Justin Jones’ Memorial Service


From: AHodges3
Subject: Justin Jones Memorial
To: PastorFriends@upci.org
Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 10:41 PM

Justin Jones had a private burial this past Thursday morning.  The Jones family is comforted by the prayerful expression of love and caring from so many.  A public memorial will be held this Saturday.

Memorial Service for Justin Jones:
Saturday, Sept 27, 11:00 am
Grace Church of Humble
7224 North Sam Houston Parkway East
Humble, TX 77396
(281) 441-1111

Thank you for continuing to uphold the Jones family in your prayers!!

Jimmy & Dayna Jones address is:
P. O. Box 859, Jarrell, TX 76537
Phone # is: 512-746-2521

3 thoughts on “Justin Jones’ Memorial Service

  1. Belinda Davis

    As a parent I am saddened that we lost a wonderul friend to our children, Justin always supported our son, and was there when he needed a friend. We will miss him.


  2. Mike Serres

    I first met Justin Jones while I was in the military in Virginia. Justin came to Norfolk for a visit with a couple of my friends who had met him while attending Texas Bible College. Automatically we connected. I knew that Justin had one of those free spirits that seems to attract people with an overwhelming magnetism. Later, I learned that he had started attending Grace and was involved in the ministry there. He had shared his testimony with me about his battle with drugs and alcohol and how God had redirected his life and given him purpose. At this time, I was going into my battle with both of these vices. In August of ’05, swearing an oath to myself that I’d never come back to Texas, I left for Arizona. Driving west on I-10, cigarette dangling out of my mouth, just about to leave Houston “forever” in my rear view mirror, who do you think pulls up beside me honking and grinning ear to ear? Yup, Justin and Misty. Justin, I thought about you a lot while in the chaos of my own struggle. I thought about what you said. How you overcame. You have truly been an inspiration to me. I don’t think I ever had the chance to tell you personally, but I’ve told God thank you for sending Justin as my escort as I was heading into some dark chapters of my life. Your memory lives on in my heart bro.


  3. Mercedes Terry

    Justin was my youth pastor from like 5th grade all the way through when he stoped being a youth pastor! he touched my life in so many ways, but he wasnt just a youth pastor to me he was my cousin! my cousin by marriage. He was amazing person, funny, smart, and full of power! He didnt just touched me, he touched everyone. BUT there is one memory i remember the most! Me and my cousin and his cousin Carley Jones and our friend Brittany Few were in my room one day after camp. we were having a bible study! it was amazing! it really moved us. when we started looking at pictures from camp and reading we really started seeing what we were here on earth for. Justin has always told us how we are here for a reason. well we called him and it was like 1 or 2 in the morning! and his wife answered and she warned us that he was sleeping and he had taken meds because he wasnt feeling good! but wed still talked to him anyways. well after we told him what happened, he started rambling about how he had 1,000 japanese friends! and we never let that down! and during the memorial service i started crying like a baby! im going to miss him! and his daughters b-day is the day after mine! its going to be a hard but greatful b-day! to the Jones family i love yall! and i will never let his memories down and i will never forget what he has taught all of us in the youth!

    Mercedes, how sweet of you to stop by and pay such a fine tribute to Justin Jones. I really didn’t know Justin, but had met him of course for when they lived in California I knew his parents well.

    I know your thoughtful words will comfort those who read them, and who had the opportunity to know this young man.


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