6 thoughts on “Is of Any Concern, the Price of their Houses?

  1. Interesting. My son owns six houses. It’s called being a landlord! My parish priest owns two homes, and lives in a third. It’s called “investment.” Are people in America so silly that they don’t understand how money is made?

    Oprah is the wealthiest woman in America. She should be ashamed of herself. How two-faced can she be?


  2. dean

    Some would say that all rich people should share.That way all have the same amount. Of course this is never said by anyone who has earned what they have. Only those who look for an easier and softer cushion. More Power to those who actually worked for what they have!!


  3. Who Cares!!

    From what I have been able to gather, Mrs. McCain is the one who is the OWNER of the majority of these (seven) houses. They have a home close to D.C. and one in Arizonian. The rest are “investment properties. Not John’s fault he has a smart wife.

    Some feel that by Mr. McCain having this much real estate he is out of touch with the common man. I don’t see any problem with Mr. McCain having a investor type for a wife. So, Mrs. McCain has a few bucks to play with or to invest.

    I think it is a better situation than someone’s wife who dropped or lost both ways a nice package that may exceed twenty-four million??

    Ya’ll have a good day;



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