Prayer Needed for Jones Family

Monday morning Edit: Because of the horrendous storm that has swept Texas and other Gulf Coast states, the funeral scheduled today for Justin has been postponed. A private funeral will be held Wednesday or Thursday, with a memorial service following in a week or two.

(Thanks to Arthur Hodges III and James Ghiloni for this information.)

Let’s continue to pray for this family, and all families so affected. Doubtless there are many others beside my friends, who in the midst of sorrow over the death of loved ones, have also had to face the challenge of this devastating storm.

Mailing Address for the Jones family.

Rev. Jim Jones (Dayna)

P. O. Box 859

Jarrell, TX. 76537


Within the past couple of hours I sadly learned of the death of Justin Jones, the 30 year-old-son of my friend Dayna Jones. Two days ago, he collapsed in his home, was rushed to the hospital in Houston and never regained consciousness. He was kept alive on life-support until his parents and his brothers could make it to the hospital.

Justin married just two years ago, and has a nine-month old baby. He died from two brain aneurysms.

My friend, Nita Hodges, the sister of Dayna Jones, flew to be with her sister yesterday just before the Houston airport closed because of the approaching hurricane.

Please pray tonight for this dear family. They will not be leaving Houston at this time–are hunkered down there, racked with grief.

Pray for their safety from the storm, for solace, and for peace.

11 thoughts on “Prayer Needed for Jones Family

  1. I am so sorry about this. The hardest thing they say is for a mother to bury her child. Thank God for His promised to be with us always.
    My grandmaman lost some of her mind when my Aunt past away, she walked alone.
    My prayer is that the Lord will lift the family up and surround them.


  2. Our church family has kept the Jones family in prayer. Justin attended TBC with several of our people. The grief to me is even magnified with this horrific storm. Life is miserable in the Houston Metroplex today. Such devastation and of course we are without electricity, etc.


  3. pat keyes

    When we heard about this it was such a shock. He is so young. I can’t even imagine the hurt that sis Dayna is going thru. We at Revival Tabernacle are praying for strength for all the family.


  4. Esther

    We are fine here in Mississippi Sis. Buxton. I surely know what Dayna is going through since I have been there.
    You know that we are related in a round about way? Nita is Hannah’s grandmother. And Hannah is the daughter of Tracy who is Jennifer’s new husband. I think everyone in Pentecost is related in some way.
    Do you have Dayna’s address so we can send cards?

    I’ll get her address and post it later in the day.


  5. Sis. Buxton, my heart breaks for the Jones family. We have been praying for them all!

    I have felt sick since learning of this. I know God will help them through these sickening days.


  6. Tena, I just cannot imagine going through such grief as this without God to lean on. I talked with Nita tonight and the Jones family is so grateful for all the calls and support they are receiving.

    Dayna has hardly been able to sleep. Her baby, Tena, this is her baby. I feel such sympathy for them…and helplessness. But we can pray, and that is a powerful tool.

    Is the storm at all affecting your parents in Mississippi?


  7. We heard about this tragedy Wednesday and have been praying since. Oh, my heart is breaking for all who are hurting. I cannot imagine the pain. I must trust my prayers will be answered by our loving Father and Friend, Jesus Christ. We must just put it all in His hands for, truthfully HE is in control.


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