7 thoughts on “Does It Matter to You that Obama is Calling for an Extensive Civilian National Security Force?

  1. Bullet Bob

    The Swiss has every man Jack just about in a Civilian Army. EVERY HOUSEHOLD just about has a Rifle and they have never been invaded in recent history. This even as Nazi Germany was sweeping Europe. The reason ? It would have been too costly.


  2. Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. I have chatted with many high schoolers and am shocked at what they aren’t learning. And for those who aren’t concerned about this plan of Obama’s and KNOW their history? They are the ones who really blow my mind….


  3. ckmcb6834

    It is a terrifying idea! Obama is on the verge of ruining a once strong nation. Not to say that either choice was a good one, I mean the republicans have screwed up this nation enough for the past eight years, and although I did vote Republican, not for any racial reasons but more the fact that I wasn’t a huge fan of Obama’s foreign policies. I could not care less about the color or sex of a person as long as they had the prereqs to run this country. Obama does not have the experience. We just got rid of one president that had no real prior experience in running a country and now, we have traded him in for a SOCIALIST. He is going to do his best to change America into his vision. A CIVILIAN SECURITY FORCE? Isn’t that just another way of saying police? His own personal police force? If that does not scare any red blooded American, I don’t know what should. our country is now coming under attack by one of it’s own and we have no one to blame but ourselves. We are the ones who put this man in power, we can only hope and pray that we make it through the four years and we can elect a new president.


  4. Shades of the National Socialist Party.For people too young to understand history – Hitler’s party were socialists Not facists.
    People who gave him large sums of $$$ were the first to be murdered long before the concentration camps. Look at the school teachers with the Obama propaganda. We are in trouble with a capital T!


  5. Sister Buxton:
    No true Christian could ever vote for a man like Barack Obama. He claims to be a Christian but he is not. People uses the term “Christian” for a cop-out. The desciples were called “Christians in Antoich because they taught the pelple from the Woprd of God. Obama hates the Word of God. There is a video in youtube.com of him putting down the scriptures.
    Brother Webb


  6. Sister Buxton:
    Yes it does matter to me. I fear that it might be like the KGB in Russa or the Nazis in Germany or like Castro in Cuba. The Cubans in Florida are afread it might be just like they came out of with Castro.
    Brother Webb


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