Flip-flopping Anyone?

1 a light sandal, typically of plastic or rubber, with a thong between the big and second toe.
flip-flop 1
2 a backward somersault or handspring.
3 informal an abrupt reversal of policy : his flip-flop on taxes.
4 Electronics a switching circuit that works by changing from one stable state to another, or through an unstable state back to its stable state, in response to a triggering pulse.

Over the past months, we’ve heard the term flip-flopping used extensively, have held our hands to our mouths and snickered over our leaders–and candidates– who, seemingly for political advantage, frequently change their minds. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a person’s changing his mind; indeed it is the mark of an honest inquiring person who will consider facts as they develop and modify his position accordingly. Nothing wrong with that. Don’t think anyone has ever said there was. It’s the studied inconsistency, the wishy-washiness of some whose shiftiness deserves the term flip-flopping.


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