John McCain POW Video Shows His Mettle and His Love for Family and Country

There are some things against which one cannot argue. Such is this moving scene.

Newly released footage of an emotional interview with McCain as a prisoner of war in Vietnam shows him lying injured in bed and describing his ordeal in captivity.

9 thoughts on “John McCain POW Video Shows His Mettle and His Love for Family and Country

  1. Oh okay that makes sense with the copy write laws! Thanks for your comments on my story and your encouraging words with my writing. I’ll keep you updated on my next story, I think i will have the next story up in the begginning of November. My pastor and his wife are looking it over right now. I joined a writing group called They have a weekly writing challenge contest and it is kind of fun! Well take care and God bless!!!


  2. Good evening Madcap and Greg–

    Do you think President Bush deserves any credit for our not having been attacked since 9/11?

    I agree with you, Greg, that if terrorists are set on attacking, they will do so. However, I’ve heard much discussion during the past few days–following Senator Biden’s remarks–that some countries may be more prone to “test” Obama’s grit and will because of his relatively thin experience.


  3. Greg the explorer

    Are you kidding madcap – The US will suffer another terrorist attack whoever is in power – terrorists don;t give a hoot who’s power – just that they terrorise!


  4. This is totally off the subject but since you are a writer I thought you might have some info. I am wondering how one can obtain a copy write for stuff that they have written. People have been telling me that I need to be careful because it would be very easy for someone to steal my work. Do you have any info on this?
    God bless!

    Good morning, Mary. If I’m not mistaken, everything you write is immediately covered by general copywrite laws. It is illegal to claim a person’s material as your own, so in that sense you are covered. I would not worry about this. When you are ready to have something published, your agent or publishing contact will either take care of it for you or guide you through the proper channels.

    My advise about writing: Keep doing it. You’ll get better every day. 🙂


  5. James, thanks for the book recommendation. I will check it out.

    His merely serving our country, his plane being shot down, his being taken POW and exhibiting extreme loyalty to others while he was there, would not in themselves cause me to vote for John McCain. But this noble service, coupled with his continuing history of concern for America, have led me toward voting for him on November 4th.

    I know so little about too many things, but my scant knowledge of the moral, economic, and global issues of today, lead my hand toward voting for Senator McCain and Governor Palin to run our country for the next four years.


  6. McCain’s service is certainly a factor taken into consideration. Quite honestly, for me, it doesn’t sway me one way or another. I admire the man more because of it. This is a battle over governmental philosophy though.


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