Sarah Palin, Our Founding Fathers and Prayer

On a site I do not wish to advertise is a list entitled 10 weird things about Sarah Palin, and as you may imagine, the article demeans and deprecates Governor Palin. The most telling and objectionable statement is this:  Sara Palin prays.

She prays? How weird. Governor Palin prays when she faces a problem? when she needs direction? when she needs strength? when one of her babies is sick? when her daughter is pregnant out of wedlock? when her husband is discouraged? when her state is challenged? when Trig is about to be born? when she has been tapped as VP candidate? when Track is ready to be deployed? She prays? How strange? Weird woman, that Sarah Palin.

Calling Sarah Palin weird because she prays indicts our founding fathers. Be assured, they prayed, for our country is built on Judeo/Christian values. Many would have us believe otherwise, but they are either dishonest or quite mistaken. I want to remind you of a few facts.

1. The founding of America, beginning with Christopher Columbus was of a godly nature. In 1504 he wrote a book in which he says,

“I prayed to the most merciful Lord about my heart’s great desire…it was the Lord who put into my mind…the fact that it would be possible to sail from here to the Indies. There is no question that the inspiration was from the Holy spirit…

Columbus also wrote, “I am a most unworthy sinner, but I have cried out to the Lord for grace and mercy, and they have covered me completely.”

2. From the beginning, Christians in Europe viewed the New World as a place for religious freedom and a haven and an opportunity to spread the Gospel. Their earliest legal documents reflect their commitment to Christ and their mission. In 1620, the Pilgrims established the Mayflower Compact before they landed at Plymouth Rock. The document said,

“In the presence of God, Amen. We…do by these presents solemnly and mutually in the presence of God, and one another, covenant and combine ourselves into a civil body politic.”

3. The Continental Congress called for a day of fasting and prayer within the colonies, beseeching God to give guidance and direction as to whether they should secede from England before they signed the Declaration of Independence.

4. Recall that the Continental Congress began its sessions with prayer, a practice that is followed by both houses of Congress today.

Governor Sarah Palin prays? Sarah Palin may become our vice-president..and she prays? Sarah Palin may one day become president of the United States…and she prays? Sara Palin may go beyond a written, ordered prayer and earnestly intreat God for His direction, for His will, for His protection? Sarah Palin prays in the Spirit?

Let us trust such to be the case. Let us continue to believe this is possible, and to work fervently to insure its coming to pass, for nothing, I tell you nothing will correct the ills of our country as will godly leadership who leads our country back into a holy awareness of God.

Many of you will be familiar with this portion of scripture: to others it will be new. I ask you to read it carefully and to consider it’s timely message.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14

Credit to Were the Founding Fathers Christian?


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28 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, Our Founding Fathers and Prayer

  1. I may not agree with Sarah Palin on every Christian article of faith, but coming to God in prayer is an act of trust in God.

    We should pray that God does not lead us into temptation and that He may deliver us from evil.

    Christopher Columbus recognized his own nature accurately as a sinner which was in need of forgiveness.

    Christians should lean upon God before we make all of our choices.

    James 4
    13 Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will[g] go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit”; 14 whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. 15 Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.” 16 But now you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil.
    17 Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.

    I am not sure if our nation really does trust in God as our money says.

    I wouldn’t wish for our government to cast prayers to God which are not genuine, like the hyprocrites Jesus spoke of.

    I would actually like to see true repentance in some of our leaders. I personally would rejoice in leadership that seeks after God’s counsel honestly and with humility.


  2. Greg the Explorer

    I would vote for an Australian member of parlaiment who was muslim…like you though I would want to konw that there were of a branch or school of islam that respected all other religions and peoples.

    History tells us that Islamic states have often befriended and even protected Jews and Christians. I think that politics should ideally be not based upon a persons choice of religion, although what a perso believes wil impact upon the decisions they make ad so we do need to be careful of who we vote for – no matter if they are Christian (there are some nutters out there calling themsleves Christians who hold some outlandish views), Jew, or Muslim…or Atheist!

    I certainly wouldn’t vote for a person who was Christiam simply becuase they were Christian and their opponent non-Christian


  3. Hello, Kalster–

    Our slave owning is a blight on our history, isn’t it. I am so glad we repudiated such actions.

    You’ll have to help me with the rest of your statements though: what is this about worshipping with wild badgers or grizzlies? Haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.


  4. Kalster

    It’s weird that Palin prays for pipelines? In her PENTECOSTLE church, before the congregation worships with wild badgers or grizzlies, they pray for pipelines. That is not weird. That is so normal, just like our slave owning, kill everyone different than us founding fathers.


  5. Greg, I would vote for a person of Jewish ethnicity.

    I would be much more cautious about voting for a Muslim, and would subject myself to extensive study about a person who assumed the Muslim religion.

    While not at all a student of the Quran, the small amount of reading I have done in the past, leads me to the conclusion that the teachings contained there are contrary to Judeo/Christian principles upon which our country in the wide sense is founded.

    A salient concern would be their reported lack of value for human lives, and for distinct difference in treatment of Muslims and non-Muslims.

    Having said that, though, I suspect there are peace-loving Muslims who could govern well. But then, if they thought non-Muslims should be treated differently from Muslims….I don’t know.

    An interesting question.

    How do you feel about it?


  6. renaissanceguy

    Greg, I would certainly vote for a Jewish person, if that person espoused conservative political and social views.

    I would also vote for a Muslim if that candidate were more of a conservative than his or her opponent.


  7. Greg the Explorer

    I am being fasicious I should point out…although I am still quite accurate in my observation.

    Does anyone here think that a person of Christian faith is more able to govern than another person of say islamic faith or Jewish faith? Could your president or VP come from one of those faiths and still govern?


  8. Dean, you probably know that not only is Sarah Palin a proven, successful leader, she is amazingly popular among her constituents. At one time she had a 95 percent approval rating, and now has a rating in the upper 80s. Almost unheard of.

    I wonder if other governors have such admiration from the people of their state.

    May 30, 2007 A recent public opinion poll taken by Ivan Moore Research showed both Republicans and Democrats in favor of the state’s first female governor. The poll comes just two weeks after a separate poll taken by Dittman Research gave Palin a 93 percent approval rating.

    While political polling numbers can fluctuate week to week, Palin’s numbers have consistently been extremely high, putting her near or at the top among the nation’s governors, according to Jennifer Duffy, an analyst at the Cook Political Report, a Washington, D.C.-based research group that closely follows state politics.


  9. dean

    Helenl, The fact is she has successfully governed already!!! She has a track record. She didnt just announce PRESENT. She has the goods. The majority of America wants someone who is God Fearing. Surely you want someone in office who prays, don’t you? She is much more than a community organizer/activist, she is honest about who she is. Do you really know who Obama is???


  10. Enjoyed your post. Valerie’s post reminded me of this “Theocracy Argument” that is running around. I’m sure she doesn’t espouse it, but it reminded me. Rick Warren said it best: ““I believe in the separation of church and state, but I do not believe in the separation of faith and politics, because faith is simply a worldview and everybody’s got a worldview… we make our decisions based on our values, based on our worldview so I think it’s entirely appropriate for America to say not only what is your faith – whether it is in Christ or someone else – but what is your worldview because that is going to influence how we live in the next four years.”

    Del Tacket of Focus on the Family did an excellent expose on in response to the so-called Theocracy argument too.

    Can anyone recommend a good, object book that discusses the faith of our Founding Fathers. This seems to be a huge debate. Many say most were Deists (and I’ve read side-stories about this, including them using the Deist term “Almighty Providence”) Of course prayer coming from a Deist doesn’t much make sense (since God doesn’t care)! Book recommendations welcomed. Thanks in advance!

    Hello, thanks for your input.

    I don’t have a recommendation for a book, but someone will probably come by who does.

    Are Del Tacket’s remarks on the Theocracy argument available at the Focus on the Family website, or do we need a link?


  11. Helen, I agree with you that Sarah Palin’s faith will no doubt influence her decisions, including political ones, and I think you’re with the majority of Americans when you don’t find her praying unusual.

    And yes, as vice president she would be just one heartbeat away from the presidency.


  12. I don’t question Sarah Palin’s faith, and I don’t find the fact that she prays a bit unusual. Neither do I question that her faith does and will influence her decisions, including political ones. How could it not?

    I question her values and experience? I question her ability to govern. I don’t want her in the White House. Now I know she running for VP, but that’s just one step away. Anyone who speaks of the “lower 48,” just might not know the minds of “average Americans” (if “average Americans really exist).


  13. Esther

    I believe that God does answer all prayers. But, sometimes the answer is “NO”. Or “WAIT UNTIL LATER”.

    You’re right, of course…and we all want the YES answer.


  14. renaissanceguy

    I’m glad she prays. You could not possibly govern well without praying. Our current president prays, and so–he claimed–did Bill Clinton. I would expect that every president that we have ever had prayed in one form or another. I’m not saying that they were all devout Christians or that they prayed well or sincerely or deeply. But I’ll be that they at least offered some kind of prayers.

    Prayers That God Cannot Answer (What I Think)

    1. Obviously He could never answer a prayer to change His being, essence or character. God is perfect and immutable.

    2. The Bible says that God will not answer a prayer that is not prayed in faith.

    3. The Bible says that a man’s prayers are hindered if He is not in a good relationship with his wife.

    4. The Bible indicates that if we have unconfessed sin toward God or other people or any unforgiveness toward anybody, God will not listen to our prayers.

    5. Obviously any prayer that violates God’s ultimate will (not His immediate or temporary will) will not be answered favorably.

    Good morning, RGuy. Your point number 4 is a stinger. Makes me want to be sure my heart has no unforgiveness abiding there.

    One of the values of a solitary time of prayer is that we can more easily see what is in our hearts…and get it out.


  15. I have never known prayer to hurt anyone. I think whoever wrote the “10 Weird Things About Sarah Palin” must be the weird one.

    Lots of rumors flying these days…You’re right prayer has never hurt anyone.


  16. Valerie Curl

    That she prays is commendable. That she prays for this country is laudatory.

    But what was the true message of Jesus 200o years ago? Remember his many parables? Remember how he sought out the sick, the disabled, the forgotten, the widows, the orphaned children, the sinners? What did he say and how did he act? Who did he call “hypocrites?”

    As for this country, please remember that our ancestors left Europe because of religious intolerance…not just because they wanted to practice religion as they chose. They were also escaping death – and for the English Puritans, they were escaping what they believed was the eminent end of times in England.

    When our founding fathers created our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, they were firmly aware of the religious intolerance practiced by state sponsored and controlled religion. Jefferson wrote that this country should welcome all Christians, Jews, and “Mohammadans” because he believed in a secular and open government. He even went so far as to edit the Bible, creating his own commonly known as the Jefferson Bible. Washington went to church but usually left before the sacramental offerings. Adams, as the inheritor of Puritan values and misdeeds, chose to keep religion out of political documentation. Hamilton also was very religious but wrote the Federalist Papers in which he argued for separation of church and state.

    Being religious, whatever that religion may be, is a wonderful thing. But when one’s own religion negatively impacts, through politics and political decision, many others who practice their religion differently then the whole nation suffers as was the case in Europe from the 1400s through the early 1700s…or in the Middle East during the Crusades from the 1100s through the 1300s…or in the case of Spain when the Jews were persecuted, had their property confiscated, and driven from their homes time and time again from the 1100s onward.

    Ours is a country that has prided itself on its religious freedom: the freedom to practice religion as one’s own conscious dictates…and not as any government entity dictates.

    I say thank you to the wisdom of our founding fathers…and pray daily that we as a people will remember how dearly lucky we are.

    Hi, Valerie.

    I absolutely agree with you that our government should never prescribe where I go to church or where you go to church. I cherish the religious freedom that our wonderful country gives us.

    My objective in writing this column was to point to the folly of the absurd statement that Sarah Palin is weird because she prays. In addition I wished to underscore the wisdom of our leaders being actively involved in prayer, and to reinforce the fact that they’re following in the steps of our founding fathers. Certainly within that group of men was a wide divergence of religious thought.

    Hope you’re here often, Valerie.

    One more thing, Valerie. Our country is not a selfish country; indeed, although I don’t have documentation at my fingertips, I’m told that we are the most generous country in the world. And well we should be, for we are blessed beyond measure.

    In my own life experiences, I’ve seen multiple occasions where a need is presented, and where friends, family and strangers alike rally to that need. It is so important that we continue to be a giving and caring people.


  17. Dean,
    I concur.
    The day that any doubt creeps into our thinking that prayer is only effective for certain things we have restrained GOD.
    It seems to me through genuine observation that GOD responds to those that believe the absolute impossible….Remember those men that literally ripped the roof off of the place where Jesus was?
    I prayed for that family today.

    Love the story of those men who tore off the roof so their friend could be healed.


  18. dean

    First off, I am not qualified to answer this question. I know God is able to answer all our prayers. I am aware we must ask correctly, and petition with a pure heart, but some prayers must and should be answered!!! The sick child, the wayward son/daughter, the addicted souls, surely God must answer!! I am working with a very troubled family, would you help me pray for them? No, I dont believe there is anything prayer cant do!!

    Early this morning, I prayed for the family of whom you speak.


  19. Having read many of the writings from America’s Presidents and leaders of bygone years that reference prayer I think it would be far more strange for her not to pray.

    Yes! It is sad that so many people refuse to understand this about our country.

    May American never see the day when in the White House, and within every other governing body of the United States, the voice of prayer is silenced.


  20. Now, Dean, that is a hard question. You may not be thinking philosophically…and again, you may.

    Is there anything prayer can’t change?


    1. God doesn’t typically force Himself upon anyone. So if I am praying for my son, say, and he has a hard heart and won’t listen to God, my prayers may not change him.

    But that’s not always true, for God certainly does change people’s hearts…but they must make the final decision to serve God. We are not robots. We serve God willingly, or not at all.

    2. It appears to me that not all sick people are healed, no matter how much prayer is made for them. Everyone eventually dies.

    3. Prayer will not change the will of God…not usually. Once in the Bible God’s will was changed…Hezekiah, recall.

    Prayer is intriguing and a little mysterious. God knows our thoughts, our wishes, our desires, yet He wants us to pray, wants to hear our voice, wants us to petition Him.

    What do you think, Dean? Is there anything that prayer can’t change?


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