Beauty of Tucson

On Thursday and Friday Jerry and I were in Tucson for a conference, about which I will write later. At this moment, I want to share some of the beauty that came our way.I’ve spoken of this church before; it seats 1200 and the wall behind the pulpit is an expanse of glass reaching from side to side, and revealing a stunning view of sky and mountains. As we drove to the church, we viewed scenes such as these. Tucson is a beautiful city, flanked by mountains and capped by cerulean pristine skies.

A pastor’s wife is moved deeply by the thought of the great task set before the church.

Soon this beautiful child will be a woman. I pray for her and the complicated world she faces.

From across the auditorium floor, this engaging little girl smiled into my camera lens. I moved closer and snapped a few frames of her and her brother.

One more little beauty, compliments of the Sansom family.

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