700 Lightening Strikes

To my thinking the storm on Monday evening was exceptional, but although Mike was noticing the lightening and wind, he didn’t seem disturbed: “Just a regular Monsoon, Mom.” Now, though, after reading yesterday’s newspaper and talking to a couple of people, I recognize it to have been a significant storm.

A small tornado was spawned in the river town of Parker which is about 40 miles from here. Power poles and trees were down, and electricity was out in parts of Lake Havasu during the evening. Very sadly, two people in the county were killed when they misguaged rushing water that pushed their cars off the road; one lady’s was overturned, and she drowned inside her automobile.

A lightening bolt image blazed across the front page of Tuesday’s Havasu New-Herald. Page 5A reports that 700 lightening strikes were recorded during that wild period on Monday evening…which led me again to think of taking pictures of lightening strikes. How does one do that?

I researched a bit on the internet, came up with some fabulous pictures, and if you’re interested a link to instructions on photographing lightening strikes.

The lightening was amazing and while I want to capture pictures of my own, it scares me a little to consider it. As you well know, lightening is extremely dangerous and unpredictable.

Don’t anyone worry about me though; yesterday we drove to beautiful Crestline. The scariest thing I’ve seen so far is a fine specimen of a bushy-tailed squirrel who sat on the fence and stared at me through my kitchen window. In his little paws, he held supper on which he nibbled fiercely. The bears around here stay hidden; never yet have they come by to say hello. Too bad…maybe.

Oh, yes, one more scary thing; Jerry found a mouse in a basement trap. No sign of them inside anymore. 🙂

All pictures from Digital Photography School.


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5 thoughts on “700 Lightening Strikes

  1. katrina Holmes

    I just tried your squash and apple recipe from your recipe page and it was delicious! My whole family liked it.
    I tried photographing lightening a few weeks back, but it was a miserable failure.
    I’m glad you are safe.

    I love that squash. Wish I had a mouthful right now.


  2. I love the photos. Growing up in Chicago, I witnessed a lot of thunder and lightning storms that left me in awe. I’m still in awe. Glad you and Brother Buxton are safe.

    We had many thunderstorms in Missouri where I spent my childhood. In southern California we have very few of them; Arizona puts on quite a show.


  3. A number of years ago I was flying into Dallas Tx, for a stop over. The pilot warned that there was a severe thunder storm approaching and if we were on the ground longer than twenty minutes we would not be allowed to take off until it passed. We made it back into the air and headed north, for about fifteen minutes I sat at my window and watched as the lightening would jump from one cloud to the next. The struck cloud for a minute or so looked like one of the acuminated characters at Disney Land. I was totality mesmerized.

    One of those wonderful sights I will remember for years.


    I can imagine such a sight to be unforgettable.


  4. HG

    Welcome “home”! Enjoy your stay in Crestline.


    Can you believe it is hot up here. 😦 Anyway, I love this place. Wish you and your gang were also here.


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