The Nourishing and Filling of Friends

Empty, originally uploaded by Shirley Buxton.

Jerry and I have been here in Santa Maria since early afternoon on Friday awaiting the beginning of our annual church camp which convenes this evening at 7:00. It has been a quiet, delightful time of rest, relaxation and fellowship.

Our summer family camp is my favorite church meeting of the year: The best of speakers come our way and it is a relaxed informal gathering.

My friends come.

The morning I spent along the beach at Rincon, I sat in one spot and, for a good half hour, watched this hole. Empty, it waited the surging and filling of the water…and as I watched, it reminded me of friends.

Drained, spent, we wait for them.

Filling by you.
They come or we go to them, and then there flows the anticipated rushing interchange and engagement of spirit and intellect: Restorative give and take as of fresh water pouring into our souls and into our minds.
Already, I feel nourished.
Residual 1 by you.
They leave, the conversation is done, yet always, a notion of them remains.

5 thoughts on “The Nourishing and Filling of Friends

  1. Sister Buxton;
    That would be great! Right now I will have to send you some prints through the mail as I do not know how sent them through the E-mail yet. I don’t have a scanner now that I have a new computer. Maybe you can do something with the prints of some of my wood carvimg. I joined a wood carving club and we get a project each month. Yestarday I painted some of the charactors I finished carving. I made a carving of my own head to put on a cane. I call it “my twin brother.”
    Grother webb
    Brother Webb


  2. Thank you, HELEN, for the compliments.

    MELISSA, from what I have read of your writings, I suspect your thoroughly nourish your friends.

    My friend, ROBERT WEBB: I’m eager to see pictures from your new camera. At 8 pixels, that is 2 more than mine which is only a 6 pixel…Your pictures will be great, especially given your artistic bent.

    Since you don’t have a website to display them, please send me a couple to my email. Jerry said you have taken up wood carving. Maybe I could write a post about that, showing your pictures.


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