Does Hillary Secretly Love Sarah?

There are some who believe Hillary secretly loves Sarah.

“Let me tell you something,” said Luanne Van Werven, a Republican delegate from Lynden, Wash., as the convention closed late Thursday night. “I secretly think Hillary loves Sarah Palin.”


“Because she wants Barack to lose, so she can run again, of course!” Ms. Van Werven said with a laugh. “I just bet Hillary was watching Sarah’s speech on T.V. Wednesday night and cheering, ‘You go, girl!’ ”

More at the New York Times where Patrick Healy writes of what he calls “this juicy business.”


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2 thoughts on “Does Hillary Secretly Love Sarah?

  1. A woman I’ve never heard of (and I “bet” you never have either) “secretly thinks,” “says, “and “just bets” about Hillary Clinton. And we’re supposed to think what? This is a total non-story, if I ever heard one.

    Of course it’s not a major news story, and was not presented that way; just someone’s opinion. One that the New York Times, however, did choose to highlight.

    I’m really interested in seeing how all this plays out.


  2. I think that Hilary might like Sarah, but the one thing that might stand in her way for another presidential campaign in 2012 is also Sarah Palin.

    She is stuck in the place where she doesnt really want to support Obama, but if she doesnt support him now, Plain is going to come in and be everything that she isnt. She is thinking of what she needs to do right now….If I dont support Obama and McCain wins, Im toast in 2012. If I support Obama and he loses and Palin gets in there, Im still toast. So she is in a place where she doesnt really know what to do.

    I’m not at all favorable to Hillary Clinton; I dislike her manner and, for the most part, her message. I do admire her, though, in that she ran such a successful campaign…and came very close to being the Democratic candidate for President…an amazing feat.

    And, I do feel a little for Hillary Clinton, now that a female–seemingly from out of nowhere (although that’s not really true)–is the star of the political race. Hillary did work very hard.

    I agree with you; she’s in quite a dilemma.


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