4 thoughts on “Bargain House Anyone?

  1. $1.75 will probably be the cheapest cost with this property. I would be concerned with the hidden costs (taxes, liens, other fees/charges). This poor woman may wish she’d never hit the “bid” button before it’s over. This is one ?bargain? I would had passed over. But if it works out for her, what a blessing.


  2. HELEN, with great joy and amusement I remember that escapade. If we had known about this one, we surely could have put together a deal. Too bad we missed it. 😦

    JANA, I’m sure things are different in Michigan (or wherever the house was–I forget) than they are in southern California, where the house would be considered a “tear-down,” and the value would be in the lot.

    $1.75. Amazing.


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