Life and Death with Dr. Randy Pausch

Traditional at Carnegie Mellon is that each professor delivers a speech entitled “The Last Lecture,” in which he encapsulates his life message, and speaks as though this were indeed his last chance to address a group. Several months ago, I came across the video of Randy Pausch delivering such a lecture, and I tell you frankly it ranks near the top of the most moving secular speeches I have ever heard. In the early words of his lecture, Dr. Pausch tells the audience that within a few months he will be dead, for he is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer.

Professor Pausch is a dynamic speaker, and his message is profound. Though a tad lengthy, you may want to observe the entire address, as have more than 5 million people on You Tube. Recall this is a secular speaker, and does contain a small amount of strong language.

On Saturday, July 26th, Dr. Pausch died. My condolences to his wife, children and other family.

I’m bringing you a video of Dr. Pausch as he, in a moving way, addressed the Labor, Health and Human Services pleading for additional research into pancreatic cancer.


3 thoughts on “Life and Death with Dr. Randy Pausch

  1. Dr. Randy Pausch

    Was a very inspirational man! I have read his book and quoted it several times in the last few weeks on my blog. I have also watched parts of his, “Last Lecture.” I also have written down five or six thighs I gleaned form that lecture.

    Yes, I was very deeply moved when I read of his death.

    Any man who can face death and make the proper preparations for his wife and children, in my, never to be humble, opinion is a GREAT husband and father.



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