24 thoughts on “Yes!

  1. Woo-Hoo!! She sure seems like the real thang! I still don’t see how she does it all! Makes me a bit envious!! Gives me some idea’s too…….hmmm.

    What kind of ideas; like joining the PTA for starters?


  2. Esther

    Well, here we are as south as you can get: Mississippi. We are not liberals. And, everyone Papa and I talk to say they will NOT vote for Obama.
    Just have to pass this on. Sis. Hurst found a sign that says: “I’m voting for Sara and that guy she’s running with”. I thought was very funny. I would like a sign like that. HA!

    We’ve got to be sure all our friends and family are registered and get out to vote on election day.


  3. Aisha Buxton

    Here in Northern Nevada there had been a few little campaign signs in some residential areas for Obama.

    After McCain announced Palin as VP, and after her speech etc.

    I see no signs up for Obama, AND now there are huge signs along the main hwy (395) for McCain/Palin.

    Looks like people who were not sure, now are positive on who will be getting their vote!

    Yes! Go Nevada. Is Nevada a blue or a red state?


  4. Shirley parts of the south are “the southern democrat” areas, Texas has changed to a red state. Mainly because most people realized the old southern democrat party left them, not them leaving the party.

    Palin is in the tradition of who they would crossover for.

    My husband was born in Louisiana and graduated from college there. He tells me of the strong Democrat tradition there, referring to those called “Yellow-Dog Democrats.”

    “What’s a yellow-dog Democrat?” I asked when I first heard the term.

    “A person who would vote Democratic, even if the candidate were a yellow dog!”

    Funny…glad it has changed in Texas.


  5. Nita, thanks for your response. This is remarkable and very encouraging.

    I have been polling people at my store and around the area and so far have not found one voting for Senator Obama. One young lady that attends the University here, stated she did not know of any voting for Senator Obama and she and her boyfriend are both registered Democrats.

    I’m happy to hear that people would not refuse to vote for Senator Obama because of his color. In the past I have found the racism in the south to be disgusting.

    Let’s stay in touch…60 more days until election, and I want to hear from you how it looks in the state of Louisiana.

    Love you…still waiting for a visit.


  6. Jean Walter

    YES! YES! and YES!
    Let us keep them all in our prayers! and to
    Sarah Palin…YOU GO GIRL!

    Jean, you’ve hit on an important part:

    “Let us keep them all in our prayers!”

    Scripture admonishes us to honor our leaders and to pray for them.


  7. pat keyes

    Sis Buxton,
    I’m with you, I heard her speech, and I loved every bit of it. She does strike me as someone
    who can get the job done. A real self starter.
    pat keyes


  8. First you must consider I am from a very Catholic based area. These people are very upset with the liberal views of life not being so sacred with Democrats in general. I have been polling people at my store and around the area and so far have not found one voting for Senator Obama. One young lady that attends the University here, stated she did not know of any voting for Senator Obama and she and her boyfriend are both registered Democrats. They are very fearful of someone that really is running on popularity from Hollywood. This area is not a bunch of illiterate people not informed. Those that do not follow the campaigns still have heard enough of Senator Obama’s promises to know that it is impossible to do all he has stated. My goodness! sounds as though he wants to make personal house calls to solve our every personal matter. I guess anything to get to the White House to push his agenda. There are areas where poverty is extreme. In these areas I can understand that there are those looking for hope and I do not mean to sound that all have it easy, but education and hard work is what will get most people what they need and not more government or freebies. As far as Senator Obama being considered black, I really don’t see that this will make a difference with voters in this area.


  9. Mrs. Palin’s comment about a pit bull dog was an excellent comment, β€œWhat is the difference between a pit bull and a Ice Hock mom? The lip stick.”

    Great hit.


    She’s brilliant…and the “real thing.”


  10. WOW!! Most impressive speaker I have heard in some time. Even the media was lost for words. I love her morals, principles and desire to see a better America. I am McCain/Palin all the way. After hearing both Democratic and Republican speakers, how could someone that loves this country not vote for the issues that will keep it from falling. Some should go back to their text books and learn that a country falls from within. O.K. I will stop – but goodness I am so thrilled to have Sarah Palin on the Republican ticket.

    Nita, historically the conservative south has been largely Democratic. Do you sense much of a change? (I’m not sure if my statement is statically accurate; perhaps merely reflects the political leanings of the few people I know in the south.)

    Another question: Do you believe Senator Obama’s being considered black will cost him votes?


  11. dean

    Just as I expected. She is a gutsy, no nonsense, lay it on the table, kind of lady. Loved the reminder that 2 books on a non productive political career, doesn’t make a Leader. I believe she showed who she really is. How refreshing is that!! Just imagine, a politico who has done something for her city and her state!! Not just tired rhetoric!!
    Talk is cheap. She has a record of progress. Not a community activist. And she eats Moose Burgers!!!

    Smiling, she twisted her knife.


  12. Esther

    If Obama still wins after the nation has witnessed last night’s exciting speakers, it will surely show how far away from God that the nation has gone. YES ! YES! YES! McCain/Palin all the way !
    I thought the other 3 “past running” men did an outstanding job. The story about the school desk’s was brilliant. Let’s put McCain in the chair at the desk in the whitehouse.
    And, like Palin, I don’t care who bashes me for these remarks. Ha!

    I didn’t hear all the other speakers; heard Guiliani and Thompson. They were great. (I had the radio on all day yesterday. Think Thompson spoke the night before, but I heard parts of it yesterday.)


  13. Yes! Yes! Yes! I finally feel a sense of relief and I am confident that McCain will win! Obama does not stand a chance!

    We must be sure we all get to the polls on November 4…I think it’s the 4th, not sure.


  14. Remeber!
    Sarah made her FIRST national scale speech ever and Obama can only dream about this level. After all his life making only speeches she not on this level yet, because she is better! smarter, sharper !
    She is younger ,
    She better speaker,
    She less establishments
    and…. she looks better πŸ™‚
    she is the real change not this clown


  15. I heard every word. Sarah Palin is a class act, and gives me hope for future generations of our country.

    She is of conservative values mingled with high courage, poised, and standing with a beautiful family. She lives what she “preaches,” as is evidenced by baby Trig, and by her acceptance of Bristol and her fiance.

    Her record of accomplishments is impressive, if a little on the short side. We must remember, though, she is only in her early 40s…can’t have too much history.

    Both Jerry and I were impressed with her speech, and with her inclusion on the McCain ticket.

    As with all speakers at a major event such as this, her speech was written by another. I’m eager to hear her in debate…think she’ll be exceptional.


  16. Did you hear Palin’s speech tonight!?!?! Wow….wow, wow, wow!!!!! She left pretty much no stone unturned. Talk about coming out fighting. All with a smile and pure class.
    πŸ˜€ Fun stuff……or rather, funny stuff.


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