South Dakota Bear Wins Art Contest

Some people wanted to know if the brushes were coated with honey, and I’m trying to make up my mind as to whether this is a slam on modern art or is it just a circumstance where the bear should receive kudos for his artistic ability. Whatever the case a resident of Bear Country USA, near Rapid City, S. D., has been awarded a prize for his painting. His name is Kobe. Kobe, the bear.

Bear Painting


An artist, herself, a volunteer at Bear Country submitted the painting to the South Dakota fair. The painting now sports a second place ribbon after it was judged for its color, composition and uninhibited expression.

The judges had no idea of the identity of the painter; they just saw it as a fine work of art

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12 thoughts on “South Dakota Bear Wins Art Contest

  1. dean

    Given what I am capable in artwork, I would expect a bear to beat me!! If not, the pain would be unbearable!! sorry i could not resist!



  2. Dean, would it be embarrassing to enter a piece of art in a contest, and having a bear’s work being judged better than your own?

    Or, given the nature of modern art, would that be a compliment?


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