Dungeon Incest Dad Bricked Up His Own Mother

Fritzl, the evil dungeon dad admits to locking away his mother here.

VIENNA, Austria — Cellar monster Josef Fritzl has admitted he kept his mom bricked up in a locked room “for years” until she died. Incest dad Fritzl, 74, told a psychologist it was revenge for abuse he claims he received at her hands. He said: “I never had any love from her. She used to beat me, hit me until I was lying in a pool of blood on the floor. I never had a kiss. I was never cuddled.” Local council files showed Fritzl inherited the home in Amstetten, Austria in 1959 “because his mother had died.” He locked her in an attic room where she is said to have died in 1980. No neighbors remember seeing her over the 21 years. Fritzl told Dr. Adelheid Kastner: “I bricked in the window so that she never again saw the light of day.” Fritzl later fathered seven children by daughter Elisabeth, 42, who he locked in a cellar at their home for 24 years. Three lived upstairs with him and wife Rosemarie, 69. The others were kept with their mom. Asked if locking up his mom had given him the idea for caging Elisabeth, Fritzl said: “To be honest I just didn’t think about it, about her being my daughter.”

“I thought of her as my wife and patner.”

From The Star

I have never heard of a more evil man. He absolutely deserves to be locked away, never again to see the light of day.

I continue to pray for Elizabeth and her children. She is a truly amazing mother. I hope you will follow the link and read stories of how she is caring for her children.

10 thoughts on “Dungeon Incest Dad Bricked Up His Own Mother

  1. randy

    I believe this was like the worst atrocity in history, worse than the holocust, and that matter I have studied and really feel. Although nearly 12 million people were exterminated they did not have to suffer for so many decades and years. I’m further saddened by the general publics’ idea of justice, ultimate justice will be distributed in the souls quest of discovering its actual home. Events on the earth are only the tip of the iceberg. Who are we to decide what punishment anyone deserves. In my mind, Joseph Fritzle was driven by a force we all allow to live and flourish in society. We are all guilty in some respect but the few who carry out these type of atrocities will pay more then is appearant.


  2. anakris

    Fritzl keeping his mother in the attic is yet another twist to this sadistic tale. Where on earth did he get the physical stamina to keep this 3-ring circus going? Can you imagine the effort it took to do all this and for so many decades. He must have gotten his strength from a supernatural source – like Hades. And again where was his wife and the Austrian authorities while all these people were being held captive?


  3. sam

    This is so twisted and perverted. How could this have happened? How could his wife not see what was going on. As Hana says if he was locked up, who fed his mother? Are the police investigating those around him? I feel sorry for his daughter and her children, but that isn’t enough to feel. I hope they can get through this.


  4. Emma

    Reading the story about Fritzls which was awhile back, left me traumatized for life. However, now that I am back to my senses and can comment on a story like this, I do believe he is insane. If he wasn’t than he is the biggest monster the world ever produced. Needless to say, my heart goes out to Elizabeth and her unfortunate children. God bless them.


  5. Laurie

    OMG!!! this man should be locked up for life and with his age im sure it wont be long….. My heart breaks fpr Elizabeth and her children…… I pray for her EVERY night…….


  6. Hana

    I don’t quite understand. Joesf Firztl’s mother was locked by him from 1959 til 1980, he was jailed 18 months in 1967 for raping a woman. Who fed his mother during that period?


  7. This person should be put as far back as the can in a saddest, poorest, dirtiest prison they can find. It should be demanded of him the he die in the Mambertine Prison, please forgive my spelling, where the greatest Theologian Paul was held while in Rome.



  8. I have never been able to leave any comments on these articles concerning the Fritzl family because I literally have no words in me to speak or write about someone this hideously evil. All I know to say is “God, please have mercy on Elisabeth and her children.”


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