6 thoughts on “Two Men I Know

  1. Was nice to see the picture of the two “boys”. Seeing Bro Robison took me back to the days when he was Western District Sunday School Director, and the wonderful SS conferences.

    Karen, those were the “glory days” of the Western District. Sunday school conferences were the premiere meetings of the year.


  2. How CUTE! 😀

    Yes, they are adorable. Not long ago I took a picture in which Cole (6 years old) smugly created horns over one of his siblings…so funny, like I’m surely the first person to ever think of such a thing.

    Two days ago, within an hour after Bob and Shirley had picked us up at the airport, and we were ready to go in a restaurant and have lunch, I told Bob and Jerry, “Stand right there. I want to take your picture.”

    They’re both in their seventies now, and sure enough, Bob whipped up his hand, and created horns for his dear friend Jerry…little boys, I tell you.


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