Announcing New Christ Alive Worship Center Site

I.have.been.a.failure…..but I’m now eagerly planning a major reformation in my life. Thanks to those who have been praying for my recovery. 🙂

We have had a poorly tended site for our church at Blogspot, and on this site, I have a poorly tended page named My Church Activities. As I said in my full confession a minute ago, I have failed miserably at maintaining these sites. I have quit cold-turkey. Quit ignoring these sites, that is.

Reformation 1       Established a new WordPress site named (what else?) Christ Alive Worship Center

Reformation 2       I have posted words and pictures there.

Reformation 3       On the old site, I have posted a notice of moving, along with a link to the new site.

Reformation 4       On the page called My Church Activities on this site, I have posted a link to new site.

Celebrate my recovery!    Go over, take a look, and leave a comment. CHRIST ALIVE WORSHIP CENTER


My devotional blog is here.

2 thoughts on “Announcing New Christ Alive Worship Center Site

  1. Aisha Buxton

    Happy Reformation Day! I’ll be taking a peek at it soon. That’s what I need to get busy doing too, for our church! Uuugghh! Once I get started I won’t stop… it’s the getting started part…

    I’m recovered now…just means more time staring at the computer screen…and I already get teased quite a bit about it. Oh well, could be worse. 🙂


  2. Sis Buxton,
    Look how long it’s been since I left a word on your blog(s). I feel like I failed YOU. Now let me go over this new one…

    Oh, my goodness, you have not failed me. Hope you enjoy taking a look at the new church blog, though. Exciting things are happening with us.


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