I Voted Today

I voted today.

Following are twenty reasons that I voted for John Sidney McCain:

1. I believe he is more apt to appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court–judges who will uphold the constitution and who will not deign to legislate from the bench.

2. He plainly states that life begins at conception, a true believer in the sanctity of life. Unlike Barack Obama who voted against medical care for “botched abortion babies,” John McCain is a protector of both the born and the unborn.

3. He has a beautiful wife who loves America and who has never indicated she is ashamed of our country.

4. I believe my children and grandchildren are more likely to experience America as I know it with John McCain as President. With all its imperfections, shortcomings and blemishes, the United States of America yet remains the greatest country in the world.

5. He has proven his love, loyalty, and allegiance to our country.

6. I much prefer to have him as Commander-in-chief than to have Barack Hussein Obama in that position. Sixty-eight percent of the military will choose Senator McCain–this includes both retired and active personnel.

7. Neither in his history, nor in his current sphere of influence is John McCain seen to be surrounded by friends, advisers, mentors, and ministers who are known radicals and terrorists.

8. John McCain kept his word when he said he would limit his campaign spending to public financing. Barack Obama, after having saying he would do the same, reversed himself and opted out of public financing, now having spent more on his campaign than has been spent on any other in history–more than 600 million. (Strange isn’t it–given Obama’s penchant for taking from those who have more and giving to those who have less. For the poor there could have been multiplied millions had he kept his word concerning public campaign financing.)

9. John McCain did not sit for 20 years in a church in which the minister was blatantly racist, and, who, in the pulpit cursed America.

10. Two years ago John McCain issued a non-heeded warning that our economy was headed for disaster, especially pointing to problems with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He was point-on correct.

11. John McCain was right about the potential success of The Surge. We are winning the war in Iraq.

12. John McCain does not hold Socialist or Marxist views. He does not plan to “spread the wealth around.” He will not take money from my sons ( who have worked hard and done well) and give it to others.

13. John McCain understands that during such economic stressful times as we have now, taxes should not be raised. They should be lowered for everyone.

14. Over the years, John McCain has been seen as authentic, consistent and honest.

15. John McCain has a wide record of accomplishment. Barack Obama has almost none.

16. I am pleased with Sarah Palin, his choice for vice-president. She has an impressive executive resume. Among other positions she has filled that of mayor and of governor–one of America’s most popular governors. She effected positive change in Alaska. She is a Christian and cherishes her Down’s Syndrome baby. She’s courageous and stands well under pressure.

17. John McCain willingly furnished an authentic, uncontested,  birth certificate to prove he is American born.

18. He understands the world and its leaders.

19. John McCain is not linked with shadowy suggestion of voter fraud–as in ACORN.

20. John McCain did not smirk at the thought of Joe the Plumber, nor did he cut-off TV stations that asked him or Sarah Palin hard questions.

25 thoughts on “I Voted Today

  1. Dean, you said it. I just wasn’t gutsy enough to do it my self – a puppet. Could we say a pawn in the evil scheme the enemy has for this Nation? Birds of the same feather… right Brother Robert Webb? His friends are dangerous men. What is wrong with all who simply want “something different”.
    We were once hippies in my younger years, wanting “something different”. Where did that take us? One one question to me – does Mr Obama know what is really going? We do – it’s the last days. If we pray, God’s will WILL be done.

    Nobody will ever know if pass history’s pawns understood their destiny, their ultimate end. I think they were taken over, then knew nothing right anymore.


  2. Dean:
    The Bible said in 1Cor. 15:33, “Evil communications corrupt good maners.” That word communications mean “asociates.” Barack Obama asociates with evil persons like the ACORN, Jerimiah Wright, and Lewis Farracon.” Those men are evil. You can tell a person’s charctor by the copmpany he keeps. So, if his friends are evil, that makeds him an evil person too. So, Everyone that voted for Barack Obama has voted for an evil, man.
    Brother Webb


  3. dean

    Helen, sure wish you would live old white men out of your posts. Your political leanings are costly to the average american. You love history so you know what happens when Democrats are in office. Higher Taxes, Entitlement programs that dont work, heavy burdens on those that do work. Senator H. Obama is not a evil man. But his left wing, ultra Radical Liberal buddies are. He is just a puppet.Watch him dance and sing. And remember to thank those Old white men for what you do have.


  4. Jean WalteR

    I have sent my ballot in…voted for the one that best fits what I believe in! Let us all join in prayer for our nation. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


  5. Race? Are we that childish? I would hope not. This is THE most important election ever! As one commentator mentionned, pray.
    No McCain/Palin is not ideal on all points, but sure is a better choice.
    1 thru 20 = 100%


  6. Nita

    Yes you really are a democrat! Flip Flop. At first you stated none of this was about race, but wait- now it is all about that with you now. For me, race has absolutely nothing to do with it. I shop, go to lunch, church and have gone on road trips with black people. I dearly love them. They have enriched my life. On the other hand you seem to have a lot of anger when things are not stated your way. Goodness but you people have sure tried to make this a race issue. Well guess what—it just isn’t. It is all about who is qualified and would be the best leader of this nation. There are things about John McCain that I don’t agree with, but he certainly is the best of the two. Have you taken much time to really examine who you are voting for?


  7. I don’t like Obama’s big ears. So I am voting for the rich white lady.
    Oh wait, she lost.
    Ok, the little angry white man.

    There, how’s that for really boning up on my politics.
    Scary thing is there are hundreds of thousands just like me!


  8. Dear Helen-
    I felt compelled to let you know that for me this election has absolutely nothing to do with race. I really don’t care if the person running is Indian, Hispanic, African American, Italian, Asian, etc. I just cannot place my vote for someone who is not against abortion. This is one of my biggest turn-offs with Senator Obama. Plain and simple as it sounds.


  9. Sis. Buxton, I too voted for McCain. Unfortunately not all Christians are McCain supporters . Some in fact have resorted to speaking very ill towards people who are McCain supporters. I heard reports of this from a few minister’s wives but had not witnessed it myself. I’m sad to report it has not occured a few times among some of our congregation. We should not focus one one another but rather the candidates in the election process. I do not see how a Christian can forfeit Biblical truths for any candidate.

    I simply feel to not argue against people not voting my view but rather pray that God will have mercy on America. Again, God Bless America!


  10. Helen,

    I think that one fact you’ve forgotten to mention here is that Barack Obama is every bit as much “White” as he is “Black.” This is a fact that not many people have paid attention to in this election. If someone with a full black heritage or background were running for office, I could maybe see where you are coming from. Nobody seems to care that Barack Obama did not grow up in a fully black culture, that his grandparents were some of those “greedy white people,” and that he doesn’t have a true clue what the black culture faces on a daily basis. He is as much “White” as he is “Black.” Face it, be real about it and be honest and stop making this election about racism.

    If we were honest about what his race is defined as, it would be neither black or white but:
    Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) –
    mu⋅lat⋅to   [muh-lat-oh, -lah-toh, myoo-] Show IPA Pronunciation
    noun, plural -toes, adjective
    1. the offspring of one white parent and one black parent: not in technical use.
    2. a person whose ancestry is a mixture of Negro and Caucasian.
    3. of a light-brown color.
    1585–95; < Sp mulato young mule, equiv. to mul(o) mule 1 + -ato of unclear orig.

    Nobody talks about this or gives a rip. All they talk about is how he is a black man being ostracized by racist white people. I say “Get a life.” His race is not an issue here, his politics are!


  11. During the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s, any time blacks got too ambitious and made the establishment (old white men) nervous, the old white men cried “socialist” or “communist.” What they meant was, I’m loosing my privileged status. Martin Luther King Jr. was called a “communist” many times. This charge was investigated by the FBI and proven untrue.

    Have none of you read “King’s Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?” In 1964, King explained that while white people were satisfied with “progress,” blacks were seeking “equality.” The marches changed the laws, and whites were okay with that. But King said the fight for “equality” would not be won so easily. White people would resist because “equality” would cost more than they were willing to pay; it would cost them their status and their wealth. It might also mean costs for their children. So why are you shocked now that a black man is running for POTUS that he wants to “share the wealth”?

    This election is more about race than most people know. It is not about “socialism” or about “communism”; it”s about economic equality for blacks and other poor people (for King identified racism, poverty, and militarism as the “triple evils” that must be fought together). White people know that “equality” will require a loss of “their money,” and they won’t have that privilege and power, so they scream “socialist,” because they don’t want to see themselves as racists.

    When Obama has said, “power concedes nothing,” he is quoting Frederick Douglass. Obama knows his history. Do you? Black history is American history. Has America given equal power (and money) to her black citizens? Should She?

    If you believe in equality, vote for Obama. If you don’t think there’s a black America and a white America, if you don’t think there’s a rich America and a poor America, if you don’t think there’s an educated America and an uneducated America, You just think, there’s the United States of America, vote for Obama. If you think these divisions exist but shouldn’t, vote for Obama. It’s time for a change.

    If you like white privilege and the status quo (and more of the same), vote otherwise. If you enjoy pretending it’s okay to have poor people in a rich nation and if you want to blame that on someone who hasn’t had the capital (only they call it “money”) to start a business or get and education, if you enjoy calling such people “lazy” because that means you aren’t, then vote otherwise. In this country, you can vote as you will and should be able to do so. But don’t be so foolish as to pretend this isn’t about white greed and racism. Don’t look the other way and pretend God likes you better.

    from my blog http://helenl.wordpress.com/2008/10/30/hes-a-socialist/


  12. Farrell Forrest Jr.


    I agree with your list completly …….my absentee vote last week was McCain/Palin.

    I will answer your email tomorrow….have to run.

    Love Jr.


  13. Sis. Buxton:
    Your list of twenty reasons is both will ordered and thought full. More than enough reasons for those who seek a real answer in these troubled times.



  14. 1. Amen
    2. Amen
    3. Amen
    4. Amen
    5. Amen
    6. Amen
    7. Amen
    8. Amen
    9. Amen
    11. Amen
    12. Amen
    13. Amen
    14. Amen
    15. Amen
    16. Amen
    17. Amen
    18. Amen
    19. Amen
    20. Amen
    21. On a lighter note, Mrs. Palin wears great shoes! (Obviously this is not really a reason I am voting for them BUT ……it’s still true!)


  15. Sister Buxton;
    You gave a beautiful list of reasons to vote for McMain. I have already voted with an absentee ballet. I voted for John McCain and also YES on prop 8

    I think that people and especially Christian people that votes for Barack H, Obama are blind and cannot see. They are with no understanding.
    Brother Webb


  16. You gave a lot of good reasons to vote for McCain here, Shirley. I think my main ones are #2 and #4, but I certainly agree with you about the rest. I won’t be voting until Tuesday, but we all need to vote. Thanks for the encouragement.


  17. dean

    What a great country we live in!! We actually have a voice in our future! I agree with the entire post, Sis. B., and I will wait my time in line next week. Peace


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