changes the perception of people not of the same beliefs and it is very important for him to find common ground with them.

    In the blogging world, I know of many pastors who call themselves by their names and not Brother “so and so”. Even though this blog is a Christian blog, it is also read by many people not of our fellowship.

    I understand very well why Helen made her comment, Brother Webb. I have contemplated all morning whether I would comment or not because I do not want to appear disrespectful. However, I am wondering if you have considered how your comment could be perceived by those not of our fellowship?

    Again, written with great respect.


  11. Nita

    This man had to be distorted mentally from early childhood. It is true sins are passed and only God can break that chain – but thank God He can do it. Punishment must come for his crimes according to the crime, but I believe as long as a human is living let us pray that he be saved. As horrible as this crime is Hell will be even worse. We are born into sin but we have a Saviour that can deliver ALL sin. It is easier I am sure to think this way when it its not happening to my family. I pray for those that were abused and for the abusers soul. I am at the same time thankful that he has been charged and hopefully wil not be set free. This should be a sign to all that there is no goodness in human flesh. The only goodness in us comes from God. Sin will take a man further than he ever meant to go. As a human I could not never forgive such as this, but His mercy is everlasting.


  12. Helen:
    I am not trying to be snooty. We Pentecostals call each other brother and sister. Besides I am a minister and it is proper to be called Brother Webb. I could be called Elder Webb or Doctor Webb because I have a doctorate degree. If I just say Bob or Robert it would be too comon because I would be denying my title as a minister.
    Elder Webb


  13. I agree with Helen that “Some of this sounds “cruel and unusual.” My, aren’t we Christians? God forgives and cleanses the sinner and this man, should he ever call on God and ask His mercy, would be forgiven his horrible sins by a gracious Savior. RIGHT?

    He would still pay the penalty for those sins here on earth, like most of us do when we err. And in this case, the penalty SHOULD be equal to the crime and quickly enforced by the laws in place. The quicker the better so as to offer some peace to those who have been abused by this man. To drag out the trial will only drag out the uncertainty that their abuser won’t pay for his crimes and could go free to abuse again.

    I offer this prayer for those of us who are reading the articles about this man and wanting to see him severely punished, myself included:

    “God, have mercy on us that we don’t judge too harshly those who have sinned against man and Yourself. Help us to find compassion for those who have been abused themselves and perpetuate that abuse on others. Let us never forget “but there for the grace of God go I.”


  14. I agree with Brother Webb. The man is obviously sick. He cannot go free. But how about a little mercy? Some of this sounds “cruel and unusual.”

    And Brother Robert Webb, why aren’t you Bob or Robert? That that Brother stuff sounds real snooty.


  15. Marice McDonald: Excuse me for the spelling blunders I know better, But I said you are pretty free with your vulgarity aren’t you? This is a Chritian blog so what are you doing here?
    Any one of us would be capable of doing the same thing if our minds snapped.

    The scripture said in Ps. 85:10 “Mercy and truth are met together; righteousnes and peace have kissed each other”
    Brother Webb


  16. Esther

    Well, I think that anything that is done to this beast will be too good. Very few things in my 72 years have caused me “lose it” so to speak. I say, cut off his “you know what” put him in a basement situation (the same as he did) and let him rot there. Altho’ someone with this kind of mentality would probably not understand why he was being punished. Sorry for the bluntness.


  17. Maurice McDonald

    Look, I just don’t get it!
    Where was the Mother during this 24 year sicko
    crime serial? and during the 7 years he raped their daughter before he imprisoned her in the cellar???
    How did he “let” three of the incest children upstairs to live with he and his wife?
    How was this allowed to happen over and over before and after the imprisonment without complicity from the wife???
    What a sad tale and hopefully he will find justice when he gets to “Go To Jail”!
    I say put the s.o.b. in a dungeon with other rats and see how he sleeps.
    Let’s hope society treats the survivors well.


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