“Removing Republican–Putting on American Hat”

It is being reported that Senator John McCain has just said,  “We must take off our Republican hat, and put on our American hat.”

With that, the word is given that because of the dangerous storm threatening the gulf states, the Republican convention will begin as scheduled, but only to such degree as required by law to fulfill the minimum base of requirements. Nothing should be done that will take attention and workers away from the emergency situation in Louisiana and other southern states, said the spokesman for the Republican committee.

Let us all join in prayer for the safety of our people across the country. God bless our country. Keep us safe.


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2 thoughts on ““Removing Republican–Putting on American Hat”

  1. fractionofawhole

    I want a President that only owns an American hat. John McCain might have a lot of hats, mostly to help further prevent skin cancer, but he clearly doesn’t wear his “American” one too often. While postponing the convention was the correct move, the fiasco they made about it was nothing but cheap and slimy politics.


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