Sarah Palin Announces Pregnancy of Her Unmarried Daughter

daughter Willow, Governor Sarah Palin, daughter Bristol, at front daughter PiperPhoto of Palin family from EPA

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In order to quell the left-wing blogs which have circulated ridiculous unfounded rumors, Sarah Palin, just minutes ago, announced their unmarried daughter 17-year-old Bristol is five months pregnant. She will marry the young father, and the family is asking that the privacy of the couple be respected.

There is no question but what the Palin’s have discussed at length the harsh spot-light in which her nomination as Republican vice-president would place them. According to news reports, Senator McCain knew of Britol’s pregnancy when he tapped Mrs. Palin.

Is there a perfect family among us? He that is without sin, may now cast a stone.


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35 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Announces Pregnancy of Her Unmarried Daughter

  1. Greg the Explorer

    The entire pregnancy (and every ninnie’s judgemental opinions) could have been averted if one male had kept his hands in his pockets.

    Is hands a euphamism? Otherwise I’m not sure how a preganancy cold be avoided with hands in pockets?


  2. Lake

    It’s interesting that it takes both a male and a female to produce a pregnancy. Yet, it seems that the only person who is held “responsible” for this is the female. The entire pregnancy (and every ninnie’s judgemental opinions) could have been averted if one male had kept his hands in his pockets.

    Let’s keep the focus on BOTH participants’ accountability. So, NeoFreud, if YOU have kept your hands in your pockets until you were prepared to pro-create and support (financially and emotionally) a child, then hats off to you. If not, please take your seat.


  3. Greg the Explorer

    Very important election, not just for you guys but I think for tyeh future of our entire world…and I don;t think i’m being melodramiatic in saying that. This election will determine the future of the US’ foreign policy which will determine the future of such things as Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Many peopole the world over are praying for you guys…I am certainly one fo them.

    blessings and peace to you and your readers


  4. Well, I’ve heard of Holy Toledo, but this is my first time to meet Holy Guacamole. Love it! Both the luscious food, and the sound of the term.

    I’m eagerly waiting to hear Sarah questioned and to hear her responses. At this point, I’m loving her.

    I doubt if she is perfect…probably a sin or two on her little Alaskan heart.

    Pray for us here in America. This is such an important election.


  5. Greg the Explorer

    Holy Guacamole – you sure stirred up a hornets nest didn;t you Shirley? I think politics and politicians are outrageous when they start in on peoples families. I watched Sarah palins Speech in it’s entirety (yep your elections are so imporatnt they screen the lead ups on Australian TV!) and was very impressed with her – geat orator. Dissapointed that most of what she and the former mayor of New York had to say was not so muc about how good the repuiblicans are (George Bush is a republican you all seem to be forgetting)but how bad Obama is -how he has no credentials.

    It seems to have come out that Sarah Palin may well have been stretching the truth on a few issues (selling the plane on Ebay and stopping the bridge to nowhere)


  6. darlah

    HelenL: Exactly what is your definition of a “decent Christian man”? Someone liberal enough to accept anything? Because, after all, that’s what you think Jesus did?

    Someone so surrounded by controversy and scandal, like Obama, should be investigated thoroughly and made to answer to these allegations. Most of them he has not.

    I wonder if you are honest enough in your heart to accept the truth if it was staring you in the face?


  7. RG, Two wrongs don’t make a right. Ever.

    But people who throw stones might expect the recipients to throw some back. If all the discussions about where Obama went to school (remember he was then a child whose parents sent him to school) and the misunderstanding (and the don’t want to get it) about the Black Church were fair. The bar for “fair” has been lowered.

    Republicans like character assassination only when they do it to Democrats. Republicans have been going from “character flaw” to “character flaw” trying to do anything from keeping a decent Christian man out of the White House. Why they don’t even think he’s a decent Christian man. Even now, all the comparison is Obama to Palin. That seems to lower the top guy to position number two. Want sympathy? Write an apology for all the nit-picky stuff said about Obama.

    I haven’t been saying these things about Palin. But I do know why they have been said. “The press” (whoever that may be) doesn’t operate under Christian principles. Why should we expect that? You get that, don’t you?


  8. renaissanceguy

    Helen, you seem to be embracing the notion that two wrongs make a right. I really don’t believe that you beleive that.

    Besides, pointing out that a grown man’s middle name is Hussein, when it really is and is a matter of public record, is a whole lot different from talking about very private, potentially embarrassing matters involving a minor child. You get that, don’t you?


  9. RE: “It is just not right.”

    Neither was it “right” for folks to make a big deal out of Obama’s middle name (given to him when he was an innocent baby.)

    Sadly, what goes around comes around. Republicans got real nit-picky with Obama. And now it’s the Republican’s turn. They started it.


  10. JEAN, thank you for that bit of “inside information.” The Palin family certainly seem to be fine people.

    Grace? Where would any of us be without it?

    NEO–AE is a college student working on her Masters.

    KATHY–This is startling. Our young people need us so desperately. We need to lead them in the path of righteousness. We must continue to pray for them. I am saddened by this.

    ROCHELLE–God help us all. We just are not perfect, are we?

    HELEN–I agree that the children should not be subjected to such criticism. It is just not right.


  11. WOW! You are right, there are no perfect families. And a parent can do only so much. After that, kids make their own choices. Palin’s daughter is 17. And while it is sad that she is pregnant so young, it is not the end of the world.

    I would be more concerned about Palin’s own infant. I can’t imagine how Palin can go through the stress of a campaign and still breast feed that baby. But then, breast-feeding isn’t for everyone either.

    Someone mentioned hoping we find out a family member is gay. And while I don’t wish that on the Palins, I do wonder why that would be worse than having a daughter who is pregnant. Obama is right: Keep the kids out of politics. Bad enough to judge the candidates and each other.


  12. Wow… these are not your typical comments! I have been so busy with school and I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading every few days… your blog never ceases to move me!! I agree with your last line. There are no perfect families. Great post.


  13. Yes Shirley Dunk is my oldest son now 18. He was in a class that we stopped counting how many were parents. Some kids had more than one kid. They came from all types of families. It is a very tough time for many families and kids alike.


  14. neofreud

    AE I have no idea where you got this information from but it is obvisous to me that a. you are a complete idiot. and b. You have never read a psychology text book in your whole entire life.


  15. Jean Walter

    I have family that knows Sarah Palin first hand. They live or have lived in Wasilla AK. When she was announced as the VP elect I got busy and sent them an a-mail. I just wanted to see what they had to say…
    The response from them has been positive. One cousin wrote “Her parents are good friends of ours we’ve known them for over 25 years, spent many hours together rafting and fishing, worked together, and traveled abroad with them last fall. Sarah is honest and intelligent, level-headed, and a breath of fresh air in politics, although we certainly don’t agree on everything political, I admire her greatly. ” Another cousin wrote, ” My sister went to school with her and my other sister traveled with Sarah’s parents last winter. I’ve only met her since she became Governor…She is very personable, articulate, bright and has made some hard decisions since becoming Governor. Her approval rating up here (Alaska) is about 80% I think. She is energetic and will made a good match to John McCain. She is a fiscal conservative and a social moderate in my opinion. There are not too many people up here that say anything bad about her, even thought she has not been without controversy in her Administration. The average person really likes her because she took on the “Old Guard” in the Republican Party and won.”

    Concerning her daughter and the situation of her being pregnant…there but for the Grace of God go I.
    love you


  16. Hi, Jayleigh–good to hear from you.

    I certainly have no inside knowledge, but given the history of Sarah Palin, she seems much too wise to “force” her daughter into marriage. I take it these two young people love each other and are engaged. Bristol is terribly young, but with such a supportive, loving family, she will probably be alright.

    It seems terribly young now, but when I married I was a few days from being 18. I was naive, but mature, and my young age did not seem to be a problem. Jerry was 24, though, and I’m sure that helped us.

    Going over to your site to read your news. 🙂


  17. AE

    At the last census count the population of the U.S. was around 305,035,517. Also, the gay population of the U.S. is estimated to be around 3%. That means only 9, 151, 065.5 out of 305, 035, 517 are gay. That is a very small percentage. However, it is where the 1 in 10 “theory” comes from. That is not necessarily statistically so. Theory and fact are two different animals. It could be more, very likely could be less. (Actually the 2000 census shows only 1.8% of the population as being gay) Also, nationally only 4% of voters, identify themselves as being homosexual, out of the 64% who voted in the 2004 election. From all of the ruckus we hear, one would think this was a huge population. It’s not. ( I know you absolutely wanted to know this. *sarcastically stated*)

    As for Sarah Palin’s daughter being pregnant….it is sad for any teenager to be in that situation. Parent’s can teach their ideals but not all children will adhere. Kids tend to be pretty stubborn about finding their own way sometimes.

    I’m sure that it would not even be an issue if Obama’s daughter were a teenager and showed up pregnant. (If she actually ever would, seeing as he supports numerous ways to take care of such an issue pre-birth or post-birth)

    FYI: Freud was basically a drug addict and sex pervert who dabbled in treating his patients with cocaine. That info. is available in any psychology text book. It’s something to call others ugly names and slurs while bearing the moniker of one who was, by some, considered competent to an extent and, by the majority, considered psychologically deranged. Anymore, I guess that is something to be proud of.

    Thank you, my dear. I do appreciate the information and your opinion.


  18. @ bored – I work with teenagers and I can tell you first hand, for every 1 student taught “abstinence only” who get pregnant or get someone pregnant I can give you at least 3 who were taught “safe-sex” education and got pregnant or got someone pregnant. It all comes down to the teenager making the choice of what they are going to do, all we as adults and parents can do is teach them and prepare them to make the right choice.

    All of us make poor and wrong choices in our lives and they all have different degrees of consequences. Barack Obama would have been cool with his daughter aborting this child so she, and I quote, “would not have to be punished with a baby…”

    By the way a little factual debunking of your safe-sex argument. My wife got pregnant with our first two children while on birth control. Real effective huh? You’ll never win the argument that safe sex education is better than abstinence education, because there is only 1 proven way not to get pregnant…don’t have sex!

    My personal, Christian, evaluation of the abstinence teaching failures, is when it is done on a state level, it still removes God from the equation. Sex is God’s idea and his idea is for it to take place within marriage. Giving a bunch of statistics about STD rates and pregnancy rates do not have an effect on students because they look at every situation as, it won’t happen to me, that is why 1 in 4 teenage females have an STD in the U.S. (Most of which are taught “Safe-sex”) Its just like teaching my children not to touch the hot eye on the stove, sometimes they are going to be hard headed and ignore my warning and my plea to them and the only thing that will teach them is to touch the hot eye, because they believe it won’t happen to them. When you remove God from sex education, it will never work, our following through with his plan boils down to one thing…our response to his plan and purposing to follow through with that plan in our hearts (ahead of time). We cannot wait until we are in the situation to decide how we are going to respond, it has to be purposed in our hearts ahead of time.

    Thank you very much for being here, for your support, and for your comments. I do appreciate it.


  19. Wow… I have been on a purposeful media-blackout/sabbath for a week, and this story was my inagural news-watching.

    It’s very sad for the girl, knowing that she will be wrung through a knothole in the media. It’s very sad for the baby’s dad and the girl, if they are somehow being forced to marry when it may clearly be a mistake for them to do so.

    I’m soooo not advocating what’s happened, but it’s not all all out of line for what’s happening in the world today. It’s not what God wants for us, but they are by NO MEANS the first people to whom this has happened.

    They might, however, be the first couple whose mom may well be the vice-president of the country, who have been pregnant out of wedlock.

    Shirley, may the Lord bless you continually. You’re in my prayers always.



  20. Seasofsilver:

    I’m not sure whom you are addressing, but I agree with you; the person who is casting stones, should stop.

    I congratulate you on doing well with your life, and for rearing such a fine son.

    I disagree, of course, with your saying I should not blog about Christian issues. Jesus is the center of my life, and certainly one speaks of those things that are considered important, so my blog will always be slanted in such a way.


  21. Sis Buxton….

    Looks like the wackjobs have found you blog this time….

    I too agree that there is no perfect family for all have sinned….

    There is no reason to gloat over or exploit the young lady for his failure….

    I promise you she is kicking herself harder than any of the bottom feeders who gloat over her indiscretion….

    On a political note….

    Sarah Palin is the perfect conservative choice and is probably gonna be our first woman president and will be the American Maggie Thatcher or Golda Meir……

    Keep up the good work….

    Uh, thanks for your support. I’m starting to feel a little hammered…but I can take it, I suppose. Agree with your political prognostications; John McCain has hit a home run.


  22. neofreud

    Wow seasofsilver.. After reading your blog I have come to the conclusion that you are an alcoholic. There are groups for that you know.

    Maybe you should be the one looking in the mirror, before you start rattling off these ridiculous self righteous messages of your pitiful little life, and your poor little son. Give me a break.


  23. neofreud

    We are supposed to feel sorry for her?

    Ok.. Im sorry your daughter is a whore. Im sorry your a hypocrite for preaching to the rest of the world about the sanctity of marriage and pre marital sex while in your own household your daughter is ignoring your message.

    Most of all I am sorry to the American population that there is even a slight possibility that this completely unqualified, pathetic, close minded woman may be our next Vice President.


  24. seasofsilver

    You all need to stop casting the first stone and seriously get over yourselves.

    The time spent quoting “studies” (this word does not give you credibility) and blogging about “christian issues” could be spent with your own families or with the many many poor and homeless people in our country.

    My son was born out of wedlock when I was 21. I am a roman Catholic. I turned down the proposal for marriage knowing that it was more wrong to marry someone I didn’t love than to bring a miracle into the world.

    14 years later – he is still the apple of my eye and smart and respectful and well behaved.

    I worked without any help from your tax dollars to not only pay for his private education (that is right – how many of you have kids in public school?) but to also be home with him after school EVERY day (thats right… how many of you “christians” stick your kids in daycare?

    You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves for judging either one of them, and take a good look in the mirror.

    Our future Vice President Palin has more guts than any one of us and I think she is wonderful.

    I would put money on the fact that many of your daughters have had abortions you know nothing about… good for this young lady doing the right thing.


  25. Bored–

    It is well documented that the out-of-wedlock birth rate has increased dramatically in recent years; the significance is that in years before that, few birth control issues were discussed in schools. Now that such information is readily available, the out-of-wedlock birth rate has increased dramatically.

    One study says in the years 1970 to 1974 34 percent of firstborn babies were born to unmarried parents.

    When I graduated from high school in 1955, I am not aware of any sex education classes being taught, nor can I recall one girl becoming pregnant. Now, I know unmarried girls did become pregnant in the ’40s and ’50…indeed since the first days of man, I’m sure.

    But without question, in recent years, with sex education available starting in elementary schools, there are more births to unmarried women than there were years before.

    It is foolish for you who probably do not personlly know the Palin family to suggest their religious scruples or lack of birth-control training of Bristol is responsible for her being pregnant.

    You should be ashamed of your judgmental words and try instead for a bit of compassion


  26. belzibub

    Why ask the pot to be stirred? Is THIS what your God wants of you? Thank you ma’am for helping do the devils bidding… you are a magnificent wolf in the lamb’s clothes….if you loved as Jesus loved you would not perpetuate the hard times this family will have…Let you lord be the judge and you ma’am learn to love those..that need it most…leave the judgment to your lord and savoiur…please…

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I am asking compassion and understanding for this lovely family.


  27. My kids are not perfect, and I think how she as a parent reacts to this situation and McCain reacts tells us more about of them. Dunk was one of the few non-parents to graduate from his high school. It is an epidemic we all have to deal with.

    Good for you Shirley posting this!

    Hi, Kathy. Help me here? Is Dunk your son? Most in his graduating class were already parents? Is that what you’re saying?


  28. neofreud

    Since one in ten people are gay, one of them has to be!!

    i cant wait for that story to come out, maybe they will catch her husband in an idaho airport like Sen. Craig?

    Are you suggesting you would find joy in learning of something negative about this family? Why?


  29. The Daily KOS (expletive deleted) was just that. Thos whacjobs are just nasty.

    But they rank right up there with social conservations who are so self righteous they don’t even perceive their words as nasty.

    Perhaps if her religious wingnut parents and their cronies supported some type of education other than abstinance only she might not be standing there 5 months pregnant.

    But hey – the social consevatives will forget the whole thing because she isn’t having an abortion (which I am not advocating – I am happy she is having it).

    You are setting kids up for failure when they are 17, married and have a kid. I guess adoption was not on the table? I guess when you have a parent who is a governor or potential VP you don’t have to worry about your life in the same way a girl who has parents in trailer park working for minimum wage.

    Hey, I guess they are just happy none of them are gay!


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