Mystery of the Book

Mystery of the Book, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

As I prowled around the grounds of the old Mohave County Jail on Tuesday, I walked to the building next door which chanced to be the Court House. I didn’t have much time as I had been fascinated with taking pictures of the jail, and in a few minutes I must rejoin Jerry: When I return next week, though, for another visit with Alyce, I plan a more thorough investigation of the place. A sign on the front of the court house intrigued me: No Entrance, it read.

Now does that mean there is another court house somewhere in the area, or is only the front entrance  blocked?

Anyway, as I came around the corner I saw that three persons were standing on the sidewalk facing the wide steps that led to the court house entrance, and up two or three steps facing the other three was another person. She had a clipboard in her hand with numerous papers attached, and it appeared she was reading from one of the documents. I think she was reporting on someone’s will or something like that, for as I passed I heard her say words such as these: …leaving six hundred and twenty-seven dollars… I really wanted to snap a picture of this group, but I restrained my hand. I looked at a couple of statues, read inscriptions, noticed there was a very large bird’s nest near the court house roof, then headed back the way I had come.

Although feeling a bit intrusive, I had to walk past the group on the steps to return to the waiting room at the jail. I made no eye contact with the people, but just as I had cleared them, I saw this book. What was that book doing there? The area here is pristine–no litter or trash of any sort lay about, yet, here on these wide, empty stairs it lay.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to get a shot. I was just past the group and certainly within their range of vision, and as I walked over to click one frame, I confess to considering what the group of people was thinking of me as I snapped a picture of an old book sprawled on the steps of the Mohave County Court House.

I’ll definitely walk over there next Tuesday…do a little more investigating. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mystery of the Book

  1. "Re-fired" Parson

    Bar the doors to that “ole” courthouse, Mrs. Lewis & Clark is at it again. I could tell you readers some escapades she’s got herself into. I hope it is not she that I visit next week also.

    I’ll expect a visit if I get nabbed.


  2. Shirley, I hope the book is there next week. Wouldn’t it be nice to know more about it? Its title. Age. Publication date. This is fascinating and interesting.

    And visiting your friend in jail is uplifting. Thank you for posting about it. I’ve only ever visited one person in jail. It was less restrictive than what you described, but that was long before 9/11, when things got tighter all around.

    I’ll let you know if the book remains.


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