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Announcing New Christ Alive Worship Center Site

I.have.been.a.failure…..but I’m now eagerly planning a major reformation in my life. Thanks to those who have been praying for my recovery. 🙂

We have had a poorly tended site for our church at Blogspot, and on this site, I have a poorly tended page named My Church Activities. As I said in my full confession a minute ago, I have failed miserably at maintaining these sites. I have quit cold-turkey. Quit ignoring these sites, that is.

Reformation 1       Established a new WordPress site named (what else?) Christ Alive Worship Center

Reformation 2       I have posted words and pictures there.

Reformation 3       On the old site, I have posted a notice of moving, along with a link to the new site.

Reformation 4       On the page called My Church Activities on this site, I have posted a link to new site.

Celebrate my recovery!    Go over, take a look, and leave a comment. CHRIST ALIVE WORSHIP CENTER


My devotional blog is here.

By Shirley Buxton

Still full of life and ready to be on the move, Shirley at 83 years old feels blessed to have lots of energy and to be full of optimism. She was married to Jerry for 63 years, and grieves yet at his death in August of 2019. They have 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren...all beautiful and highly intelligent--of course. :)

2 replies on “Announcing New Christ Alive Worship Center Site”

Happy Reformation Day! I’ll be taking a peek at it soon. That’s what I need to get busy doing too, for our church! Uuugghh! Once I get started I won’t stop… it’s the getting started part…

I’m recovered now…just means more time staring at the computer screen…and I already get teased quite a bit about it. Oh well, could be worse. 🙂


Sis Buxton,
Look how long it’s been since I left a word on your blog(s). I feel like I failed YOU. Now let me go over this new one…

Oh, my goodness, you have not failed me. Hope you enjoy taking a look at the new church blog, though. Exciting things are happening with us.


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