Two Plane Tales from England

Away from the cockpit of his plane, he is frogmarched by Heathrow police. A groundcrew member call has tipped them off: The United Airlines pilot may be drunk. Their intended destination was San Francisco, now the already boarded and perplexed passengers watched the unbelievable scene. They waited on the tarmac for hours while a replacement pilot was secured.

The pilot  who failed the breathalyzer test he was given in the cockpit is subject to up to two years in jail. Not surprisingly his license has been suspended.

Jet ... pilot was on a Boeing 777

Then there is this other wild story from England, in which a report declassified only yesterday, tells of a military order to blast away an alien intruder. It was huge–“the size of an aircraft carrier,” the pilot reports. He was ready to fire when at 10,000 mph his target vanished. The year was 1957.

Milton Torres was the US pilot and it was RAF controllers who told him to “lock on” and launch all 24 of his rockets over the city. At 11pm one night he was ordered to scramble in his F-86D Sabre fighter to attack a “bogey” hovering above Norfolk. Milton said, “It was some kind of alien snooping over England. I guess we’ll never know what it was.”

The amazing close encounter is revealed in secret Ministry of Defence X-Files which are declassified today.

He got the UFO on his radar and closed for the attack at the Sabre’s top speed of almost 700mph — then it disappeared off his screen in a flash.

Milton, now 77, said: “I was smoking, as fast as I could go. This thing had a different propulsion system. It was not an airplane.”

Locked on ... Sabre jet had UFO in sights
Source and images from The Sun
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