Crestline Happenings

In the late afternoon yesterday we arrived back here in Lake Havasu after having spent the better part of a week at our home in beautiful Crestline. Jerry had a doctor’s appointment on Monday morning, so immediately after church last Sunday we drove home.

“I’m coming up on Tuesday to spend a few hours with you and Mom,” Rebecca told her dad on Sunday. “I’ll be bringing the rest of my birthday pie.”

A rare occurrence is for Jerry to grocery-shop, but on Tuesday morning, he traipsed down to Goodwin’s market and came home with a chuck roast, a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. Rather proud of his selection, I think, he noted how beautiful was the roast, and a little fretfully explained that he had thought of buying steaks, but at nearly $10.00 a pound had decided instead on the old standby of a pot-roast. “They’re really hard to beat,” he argued to my smiling, “been-there done-that” face.

“Exactly so,” I agreed.

I seared well the piece of beef and set it to cook atop the stove in a heavy covered pot. The tantalizing scent permeated our mountain home during the afternoon and greeted Rebecca and Nathaniel when they arrived around 4:30. We had eaten no lunch. “Come hungry,” I told Rebecca earlier in the day, planning that we would have dinner as soon they could drive up the mountain after she picked up Nathaniel from school. He was a sight when he walked in the front door.

The meal was scrumptious, concluding with the half pie Rebecca had brought. Her birthday was on the previous Saturday and some friends had taken her out to dinner and somewhere in the mix a delicious Brownie/Caramel/Mousse pie came into play, and its luscious remainder was now split four ways…and finished off.  We visited so late and long that Rebecca told Nathaniel he had to get started on his homework, at which he balked, but to which he finally turned his attention.

We had plans, Rebecca and I, so at 8:30 on Wednesday morning, I pulled into her driveway, she heard me and quickly came to the car. We had lots to do. For breakfast, we drove to Starbucks for coffee and muffins (I know, I know. I’ve voiced issues with Starbucks, but read carefully I did not say I wouldn’t go there, but that when I had a choice I would choose another place, and anyway I had gift cards. 🙂  ) We talked a long time over our muffins, then drove to the mall where the mama treated the birthday girl to a couple of presents. Rebecca snagged a pair of brown shoes and a quite necessary unmentionable–actually two of the deals. And yes, the mama shopped too and wore new black shoes to church this morning as proof.

The day slipped too quickly, and we must have lunch before I had to drive Rebecca back to her home, for  Nathaniel must be retrieved from school, so we dashed to Marie Callender’s. We split a super dish of Beef Stroganoff and each had a green salad, which were so large, we could also have split them.

“We don’t spend enough time together,” one of us said, and the other agreed, but we’ll do it as often as we can, we pledged.

Rebecca is the best daughter any mother could have. She is beautiful in every way, and I love her dearly.

On Thursday I cleaned, for the holidays are coming, you know, and Jerry and I will be home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I can’t wait, and I want everything as nice as is possible, although I am not one to overly fret about perfection. However, my large collector’s cabinet in which I display a moderate collection of carnival glass was howling for attention. I spent 3 hours on the thing. You read right; actually it was probably closer to 4 hours. I completely emptied it, hand washed and dried every piece of glass, took out the glass shelves, washed and dried them, then polished the inside and outside of the cabinet to a gleam. I took a tiny brush to the crevices, then Windexed the little panes until finally it was splendid.

I gauged the crystal and carnival glass items as I returned them, rearranging, thinking of the occasions when I received some as gifts, or when I had bought them at a shop, fingering the tags on those I have promised to Chloe and Gentry and Nathaniel. I sketched around with thoughts of my death, and how those grandchildren will react when I am gone, and my pieces of colored glass will now be their own.

Andrew and Shawnna and their five came by to spend the night on Friday after a party in Rialto. It occurred to me as I hugged Cole that something looked funny about him. “Let me look at you, Cole.” He grinned, I held him straight in front of me, and saw that he is missing his four front teeth. Two on the top–two on the bottom. On Saturday morning before they left he posed for a picture.

“I can’t believe he’s grinning like that at you,” Andrew said. “He wouldn’t let us take a picture at all.”

Later I snapped a few shots of the kids with their Pappy, and in every one of them, Cole grins widely, as though to show well his snaggly appearance.

16 thoughts on “Crestline Happenings

  1. Debbie Saiz

    Great post. . . .makes me think of the special times that I cherish when my Mom and I are together! What a great family you have! Love Nathanael’s big shades and the pics of the the other grandkids! You and Bro. Buxton are blessed! Love you!!


  2. Juno: It would be wonderful if you, Sandy and Mariah could be with us in the Mountains for Christmas, You could fly into Ontario International. It’s only an hour from our house. Let’s do it man. JB


  3. Farrell Forrest Jr.


    I was home in September and actually was in Ariz. and Vegas for 5 days attending a conferance. Sandy and Mariah flew out to stay with me for 3 days. You and Shirley were visiting, I believe Washington. Any way hope to be home again for the Christmas holidays.

    I hope to arrange for my family to fly out to visit sometime in the near future. It is hard to arrange because everyone has such a busy schedule. Sandy and Mariah was disappointed they missed you and Shirley last month.

    Love, Jr.

    Jr, watch for incoming email. 🙂


  4. Nathaniel

    Dear Rob in Gallup,

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your letter: it has helped me to look at the piano in a much different way. Your letter has really inspired me.
    I don’t know what else to say except THANK YOU SO MUCH.



  5. Rebecca, watch your mail for Rob’s email address.

    Nita, is your cousin, not Nita Hodges. Cool, huh?

    Rob, thank you for your continuing interest and for the link to your site. Look forward to reading there.


  6. Rob in Gallup


    I don’t think there’s any way for me to convey just how much your response meant to me. There is a lot of background that makes this whole exchange particularly meaningful to me. I am so, so incredibly glad to hear of the change in Nathaniel’s approach to piano lessons. I truly hope and pray that it will turn into a lifelong musical pursuit for him.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I simply had to share the story of this dialogue with my friends and relatives, not for any credit to myself, but rather as a tangible example of how amazing it is to me when God works through willing people, even in so unlikely a setting as an internet blog. I wanted to invite you to my corresponding blog post so that you can perhaps understand a little of the background yourself.

    As a side note, I hesitated at using real names, but as Shirley has used the family’s real names in her own blog, I hope you will not mind my use of them as well.

    The blog I wrote today is at:

    And Shirley, thank you for the way you facilitated this conversation and made it possible through your blog. It has touched my life in a way that perhaps only God can fully understand.

    All the best,
    Rob in Gallup


  7. Rebecca

    Dear Rob in Gallup,
    Miracles do happen! My computer with the help of a great friend has risen from the dead!

    Nathaniel and I sat in the Library a couple weeks back and read for ourselves the extraordinary, inspired words.

    I wish you could see the change; feel the passion that you have ignited. To such degree that Ms. Val, his piano teacher wanted to know what happened!

    He won a medal this past week for composing a song, “The Happy Bounce” ; and for completing some theory requirements. For a Christmas present next year, he wants to play for me, “Moonlight Sonata”. Miss Val thinks he can do it. So do I.

    Thank you. Sincerely I thank you.


  8. Rebecca

    Dear Mother,
    Thank you for a delightful day; thank you for making me feel so special. Hi Sis. Hodges and hello Uncle Jr. Yes, Nathaniel is still taking Piano. Re-inspired I tell you, by the impelling and effective words of Rob in Gallup.


  9. Farrell Forrest Jr.

    Beautiful family Shirley!!

    Tell Rebacca happy birthday from her uncle.

    Just curious, is Nathaniel still taking piano lessons?



  10. Esther

    Well Sis. Buxton…. those are sure beautiful grandkids you have. Oh yeah! they are mine too. How lucky we both are. I do remember the quarter for my kids. Maybe Cole (as mischievious as he is) knocked those loose teeth out on purpose, to get more $$$$. He’s a smart one…………. as well as the others.

    Yes, we are blessed with these beautiful, healthy grandchildren.


  11. Nita, you make me homesick to see you. Wouldn’t these upcoming holidays be a perfect time for you and your husband to make a West Coast trip? Jerry and I would dearly love that.

    Shawnna was telling me about Cole losing those four teeth within days of each other. Once she forgot, and chanced to be in the room when Cole awakened, and started feeling around under his pillow…finding a tooth!

    He stared at his mother, and exclaimed, “I can’t believe this. She didn’t come.”

    Shawnna clawed for words, coming up with, “I think there were probably so many kids that have lost teeth, she’s running late. Likely she will make it tonight, though.”

    On one of the nights, Shawnna placed a tiny car set under Cole’s pillow, and he was so impressed, grinning widely to show his mother.

    Ah, the joys of childhood. We did the toothfairy thing with our children, along with Santa and all that, but mostly I think they knew it was just a story. “Does Cole really believe the tooth fairy brings money?” I asked.

    “Oh, he definitely does,” she responded.

    Five dollars for the fairy? She’s probably a bit more generous in Louisiana than in California. I think Shawnna was laying out 2 or 3 dollars a night.

    Watch for incoming email.


  12. Nita

    I look at your beautiful grandchildren and think, where have the years gone. It seems only yesterday I was taking your young ones to the park. I simply love seeing and reading about your wonderful family. Belated Happy Birthday Rebecca. How blessed the parents and the child.
    I need your email for I’ve lost it.
    By the way – do your grandchildren charge as much for teeth as mine? When mine were young a quarter was great. Now $5.00 seems to be the going price.


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